US and Israel Conducting Air Force War Games in Arava Desert When Flight 9268 Went Down

by Scott Creighton

Israeli and foreign fighter jets fly in formation over the Negev Desert during the 'Blue Flag' exercise at Ovda Airfield near Eilat on October 21, 2015. (Israeli Air Force)

Israeli, US and other pilots take place in ‘Blue Flag”, an air-force combat drill taking place in the Arava desert at the same time Metrojet Flight 9268 went down.

You’re not going to believe this one.

“Blue Skies: Israeli, American, Greek, and Polish air personnel square off against a fictional enemy state in two-week drill”

The first article I wrote about this event, the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 made mention of the fact that it looked like the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 in the South China Sea. I mentioned there had been a military drill taking place in that area with US cruise missile destroyers taking part.

Today, unfortunately, I just found out the US and Israel were conducting war games in the Arava desert in southwestern Israel when Flight 9268 suddenly and for no apparent reason, dropped off the radar, broke up in mid-air and crashed to the ground in Sinai.

The war games exercises are called “Blue Flag” and have been going on for a week and a half and will be continuing through this Thursday.

“Air forces from around the world have gathered deep in the Arava desert in the south of Israel for the past week and a half to take part in the largest aerial exercise in the history of the Israeli Air Force.

The “Blue Flag” exercise, which is continuing through November 3, pits the Israeli Air Force, the United States Air Force, Greece’s Hellenic Air Force and the Polish Air Force against a fictional enemy state, the captain in charge of all IAF exercises told The Times of Israel Thursday night.” Times of Israel, Oct. 30, 2015

Why is this significant? Well, just take a look at two maps.

map 1


Are you kidding me? The Israelis and US running an air-force combat drill in the same general area of the downed Russian passenger plane?

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Another “I thought it was part of the drill” mistake?

  2. MH -17 was Ukraine. Very, very strong connections to former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

  3. Best important airplane crash that never got much air time.

    Couple years ago, This widow who lost a husband due to sept 11 2001 attacks,she refused to accept a buy out. She hired the 9 best lawyers in California. Her trip was from NY to LA. One year old Bombardier Jet– Early December,crashed and killed her–get this folks–due to icing near Buffalo NY airport. Move along nothing to see here.
    You watch–Russia ain’t going crazy over it–stay cool Putin

  4. Check out Benjamin Fulford update for Nov 2, 2015. He says an Israeli F-16 jet shot down the Russian plane with a missile.

  5. […] US and Israel Conducting Air Force War Games in Arava Desert When Flight 9268 Went Down […]

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