Fake “Truther” Luke Rudkowski, Blames Downing of Flight 9268 on “ISIS”

by Scott Creighton

Luke Rudowski is blaming the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 on the fictional “ISIS” creation, doing a great deal of service to those most likely responsible for the tragic event.

He says early on in his 6-minute video, that since “ISIS” claimed responsibility, there are “3 possible outcomes” to explain it:

  1. they are lying
  2. they planted a bomb
  3. they have miraculously obtained a surface to air military system capable of shooting down a plane at that altitude.

Luke doesn’t even consider the fact that they are lying. Their first announcement of responsibility included pictures of a different plane crash and a ridiculously stupid cell phone video which shows a plane being hit, but it couldn’t have been at an altitude of more than 3,000 feet in the video, so it’s obviously not Flight 9268. Of course, Rudkowski uses the “ISIS” clip not once but twice in his video as if it’s an accurate video of the incident.

Luke also never talks again in the video about the possibility of a bomb being planted on board the plane.

Instead what he does is parrot the bullshit disinformation about “ISIS” fighting al Sisi in Sinai. As I have stated before, it’s rebels in Sinai fighting our puppet regime in that country. Rebels who calmed down after Morsi was elected and Mubarak was driven from office and only rekindled their rebellion when John Kerry got al Sisi to stage a coup.

There is no “ISIS” in Sinai. That’s just a fabrication designed to make us think the rebels are “bad” and al Sisi is “good”

They didn’t even start that bullshit disinfo campaign until about 3 months ago.

In his video, Luke shows some generic “ebil Muslim” looking guy in a quick flash glimpse standing somewhere near a truck mounted surface to air missile system.

Thus is the “proof” “ISIS” has these weapons, according to Luke.

He also mentions the fact that John Terrorist-lover McCain said he wants to supply man-pads to the FSA. He cut the video so you didn’t know John was talking about man-pads, which can only target very low flying objects, usually no more than 10,000 feet.

Then Luke goes on to say that “ISIS” is in Libya and that is near Egypt and therefore…. ergo… “ISIS” in Sinai took down the Russian airliner with a truck mounted rocket launcher.

See? Solid proof.

He never mentions the Blue Skies air force military training drills currently taking place right beside the location where Flight 9268 was shot down.


funny… Luke didn’t mention this in his “real truth behind crash in Egypt” story.

Anyway.. Luke’s “ISIS did it” video is after the break. You can enjoy all his “truth telling” fingering “ISIS” as the culprit and their mysterious missile defense systems which sound a lot like those stories of the Ukrainian separatists having BUK missile systems, if you ask me.

But it is somewhat telling in it’s own way. Looks to me like someone somewhere is anticipating Russia coming out with the news that the plane was definitely taken out with a missile and they are trying to preemptively spin-up a plausible line of misdirection.

I also saw some retired military guy on CNN saying Russia has “a history” of filing falsified investigative findings on such matters. He didn’t bother to elaborate on the specifics of that history. Just saying it was enough I guess for the average CNN viewer.

5 Responses

  1. First Abby Martin, then Luke Rudkowski- quick, Scott, go look in the basement- is there a pod growing down there, looks a lot like you?

    Seriously- the missile on the trailer in that video- that’s a SAM 2. Low rent mercenaries like ISIS could no more operate the SAM 2 air defense system than they could build a moon rocket.

    • they couldn’t transport it, much less operate it. They might be able to use it to make a fake beheading video or something. or maybe they could just get some guy wearing the “ebil Muslim” costume to go stand in front of it for a second before some US grunt shoots him for getting too close. But yeah. It’s ridiculous. More importantly, the guy is perpetuating the ‘ISIS in Sinai” disinfo.

    • and no, I don’t have a basement. I do have a car that I can’t use and has been out there on jack stands for a while with vines growing out of the windows. could be a pod in there I guess.

  2. For a commercial aircraft traveling at cruise (~. 32,000 feet) to lose that amount of altitude within one minute, some sort of catastrophic event happened. Supposedly the airspeed dropped to 60 knots, which means the aircraft is in a stall. At that height, there is still a chance of recovery (of airspeed) unless the fly-by-wire instrumentation is giving the wrong readings or some sort of structural failure has occurred. Could have been a bomb, or more likely, some sort of fatigue crack which was never discovered, or shoddy maintenance. Remember, thanks to neo-liberal economic policies introduced to Russia during the 90’s, all of these smaller charter airlines operate on a cost cutting shoestring, and many of their private carriers are in deep financial trouble. Of course the airline’s CEO would deny up front any responsibility, but it’s way to early to even assess any of this. It takes time to find out what was on the two data recorders, depending on their condition.
    Anyway, all is speculation at this point, but shoulder fired missiles can be ruled out almost immediately, they simply don’t reach up that high. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Another Infowars mouthpiece spreading disinformation? Hardly surprising. Rudkowski has been a hack for a very long time and WeAreChange has gone to shit. All they spend their time on now is begging for money for this shill to fly to foreign countries to have “deep, philosophical discussions” with the likes of David Icke, and posting shitty reactionary memes on their facebook page. Fuck them.

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