Eclipsius Saga Rolls On (…and by “rolls” I mean, sits there on jack stands like a log)

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys.

I’ll be outside today working on Eclipsius again. I finally felt good enough to start the head gasket project this week and have made some progress. So I’m back out there letting the damn thing peck away at my liver once again. I’ll be taking dramatic photos of the process as I go along so you guys can laugh at my feeble attempts to breathe life into my steed once more.

I wont be checking back on the site til later this evening. Keep an eye out for the trolls for me would ya? I’m sure “Lenny” is just waiting for his chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his 5 Eyes bosses. (hi Lenny! miss ya, babe)

Thanks for the comments and support. I’m going to do a quick video on the subject of Syria and the peace talks that are taking place when I get back and I promise I will be taking all of your constructive criticism into consideration… except for Lenny’s.

And don’t worry… ’91 Eclipses don’t weigh nearly as much as a Syrian tank, so I’ll be fine. Plus, apparently, I  can hop a lot faster and farther than Syrian soldiers (wink wink)

We’ll chat later. Thanks again.


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