Metrojet Flight 9268 UPDATES: Egypt’s Multiple Lies, Broke Up Mid-Flight and Mechanical Malfunction Ruled Out

by Scott Creighton

The circumstances surrounding the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 are becoming a little clearer this morning and the picture being painted is disturbing. At this point I have to conclude Flight 9268 was brought down by some form of high explosive event while it was at cruise altitude of 32,000 feet.

Egypt Lies Early On

First of all, yesterday morning “undisclosed” Egyptian sources claimed the pilots of Flight 9268 reported technical difficulties on board the flight and requested an emergency landing.

lie 1

This aspect of the story was immediately reported by the Western press and taken at it’s word, as is evident in the Independent article about the crash titled “Pilot of Metrojet 9268 Had Reported Technical Difficulties

Turns out, that is absolutely false. There was no report from the pilots. Everything was fine right up until the moment they started breaking up suddenly in mid flight. In fact, the catastrophic event was so devastating, the plane lost some 300 kph in airspeed and dropped 1.5 kilometers in a matter of seconds. The pilots were incapable of even sending out a mayday, much less entering into a chat about “technical difficulties”

The pilot of the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula did not request assistance from the air traffic control at Sharm El-Sheikh airport before the incident, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal said Saturday.

Egyptian sources were quoted as saying earlier the Airbus-321 flight 9268 pilot requested help from air traffic controllers due to technical difficulties. The airliner with 224 people on board disappeared from radars 23 minutes after takeoff en route to St. Petersburg. Sputnik International

Also of note, more Egyptian “sources” are being quoted claiming that nothing struck the plane from the outside, meaning no external force brought down Flight 9268. How could they possibly know that so early into the investigation?

02/11/2015 05:34  A source in the Egyptian investigation committee says the crashed Russian plane was not struck from the outside (Reuters)

This premature statement comes into direct conflict with early findings from other sources:

External forces are the only possible reason of the deadly crash, Kogalymavia officials said Monday. Kogalymavia 7K9268 flight likely suffered substantial damages when it started to fall, officials said…

Andrei Averianov said that according to Flight Radar information, he noted that “the plane slowed more than 300 kilometers an hour in less than a minute and simultaneously lost 1.5 kilometers in altitude.” Sputnik International

The plane started breaking up immediately. The damage was catastrophic and instant, so much so the pilots were unable to even hit the distress squawk button. How quickly it slowed and started dropping shows that was no longer flying or even gliding, but rather, falling out of the sky.

Egypt’s Prime Minister, a puppet of US policy, states that he still thinks it was a ‘technical malfunction“. How he would know that is anyone’s guess.

Multiple Crash Sites Show It Broke Up in Mid Air

One of the readers linked us to a Ruptly video showing the multiple crash sites on Live Leak (thanks).  The wreckage was spread out over a considerable distance and it would appear at least that the plane was basically cut in half, with the tail section remaining attached to part of the passenger section and crashing separately from the front of the aircraft.

That is exactly what we saw in the case of TWA Flight 800 when it was accidentally shot down with a cruise missile off the coast of New York. In that case, there were also several distinct crash sites located… an no distress call.

Russian investigators has said the debris was scattered across a “twenty square kilometer area of Sinai” which would prove that the plane broke up at a considerable altitude. From the Ruptly video I linked to above, it would seem that the Russian’s conclusion on this matter is a sound one.

Flight 9268 clearly broke up at a very high altitude and given the Flight Radar 24 data showing it’s sudden deceleration and descent, best guess is that break-up occurred simultaneously with those other factors and was the cause of the crash.

Rules Out Mechanical Failure

It’s just my opinion of course, but these new developments rule out any kind of mechanical failure as having been the cause of the crash of Metrojet Flight 9268.

Such a sudden and catastrophic result to the integrity of the aircraft could hardly be explained by mechanical failure in any other system than the fuel system.

As we saw with the “investigation” of Flight 800, the folks helping to cover up the accidental downing of the plane understood this principle as well, and they came up with the mystery spark in the center fuel tank theory, never bothering to explain what could possibly have caused it.

My guess is you can expect similar theories to be floated by the “experts” chatting on the MSM this morning and into the coming week (once their propagandists catch up with us of course)

Now I am not an aeronautical engineer nor am I a pilot but I do know from studying multiple plane downings that these vehicles are marvels of modern engineering and have multiple redundant systems designed to prevent these types of accidents.

Plus, I know that in order to break up an aircraft like this in mid-flight takes quite a bit of energy. It could be they struck another plane or a UFO perhaps… ( 😉 ) but, aside from that circumstance, very little else other than high explosives can cause that kind of damage to an aircraft at 32,000 feet.

And of course, at 32,000 feet, there are very few delivery system possibilities for those high explosives.

The fact that the Egyptian authorities seemed very eager to spread lies about the downing of the flight in the early stages of the investigation, goes a long way to showing someone over there in Egypt might just have something to hide. The fake “ISIS” claims of responsibility should bring the thinking members of the civilian population to the same, bitter conclusion.

As more info is released, I will add updates to this update. But for now it looks like either a missile or a bomb on board the plane brought it down.

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  2. A ‘rogue group’ with a missile can be positively ruled out in this case. A missile that can reach 30,000 feet weighs hundreds of pounds and requires initial guidance from radar. Relatively few armies possess the capability to hit a plane at this altitude.
    Five countries in the world can be fairly called terrorist states – Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, North Korea and the USA. Three of these terrorist governments have the capability to hit a plane at altitude with a missile, and are in the immediate area.(Yes, the US has troops in the Sinai). All three have motives to harm Russia.

  3. One more point. The video pictures of the plane breaking up at altitude are framed as if they were shot on a smart phone, yet no smart phone telephoto lens has the necessary magnification to produce those images. IMO the pictures were probably shot on a richest-field type telescope with a motor drive and photo adaptor-
    exactly what you might use for missile tracking.

  4. So, who would be in the Sinai with a missile tracking telescope aimed at the Russian plane? Someone with foreknowledge of the shoot down.
    It was NOT an accident, and most likely to have been a missile.

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