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Metrojet Flight 9268: Voice Recorder “Damaged” and Yet Another Downing Street Memo Just For Fun

by Scott Creighton

Between the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, the only one that could have proven an air-to-air missile hit Metrojet Flight 9268 would be the cockpit voice recorder. Obviously, that’s because in the last seconds of the flight, the pilot or the co-pilot may have seen it approaching.

And now we are being told the cockpit voice recorder was damaged in the crash.

You will recall, the same thing happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight Mh-17. That voice recorder was also damaged. In fact, it was pried open and the data disks removed. At first they said they were ‘stolen” but then they found them hiding under a rock.

Today’s news about flight 9268’s recorder is eerily all too familiar.

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Metrojet Flight 9268: No Explosive Residue on Bodies but Evidence of Explosive Damage Found on Some

by Scott Creighton

Two reports that at first seem to conflict with each other tell an interesting story in the case of the downing of Metrojet Flight9268.

First, from CNN:

Forensic experts trying to identify the 224 victims from the crash have divided the types of trauma into two categories: injuries from the fall, and injuries that align with an explosion — such as metal pieces in bodies, the St. Petersburg news outlet Fontanka reported.

Second, from the Telegraph:

Our correspondent Roland Oliphant in St Petersburg writes:

Preliminary tests on bodies recovered from the crash site have not revealed any traces of explosives, a Russian news agency has reported.

Preliminary tests did not reveal traces of explosive on the bodies of those killed,” a Russian source inside the centre carrying out forensic tests on the remains told Tass late last night.

So what does this mean?

It means there appears to be at least a few bodies, supposedly located near the rear of the plane, that show signs of trauma induced by shrapnel which could have come from an explosion, but seem to have been far enough away from the explosion, or shielded from it, so as not to get residual traces of the high explosives on them.

That could mean it was in the luggage compartment or it could mean it was outside the aircraft itself.

Some White Bread “ISIS Sympathizers” in Fake Beards Make a Video Pretending to Take Credit for Flight 9268

by Scott Creighton

How many fake beards do you see in this studio shot? Are there more fake beards than fake plants? Are there more fake “ISIS” sympathizers than there are Mossad agents?

A new video of sympathisers of Islamic State has emerged, showing a Russian jihadi praising “Sinai brothers” for “taking down” a Russian jet.

The jihadi, speaking in Russian and Arabic, addresses Russian president Vladimir Putin, threatening more attacks and warning that he would regret attacking Isil in Syria.” Telegraph

Didn’t I see that one guy working a mic boom in Rita Katz’ latest beheading video? I could be wrong.