Metrojet Flight 7K9268, Flight MH-370 and Flight MH-17 – The Similarities are Stunning

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Nov. 2, 2015

US and Israel Conducting Air Force War Games in Arava Desert When Flight 9268 Went Down


Apparently, the similarities are more stunning than I thought.


Though it’s too early to cry “foul play” in the downing of Russian Metrojet Flight 7K9268 in the troubled Sinai region of Egypt, it is possible to take a look at some striking similarities between the tragic crash of this airliner and those of some of the most recent crashes in aviation history.

Egyptian authorities who are leading up the investigation into the crash have already ruled out an act of terrorism as being the cause of the crash. Seems kind of odd that they could do that so early into the investigation especially considering the dramatic flight data recording from Flight Radar 24.


As you can see, Flight 7K9268 suffered a sudden and massive loss of altitude. This kind of descent usually suggests a catastrophic event on the plane.

To my knowledge, there are no credible reports of the pilots putting out a “mayday” call which also indicates something catastrophic occurred suddenly to the flight.

At first we were told to focus on the weather in the area at the time of the crash as well as the “mountainous” region they were flying through.That would one with the impression that the plane encountered rough weather and crashed into the side of a mountain while trying to under the front.

A quick Google Earth review of the area shows it was rough terrain, but the authorities were able to get there extremely quickly, with ambulances arriving on the scene within hours.

So that made me wonder about how rough this terrain really was. Then I saw the images from the crash site.

I see a lot of debris and total devastation of the airliner, but what I don’t see are any mountains. So the area might be a mountainous region, but they certainly didn’t crash into one.

Of course, you saw the same thing with Flight MH-17 and MH-370 didn’t you?

MH-17 dropped off the radar immediately and we now know it was because it was struck by either a rocket launched from a ground-based BUK system (probably owned and operated by the government of Ukraine) or it was shot down by a fighter pilot working for that same government.

And though people would like you to believe MH-370 was the most stealthy plane in history, magically flying invisibly from the South China Sea all the way down to Australia, the reality is, it dropped off the radar in the South China Sea just as the other two planes did and probably still rests in those very shallow waters.

I will update this article as more of the technical information on this crash becomes available today.

Right now though, I would like to focus on something that’s not getting as much attention, but should be in my opinion and that is the particular political environment that surrounds this region as well as those surrounding the other two crashes I mentioned.

Just briefly to recap:

Flight MH-17: this flight went down as an attempt at a false flag operation. It was deliberately redirected over a conflict zone and then taken out, by whatever means, in order to point the finger at the separatists in the Donbass region. Of course, Russia was tacitly blamed as well by those who still to this day, without any evidence at all, try to assert that Russia provided the BUK system to the rebels which took out this flight.

The region is important to the IMF and other international financial/oil interests and they wanted a blank check for our new puppet regime in Ukraine to be able to launch brutal attacks on the people in the area in order to reclaim the territory on behalf of interests like Royal Dutch Shell and others.

Not surprisingly, the home country of Royal Dutch Shell led the “investigation” into the downing of Flight MH-17 and their conclusions were not only incomplete, they also seem to be rather disingenuous.

Flight MH-370: this flight dropped off the radar in the South China Sea during a war-games exercise being run by the United States. There were two cruise missile destroyers in the area where a witness saw a commercial airliner burning in the night sky in the exact same area where Flight MH-370 dropped off the radar at exactly the same time. That report was quickly forgotten, the man who made the report via official channels at that time was quickly fired from his job and the wild goose chase was on to redirect the search efforts to everywhere and anywhere that wasn’t the South China Sea.

The area of the South China Sea is heavily contested. It’s an important trade route for the United States and China as well and the oligarchs of this country wish to dominate it and control it in an effort to capture complete control over all vital trade routes in that area. It’s part of the “pivot to Asia” plan and that was the purpose of running a military drill in the area at that time. More than likely, the downing of Flight MH-370 was a horrible accident like the tragic downing of Flight 800 off the eastern seaboard of the United States. And like that horrific accident, the US military couldn’t allow the general population to know of their mistake, so it was covered up and to this day, Flight MH-370 remains the ONLY commercial airliner crash to never be found or recovered.

The reason for that is simple and quite obvious.

As you can see, in both of these circumstances, the geographical location as well as the political environment contributed to the downing of the planes. The subsequent “investigations” or lack thereof, tends to lend support to the theories that something rather nefarious caused their demises.

So let’s take a look at…

Flight 7K9268: The Sinai Peninsula is essentially Egypt.. but it’s not. That’s because there has been an uprising taking place over there for quite sometime.

Some will try to tell you this is “ISIS” and has only been going on for a short while. That’s bullshit.

Back before the Egyptian revolution which replaced our previous puppet Mubarak, the people of Sinai were up in arms against his dictatorship.

For a brief time after the first election in that country after that revolution, when the Muslim Brotherhood won by a landslide and Morsi became president, things in Sinai got better and the violence ended.

But then, John Kerry went over and demanded Morsi sign a deal with the IMF and give up on the new constitution which would make IMF austerity measures unconstitutional and when he refused, Kerry simply convinced the corrupt al Sisi to take over via a military coup.

The political party, the Muslim Brotherhood was declared illegal, al Sisi killed over a thousand protesters to hang onto power and then he started rounding up MB political leaders across the country. They arrested thousands of them, killing many in the process.

Suddenly, the Sinai was inflamed once again.

Not hard to understand, right?

Now, the US is completely behind the brutal al Sisi dictatorship in Egypt. So is Israel, by the way.

The troubles in Sinai have been plaguing al Sisi for a while. They even tried to pretend “ISIS” was in Sinai in order to provide his military some cover for their brutal bombings in their efforts to pacify the rebels.

Of course, “ISIS” always goes where we need them to go, right?

But “ISIS” in Egypt is simply ridiculous. This conflict has been going on for a decade at least and it’s always been about the indigenous people of Sinai refusing to bow down to whatever puppet dictator the West deems necessary for their national interests at the time.

A couple months back, the Muslim Brotherhood put out a call for open hostility toward the corrupt al Sisi regime.  new anti-terrorism laws and the murder of several Muslim Brotherhood officials led them to that decision. The US of course, as they usually do, stood firmly with the dictator.

Egypt’s state news agency MENA says the Cabinet has approved an anti-terrorism draft law as well as a long-awaited draft election law.

The approval came as Egyptian troops struggled to fend off a massive assault by Islamic militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula that killed more than 50 soldiers. On Monday, Egypt’s chief prosecutor was assassinated in a Cairo bombing.

Both draft laws now await President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s approval before they can be passed by decree.

The MENA report did not describe the proposed laws.

Egyptian media reported Tuesday that the anti-terrorism law would give prosecutors more powers to detain suspects for long periods of time and enable authorities to inspect the bank accounts of those facing terror-related charges.


6:30 p.m.

The United States has strongly condemned the massive coordinated attack on Egyptian troops that killed at least 53 soldiers in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

White House spokesman Ned Price says Wednesday’s assault is a terrorist attack and that the U.S. “stands resolutely” with Egypt. He says the U.S. extends condolences to the relatives of those who died, as well as to the government and the Egyptian people.

The White House says the U.S. will continue working in partnership with Egypt to address threats to its security amid a series of recent attacks.

Egyptian officials say dozens of Islamic militants unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks against Egyptian army checkpoints, including suicide car bombings, setting off fierce clashes that are still underway. AP, July 2015

The rebels fighting in Sinai are dismissed as “terrorists” or “extremists”. That’s what they always do when people actively reject our ‘centrist” IMF/World Bank neo-liberal ideology.

But it wasn’t until recently they decided to take advantage of our favorite enemy of the day, “ISIS”, and label these guys as being “linked” to “ISIS” in order to win the “hearts and minds” propaganda campaign globally.

You see, they don’t want the image of their new dictator tarnished quite so soon after he assumes his office on behalf of US “national interests”… so “ISIS” is brought in.

Now you might think that the “ISIS” connection in this case is rather distant, but, unfortunately, the film makers and propagandists who make up the “ISIS” propaganda movement have already inserted themselves into the discussion of Flight 7K9268.

Yes, “ISIS” has already tried to take credit for the downing of the plane. They did that by posting an old video of a plane being brought down and some photos of a plane crash that just happened to be of some other plane.

They’ve even put together nifty graphics featuring what appears to be some Irish “ISIS” guy with one of John McCain’s shoulder mounted rocket launchers.

isis, isil, is, islamic state, daesh, syria, iraq, terrorism

No one is buying this crap. Not even who will buy pretty much any BS propaganda they’ve been fed.

Egyptian security is trying to say there are reports of the pilots requesting an emergency landing after reporting technical issues on board and some unconfirmed stories are out there about the co-pilot saying the plane was in need of some repairs to his wife.

Looks and sounds to me like all those stories about Flight MH-370’s co-pilot wanting to commit suicide via plane crash if you ask me.


In all likelihood Flight 7k9268 was taken out by some form of military action, probably initiated by the Egyptian military or those, like the US, who support their efforts to pacify the people of the region.

The claims of responsibility by “ISIS” show how some are attempting to take advantage of the ‘crisis’ to serve those interests.

Whether it was downed by accident like Flight 800 and Flight 370 or done on purpose like Iran Air Flight 655 and Flight MH-17 is still anyone’s guess.

And like Flight 17, we can trust the investigating nation to obfuscate as much as possible when it comes to determining the real cause of the crash and the loss of so many Russian lives.

It’s also worth noting that the United States is currently involved in one of the most important negotiations of the Obama administration’s tenure, that which will determine just how much of Syria they are allowed to steal in order to create their new oil dynasty, Greater Kurdistan.

All of this leads me to believe something more nefarious than a tragic accident took place in the clear skies above Sinai yesterday.

More info will eventually leak out and that opinion may change but for now, I can’t help but focus on the political circumstances surrounding this tragic event and I can’t help but remember just how brutal these people are when it comes to using military aggression against civilians targets in order to get what they want.

Were it not for that current climate in Sinai and the recent history of Flight 17 and the Doctors Without Borders attacks, I might not tend to assume as much. But, as they say, if history teaches us nothing….

That said… the Russians are not going to tolerate another Flight MH-17 whitewash. They are already on the ground in the area and will certainly lead the investigation themselves.

Shoulder mounted rockets are designed to take out low flying gunships and not commercial airliners flying at 32,000 feet. They simply can’t reach a target at that altitude.

So any attempts to put this on the insurgents in Sinai would be problematic at best. They simply don’t have the hardware to do it.

I could be that someone hijacked control of the flight remotely. But that would leave tell-tale signs in the flight data recorder and cockpit voice data recorders. A risky gambit considering whomever could or would do that must have known Russia would conduct the investigation.

So that leaves basically two possible conclusions: 1. it came down due to a massive on-board system failure and 2. some kind of on-board terrorism angle. The CIA is fond of suitcase bombs aren’t they? Maybe they’ll blame the Iranians again.

Either way, it’s a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the families of the people killed yesterday. We’ll wait and see how the situation on the ground there develops. Unfortunately, when my own government has such a horrible track record, I can’t help but defer to false flag terrorism as my default position. Hopefully I’ll be wrong this time around… this time.

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  1. Seems like a deliberate mockery is being made by ‘ISIS”…. the very ones that Russia has been getting rid of in Syria… are now claiming to have made the hit on the innocent plane… and claiming it with false pictures… letting Russia know that ‘they’ in some fashion had a hand in the crash…. ?! hateful spiteful-war maneuvers….

  2. There is a video on you tube titled “full clip russian aircraft” that shows people shooting down a plane check it out

  3. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Uncanny similarities…

  4. This same plane made a HARD, nose wheel to high, landing 14 yrs ago…and struck the tail on the runway requiring big repairs…Maybe the tail just fell off…has happened before, tail is also a distance away from main wreckage?…Also, it went down when it hit its highest alt. Biometeric set bomb? Most likely if evil does have a hand in it…Good read…lots of unknown info, thanks!!

  5. Why is this plane making a left turn away from the Gulf of Aqaba when the line from Sharm el Shiek to Moscow is almost straight up the Gulf of Aqaba (its vector BEFORE the left turn)? The left turn put it on a heading roughly toward Athens. That needs some ‘splainin’.

    Scott, what on Earth are you talking about giving any credit at all to the “mountainous region” BS? It is not a “mountainous region”. It is an almost dead-flat plain! Referencing “mountains” is preposterous. It crashed in the flat plain somewhere between Nekhel and Hasna. The only “mountains” anywhere near there are only 1900 feet high – i.e. smallish hills – and would be visible if they were anywhere nearby. But never mind that, the photos and aerial video from RT demonstrate that mountains do not enter the equation at all.

    The thing I really want to stress though, as I stressed in the French mountain crash, is THE SIZE OF THE DEBRIS FIELD! I get the feeling people just completely fail to understand the meaning of the size of the debris field. The debris field in this crash is eight miles long! Am I the only one who comprehends what that means with regard to physics? It means that the plane was blown apart at a fairly high altitude, and nothing else – there is no other possibility.

    My gosh, this is so absolutely elementary – I am having a very hard time believing that intelligent people are innocently overlooking this obvious, inescapable, and extremely revealing fact. Without explosives airplanes simply do not disintegrate like that. People who think they might are truly uninformed.

    In the French mountain crash the debris field was huge and all the wreckage was literally blown into bloody confetti, yet they claim that the plane “crashed” into the mountain…which is simply physically impossible. And I mean massively and totally impossible. For a debris field to be that large and with the pieces being comparatively confetti-size MEANS THAT THE PLANE WAS BLOWN UP BY EXPLOSIVES AT SIGNIFICANT ALTITUDE AND NOTHING ELSE. My gosh, how can people be so completely out of touch with reality? There is no other way to get a debris field that size, and no other way to get debris that is totally decimated into confetti.

    • I said I didn’t see mountains in the photos, didn’t I? The “region” is mountainous. A quick look at Google Earth proves that. But thought the region is mountainous, the AREA where the plane went down certainly is not. I thought I made that clear… perhaps not.

      and let’s remember, when I wrote that article yesterday morning… there were no details available about the size of the debris field available online. That information has been released since I wrote the article.

  6. The left turn is interesting. Check the map: If they kept flying their initial vector straight up the Gulf of Aqaba they need not make any turns nor cross ANY hostile territory to fly straight to Moscow. They can fly up the Gulf, veer through Israel out over the Mediterranean, across Turkey and into Russia. Instead they make a seemingly incongruous left turn into a civil war zone that is not in the direction of Moscow.

    • I did notice on the Flight Radar 24 map showing other flights in the area that a couple of passenger planes were crossing that same area… but very few of them. The think is though… those rebels have no equipment capable of reaching a jetliner at cruise altitude, so it really shouldn’t matter. The Egyptian airforce knows they have no planes, so they shouldn’t mistake it for a target. So basically, sans an emergency landing situation, there shouldn’t be a problem routing them over that area. But you are correct, seems the straightest path is up the coastline. Why they don’t fly there might have something to do with the border of Israel.

  7. The pictures posted to twitter by ‘Anna Ahronheim’ show the Asiana crash at SFO in 2013- yet she represents it as the plane hit by a missile in the video. NOT the same plane.
    I believe the video of the missile strike on the airliner to be authentic- which airliner, though- it might be of MH-17 being hit. Remember these people have a deviish sense of humor- literally.

  8. Since the remains of the plane and the bodies have been scattered over an area measuring about 8 km by 4 km, the destruction of the structure of the airplane should have happened in the air and at a great altitude. The wreckage shows no signs of a fire or an engine-related explosion. The plane cracked open into two main segmentsm suggests a catastrophic failure, not a mechanical failure, perhaps an explosion on board rather than a missile fired from the ground. A technical malfunction, even one as serious as an engine fire, could not have led to such a rapid disintegration.

    Planes climb to a cruising altitude 30,000 ft to 37,000 ft because there, the air is far thinner, and against that lessened resistance they can fly faster and use less fuel. When they reach that altitude, however, they must maximize the air pressure in the cockpit and cabin — and that puts stress on any structural component that has weakened over time. Typically, if there was that type of defect, you would expect it to manifest just as it reached the peak altitude. The remains of the tail of the Airbus were found three miles from the rest of the wreckage. Images of the tail section show a clear break near the site of the rear pressure bulkhead. On 16 November 2001, while operating for Middle East Airlines as F-OHMP, the aircraft suffered a tailstrike landing in Cairo. It was repaired and went back into service with the airline in 2002.

    In 1988, a hole opened in the fuselage of an Aloha Airlines flight in Hawaii, sucking out a flight attendant. Metal fatigue caused by inadequate maintenance after an earlier tailstrike incident.was blamed in 2002 when China Airlines Flight 611 disintegrated after takeoff from a Taiwan airport, killing all 225 people on board. On May 25, 2002, the Boeing 747-209B operating the route disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the Taiwan Strait 20 minutes after takeoff, killing all 225 people on board. The in-flight break-up was caused by improper repairs to the aircraft 22 years earlier

    The botched repair of a tail strike caused Japan Airlines Flight 123 to crash in 1985, seven years after the plane suffered a tailstrike on landing – the worst single-aircraft accident in history, in which 520 of 524 on board were killed. . Like Flight 9268, Flight 123 also suffered catastrophic damage in mid-air while climbing to its cruising altitude. The crash of Flight 123 was attributed to an incorrect repair of the aircraft’s tail section following the tailstrike, which left the rear pressure bulkhead of the plane vulnerable to metal fatigue and ultimately resulted in an explosive decompression. Reports on the wreckage of Flight 9268 have suggested that a “clear break” occurred near the plane’s rear pressure bulkhead, possibly indicating failure of the bulkhead.

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