Thanks to Walmart, Your Kid Can Dress Up as a Child Killing Monster for Halloween

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jan10 found they have pulled the costume due to massive public outrage over it. Apparently they had this “heroic” IDF soldier costume and an “Arab Hook-nose” one to go along with it so your little ones could take turns beating the dirty hook-nosed rag-head and taking his land.

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Notice the Arab costume is cheaper than the Israeli one? That’s true to life since Arab lives are apparently less valuable as well in Israel. I certainly hope the Sheik Fagin Nose costume is a spoof.

Uh… nope… it’s real


This one doesn’t take too much effort to explain.

Disgust at Walmart’s Israeli soldier costume for kids

That’s right. For a mere 27.44, your child can dress up as a member of the “most moral army in the world”

Imagine the fun he’ll have rounding up all his toys and stuffed animals, forcing them to live in a tiny little section of the room they once enjoyed and occasionally taking out his Uzi and shooting a few of them, just to let them know who’s in charge of the One State Solution in his bedroom.

For additional kicks, you can buy him some baby dolls for him to shoot with a pellet gun and maybe a Tickle Me Elmo doll he could strap to the hood of his battery operated Jeep as a human shield!

Think of all the important lessons he can learn while playing with this fabulous costume like:

  • “Might makes right!”
  • “Dirty stinking Arabs are ragheads!”
  • “Nazis did it first!”
  • “Get off our land!”

And the ever popular…

  • “Shut up about your mommy and bleed out, you fucking terrorist!”

Ah, the memories which will be created by this costume will be priceless. And more importantly, your child will learn of the brave men and women, forced into military service in Israel, working diligently to steal the land of an indigenous people just so long as they don’t actually have weapons with which they can defend themselves. Ah, those brave IDF forces.

Act NOW and you also receive a working hoax clock bomb, as seen on TV and at the White House, that your child can use when he pretends to be a member of the beloved IRGUN. Think of the fun he’ll have taking it to a hotel near you! Any of them named King David? Just kidding… they already blew up that one!

It’s NEVER to early to get your kid’s mind right! Wouldn’t want him ostracized by the community before he reaches privatized for-profit high school would ya?

Heck, if he keeps dressing up in this fabulous costume each and every year around this time… he might just land a cushy job in the main stream media or in Hollywood! Dare to DREAM parents. Dare to dream.

So get over there to Walmart and snatch up one of these wonderful costumes for your kids. Their future may depend on it.

And if there happens to be only one left and a person with brown skin is looking to buy it… fuck it… just stab them and start screaming you are the victim! No one is really going to know if you’re Jewish or not. Take a shot at it. Can’t hurt. They’re just cattle anyway, right?


5 Responses

  1. Maybe you saw this found the link on WRH.They need a third(shorter)kid to be building 7.

  2. I like the 1 that’s a rabbi carrying a bleeding babies penis in his mouth

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