Mars Hoax – Do you know a scam when you see one?

H/T James Tracy Scoop Feed blog

Just for the record: Russia is putting all of our modern technology together in order to make it to the moon. They want to put people on the moon by 2029. With all the modern advances, they figure it will take them 15 years do it. And just think… back in in ’63, with computers and technology such as it was, it only took NASA 5 years to accomplish the same thing.



Anyway… here’s an old video on the Mars mission. Enjoy.

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  1. You don’t think the US landed on the moon?

    • no. but they made a couple nice movies about it. and it was a successful distraction from the Civil Rights movement and the anti-war movement. But… no. we did not walk on the moon, in my opinion.

      • Heartily agree-to think that the U.S. successfully managed to repeatedly travel to the moon,land and take off and meet up with the ride home is pure Buck Rogers bullshit.I was glued to the TV during the “moonwalk” (I was 11) along with the rest of the country and I now feel both gullible and insulted-(and not only concerning THIS BS hoax).

      • You should call in to debate Mike Rivero today.

        • debate him on what? he buys into the moon landing and the Mars mission BS? He also buys into the notion that Flight 77 disappeared into the side of the Pentagon. He’ll hang up on you if you dare to wonder aloud about any other possibilities.

          • The only thing I have found to support the landings is that the radar signature for all the Apollo missions was tracked to the moon (well at least out of earth orbit). From what I understand, this was done by multiple countries, although I would like to know which ones had the capability (if any) to track an object with radar that far. Aside from that one single argument, I have found no other claim supporting the missions that couldn’t be debunked.

            • tell you what… find me some photos of our foot prints on the surface of the moon taken by telescopes here on the planet and I’ll think about believing it. in fact, the only photos I’ve seen of what is supposed to be the landing site is of the moon’s surface and an indistinguishable speck of dust. with the technology we have now, we should be able to zoom in on the location so closely we could tell the size of the boot the guy was wearing when he made that “great leap for mankind”. How ironic is it that the great leap for mankind was a fraud? a great leap of faith? a great leap of credibility?

              uh, as far as the radar evidence is concerned… who’s radar was that? our allies?

              • Should be infinitely easy with the “Hubble telescope”….

                • yes… but for some reason… hmmm… I can’t seem to find any…. hmmm… I wonder what that means… (in fact, all those massive telescopes planted on all those mountains around the world that take nice photos of the surface of moons around Jupiter and Saturn should be able to zoom right in on our landing zone on the moon)… but alas… hmmmm….

          • You should debate Ryan Dawson then. He’s been trying desperately to get someone to debate him about Flight 77 over Skype. He said he’ll literally debate anyone.

        • oh yeah, did I happen to mention he pushes the “SSRIs did it” meme on each and every one of these American Gladio mass casualty events, essentially saying the patsy was ‘crazy” and actually did the deeds.

          That of course plays right into the calls for mental hygiene laws, now doesn’t it?

          needless too say, for these reasons and many others, I don’t spend much time listening to Mike Rivero.

  2. There is no question that the official version of our “space program” has many of the makings of a hoax. Yet the deeper and more important story may be the “secret space program” which is likely one of the recipients of those missing trillions in DOD money. There are some very interesting videos and expert testimony from engineer types that suggest we have been using gravity nullification systems for decades and have a “Mars Colony Corporation” in place on Mars run by the likes of Dick Cheney.

    Right now our information is coming from piece meal accounts and sources that can be easily dismissed. Yet it’s likely as we go forward many of the puzzle pieces will fit together. Remember there were credible accounts of flying discs in Nazi Germany and our love affair with Nazi scientists went deep. In a lesser quoted part of his farewell speech Eisenhower warned that technology was being compartmentalized away from the public sector. If you look beyond these public hoaxes with their upbeat Star Trek flavor you’ll find many of the darker agendas associated with mind control, weather modification, transhumanism, and the actual manipulation of “time lines” designed to take humanity into a fascistic state on unprecedented proportions.

    If anyone is interested I’ll include some links to stimulate further discussion.

    • Guess I will take the bait. What you stated is similar to my conclusions after years of research, however I am skeptical of gravity manipulation and anything time related. Not saying it’s impossible, but I have noticed that anything spectacular always has a rooted-in-science explanation that is often rather boring.

      Take flying discs, these can be explained as merely holograms cast by lasers which create a localized plasma burning at thousands of degrees, yet the surface of the plasma is safe to the touch:

      • Glad to be the bait and hopefully the stimulus for a useful conversation. I’ll put up some links later on today. Remember the Nazi’s didn’t have holographic technology but reports of their flying discs interfering with high profile allied bombing missions were published in the American press during the war.

        Gravity nullification has been around for a while with multiple researchers from different countries working on the same concepts during Tesla’s lifetime. Yet this confluence of science leading towards a new paradigm (including free energy) was carefully controlled and restricted to protect the empires of oil, the emerging big pharma and the political goals of the “elite”.

        My sense is that understanding the technical/energetic mindset of the “elite” is essential to grasping their emphasis on eugenics, destruction of “traditional human self government” and the reliance on psycho pathic flags. They no longer identify with the mass of humanity who they see as inferior and an impediment to “progress”. Understanding this also shreds light on CERN and why the governments of Europe, struggling with their own financial debt, have been willing to invest billions in Euros to not only build but fund an emergency update of a project that allegedly is devoted to theoretical physics. Talk about hoaxes with enthusiastic supporters waving the flag of liberating scientific adventures! You don’t put billions of Euros into fluff. The official story makes no sense.

        This also explains their eagerness to foment WWIII. They are willing to see that happen because between the deep underground bases and permanent off world colonies they believe they won’t be affected. In my opinion this reasoning on their part is fallacious but that would take us a bit far afield. Best to start with the bread crumbs demonstrating highly developed, compartmentalized technology and we can explore the political implications down the road.

        • Good point, lasers didn’t begin until 1958 (plasma was discovered in ’28 though).
          Foo fighters were luminous balls of light that were attracted to airplanes. But it sounds like you are referring to actual flying saucers which from the photographs certainly real. It’s to be debated whether the technology inferred to be employed was real or a decoy. The mind control used by the Germans is the likely culprit and the most downplayed event of all history. I mean, they got their entire country to go batshit crazy. We are living the second round right now and it’s clear as day that the masses here (and all allied countries) are almost fully incongnizant of their plight, with virtually no one capable of pinpointing how they have done it. Makes you wonder how a herd of humans can manage to do much more than stampede, given the ridiculously low level of thought present when taken as a whole.

          Can’t wait for your links

          • just curious… how did we get from faked moon landing videos and staged Mars probe “hearts and minds” campaigns to Nazi UFOs, gravity nullification devices and hologram planes?

            • Julian started it.

              Also, I use the term holograph loosely, in that, what would be seen would appear holographic-like, but actually composed of plasma created by two or more lasers being crossed. This technology has been around for some time, used publicly for telescope focusing.

            • Hi Scott, the connection was to original idea of a hoax being orchestrated with respect to the space program. I’m suggesting that the hoax we began discussing is just the superficial level of a larger back story and that the optimistic Star Trek meme is a distraction from a larger, darker and more complex story in which corporate control of technology has installed itself on a level most of us have not considered.

              From there of course we are looking at the whole issue of how corporate fascistic ideology has expanded to include a much larger and darker framework then the usual “money and political control” agenda we are used to. The connections to transhumanism are clearly there. Let’s also remember that this year the US congress took up consideration of a bill protecting corporate rights to extract resources from other objects in the solar system.

              If this is an unwanted digression from your point of focus please let me know. It takes a few hours of time to adequately organize the links and material on this subject and if it is going to be an irritant I’ll gladly let go of the project. I was feeling a bit guilty to not have the material up yesterday as I said I would, but this is your site and I have no intention of hijacking the discussion in any unwanted direction.

  3. It was easier to land on the moon in 1969 than it was to fake it. Computers are an almost insignificant part of it. The SR-71 was designed with slide rules.

    This comment explains nicely:

    Why it was harder to fake a moon landing in ’69:

  4. Dave McGowan brilliantly rips apart the entire Apollo program on his site called Wagging the Moondoggie. Highly recommended essential reading.

  5. At best that’s just your opinion. Plus, it would help to keep on subject and not deflect to holographic Nazi’s.

  6. It is funny how many believers that «we did get to the moon» do not ever discuss the «Van Allen radiation belts».

    How could astronauts pass through these belts in that age, with that pre-historic technology? They had to pass these potent radiation belts two times. So, it is quite strange how the first photograph taken of these astronauts (after they landed on earth), was like they made a trip to Hawai or Honolulu. Their smiles and good health meant that passing those belts was like a piece of cake.

    As explained in «One Small Step?» by Gerhard Wisnewski, «Radiation in the Van Allen belts is very high. Basically there are two reading of radioactivity there (measured in dose equivalent sievert):

    -up to 200 mSv per hour in the inner belt, up to 50 mSv in the outer belt, in both cases behind a 3 mm thick layer of aluminium.

    -an average of 600 mSv per hour.

    «This is 400,000 or respectively 1.2 million times the radiation received by an individual in the middle of Europe. After the reactor accident at Chernobyl a whole town was evacuated only because the dose had risen to 6 mSv. According to the first source, the 200 mSv would have been the maximum that the astronauts would have expected behind a 3 mm aluminium skin.»

    Radiation efffects were not given by the Apollo 13 astronauts. No symptoms. Only fine and healthy smiles for posterity.

    So, it seems that «One small step for…» Nasa.

    • Yes, there is the issue of the radiation belts to consider as well as solar flares and the fact that the astronauts would be cooked in the rockets were they to be hit by one, plus the issue of micro meteorites punching holes in that thin aluminum must also be taken into consideration.

      I mean, there are all kinds of reasons why it wouldn’t have been possible back then… and all kinds of reasons that even with today’s technology and metallurgy developments, a NASA study some two years ago concluded it would take us til 2026 to put a man on the moon again IF they started immediately (with a huge budget of course) and the Russians just announced they are beginning a program designed to put one on the moon by 2029.

      Take all that into consideration, and then consider this: the country was tearing itself apart in late 60s and early 70s when this program took place. People were disgusted with the Vietnam war, the killing of Kennedy, the brutality of the police targeting civil rights activists and anti-war activists…

      … everyday people were getting a firm dose of anti-patriotic news. They needed something positive to distract the people and make them “BELIEVE” again.

      And presto… let’s go to the moon!

      Hell, that problem with Apollo 11 took place immediately after they realized their mandatory coverage of their “patriotic” moon mission had been preempted for some stupid TV shows because no one was watching…

      … and PRESTO… a “major crisis” which focused everyone’s attention on them again.

      It’s so obvious folks.

      And what’s going on now? endless wars of aggression… the banks attacked us destroying our standard of living… more and more austerity everyday… and…

      PRESTO… “Mars bitches!

      • I don’t know if you saw the film «Interstellar». There is this episode in the film (you can watch it here:

        You have somebody saying that the Apollo mission was nonsense and a brilliant piece of propaganda.
        This is quite extraordinary to appear in the script of a big movie commercialized by the american film industry.

        Perhaps, it also means that gradually we will all be prepared for the truth.

        • well, again, it was a glimmer of the truth. remember, the teacher said they staged the hoax to get the Soviet Union to spend too much money on the space race. That’s ridiculous. They did it to cover for what was happening right here at home. it was a lie targeting the American people, not Russians.

          • Exactly!

            I quote you the following passage from «One Small Step?» by Gerhard Wisnewski:

            «November 1969 (…)
            On 14 November Apollo 12 is launched for another picture-book landing on the moon. While US soldiers are murdering, torturing and pillaging in Vietnam, America is completely carried away by its cleancut space heroes.»

            March/April 1970 (…)
            Meanwhile, on 11 April ‘it’s time for yet another moon launch. And not just any moon launch, either. This one is going to introduce the element of danger. The first two having gone off without a hitch, the American people are already adopting a “been there, done that” attitude.’ But with the Apollo 13 launch which suddenly meets with an accident on the way to the moon, ‘we all had our eyes glued to the TV,’ says McGowan. So much so that little notice is paid to Mai Lai, Phoenix or Vietnam. The national euphoria after the rescue of the astronauts is enough to last for the rest of the year.»

            Last but not least, I which all the success with you news bolletin. For a portuguese citizen like me, your news is always great news.

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