Wanna Learn Who Did SANDY HOOK? (and see a NCS agent screw the pooch at GLP and here?)

by Scott Creighton, H/T Lilaleo

In response to the intrusion here of an obvious shill (Lenny) Lilaleo left a link to a Tyranny News Network video detailing a slip-up that occurred on GodLikeProductions when a shill working for the National Clandestine Services (CIA) left a comment while posting as one of his 4 personas.

Not to get off point, but “Lenny”, aside from constantly calling folks ‘conspiracy theorists’, also went off on a rant about how we should pass mental hygiene laws here in the states because of crazy people like ‘conspiracy theorists’ and as many of you know… Sandy Hook was all about creating an environment where laws like that would be passed.

So “Lenny” kind of gave himself away along with his cross-purposing dual agendas and Lilaleo was quick to pick up on it.

Thanks for the link Lilaleo.

And thanks for playing, “Lenny”. Better luck next time.


Another dead giveaway for “Lenny” here is that he simply refused to directly engage in the comment section with me.

I have found over the years of doing this that shills tend to avoid direct confrontation with website owners or moderators and I guess that is for a number of reasons, not the least of which being they worry about being banned. Another possible reason is that the owner’s comments will garner more attention from people checking out the front page.

And lastly, I figure they may avoid direct conflict with the owner of the site because their studies show they might be more informed than the average reader, which, if you look here at the exchange between ‘Lenny” and two readers, is certainly not the case. “Lenny the Failed Shill”, a commenter taking aim at “Lenny’s” obvious shilldom, tore him a new a-hole as did Lilaleo.

But overall I have noticed a tendency for shills to avoid direct conflicts with the owners/writers of the websites they troll.

And yes, I am clearly baiting our NCS friend “Lenny” with this update. 🙂

Cheers mate!

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Really interesting…

  2. I suppose this is how something good goes viral.

    Thanks for the h/t, but I had seen this video for the first time just the other day myself on Truth&Shadows blog when a commenter posted it. I was totally surprised (and disappointed in myself) that I had not seen it before, considering that it seems to have been around for a year or two. In any case, I am super glad you posted it as a main article. This little shill-goof-up should get as much exposure as possible, as it opens a peephole into the infestation behind the screen of smoke and mirrors.

    The points made in the “checklist” that the video mentions make it clear what kind and what scope of a military intelligence operation we are up against. The language of the whole thing, with all the references, codes, and job-specific lingo and all, indicates how widespread, organized and trained (but not necessarily well-trained) these people are, as well as the fact that the so-called perpetrators of these events are no “rogue elements within the military and government”, but part of a systemic and massive propaganda machine operated by a multitude of agencies of the government and military. Which, in turn, take their marching orders from _____________. Fill in the blank yourself for the moment, because that is a whole other discussion. The only thing certain is that they do take orders from a higher power that pays the bills.

    All of this just as suspected, no? There must be thousands of them manning, with god knows how many different handles, all the youtube channels, and all the blogs, forums and news site comments sections.

    I suspect a very similar setup and level of organization is also true for the “army” of crisis actors and all the extras walking around in these mass shootings, bombings, etc.

    On top of ours, it’s also self evident that there other major players in the cognitive infiltration game, like the Brits, Aussies and Israelis. Most of the time, it feels like all of these elements are almost one of the same and serving the same exact agenda, using the same MO and tactics and techniques, as their scientists are busy analyzing the psychology of truth seekers as individuals, as well as as a group, and weaponizing their findings, training their salespeople to go out there and perform the formula as per their program, and letting them loose on the internet.

    The scope of the illusion machine has ballooned to such an extent that, these days, it certainly feels like there are more body snatchers than there are bodies to snatch.

    • to that point you make about the Brits and Aussies and Israelis… it’s called the 5 Eyes program and includes Canada, US, Britain, Australia and Austria I think (could be wrong on Austria) might be Netherlands.

      They all work in conjunction with each other’s security apparatus. Of course Israel is right there with them. Specifically the NCS started up in 2005 I think posting ads for people looking for jobs who wouldn’t meet the requirements of the CIA. Australia also has a NCS branch as well. It’s not surprising that they would be actively working on helping promote disinfo here in the states. But also remember, in that mistakenly leaked memo the video deals with, the guy had several personas from several different countries. So who’s to say “Lenny” isn’t from right down here in Tampa and the home of the Global War OF Terror?

    • I did not know about the 5 eyes. And most people still talk about the NWO in the future tense… Ha…

      With all of the sovereignty crushing treaties, with practically joined military, intelligence, and security forces centralized and interdependent financial system, corporate multi-national propaganda news outlets, with regulating technocratic bodies like the CFR, trilateral commission, Bank of International settlements and the web of central banks, we are just swimming in it, aren’t we?

      Feels like, while we are trying not to drown in the choppy waters of lies, we are not realizing the water we are in is actually the swimming pool of an ocean liner that has its own course, its own destination.

      (by the way, I haven’t looked it up yet, but Netherlands, with its bilderberger queen and all, is a more likely candidate for being the fifth eye)

  3. It’s always rankled me that the Snowden Psyop revealed there were 5 million Americans with security clearance. 1 in 50 or so people is “on the job” … what are they all doing?


    I’ve also read numerous times that well over a hundred thousand people knew about the Manhattan Project, yet Truman only found out about it a week after he became president – so he didn’t even know about it as VP, though there were plenty of whispers…


    (By coincidence, “The Department of Energy traces its origins to World War II and the Manhattan Project effort to build the first atomic bomb.” http://energy.gov/management/office-management/operational-management/history/manhattan-project)

    • I think I remember reading there was like 1 million or so Americans with “Top Secret” security clearance. One million contractors mostly. That’s amazing. Then you consider they all work in some unaccountable business someplace doing God knows whatever it is they are contracted to do. It’s amazing.

      • austrogirl’s comment brought to mind the “dreaded” Stasi. I read up on them and discovered the following, which might be useful for comparison when looking at situations closer to home(landt) …

        ” … by the time that East Germany collapsed in 1989, the Stasi employed 91,015 employees and 173,081 informants.[25] About one out of every 63 East Germans collaborated with the Stasi. By at least one estimate, the Stasi maintained greater surveillance over its own people than any secret police force in history.[26]” [almost, but not really … (my comment)]


  4. You know… I went back and reread Lenny’s clumsy attempt at covering all the bases in just a few disjointed comments. S/he made it all so obvious that it gives a very strong indication as to what the talking points are on the “checklist”. And, come to think of it, they are absolutely no different than the talking points the real pros on the MSM and all branches of government unleash on us day in day out. Same arguments, same mockery, same everything. So, in a way, I see no difference, besides in sophistication, between our Lenny and the Meadows and O’Reilys, Mahers and Corbetts, Clintons and Bushs or Chomskys and Sunsteins of this world. Good grief!!!

  5. I’m honored to have helped expose a shill that was featured prominently in this blog. Thank you, Scott. For the greater good!

  6. Thanks very much for this one, Scott (and, of course, thanks to Lilaleo) …

    I’m sure folks running the show detest these sort of flubs, but I doubt they are very worried. They know we know and they also know that the nation at large has been completely Snowdened.
    I would imagine they ultimately feel that flubs like these can be very useful. Flubs serve to let those who are in on their game know they can and will do whatever it takes to advance their agenda. It’s called “Shock and Awe”, isn’t it?
    I wonder what this cost the shill? His job? A week’s pay? A slap on his/her bottom?

  7. “5 Eyes” refers to a spying “agreement” between the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Israel; obviously, with all the “Snowden” moments coming out in the various blogs/net media, Germany is part of it, unofficially, along with a number of other minor bit players/countries, but those 5 have drilled into the undersea net cables and installed splitters that capture all the traffic in the world, amongst other spy-things they also do, such as Sat-Intel, HUMINT, etc, and data-mine that traffic, with a “sharing” agreement amongst the group.. Germany made news because of the large US-run data-capture facilities there and German Constitutional Laws that are supposed to prohibit such activities (used mainly to “spy” on the Middle East due to location), but they aren’t in on the “agreement” (supposedly) to share in the capture, and are basically US-lick-spittle’s doing the US’s bidding, with none of the perq’s…
    that is my reading on it, just FYI… good article, as usual.

  8. Nothing changes, only the times have changed. Storytelling conspiracy theories are intended to entertain and distract those who are gullible and lack critical thinking skills. (e.g. Gladiators, Chariots, and the Roman Games used to keep the poor and unemployed entertained and occupied in the hopes that they would not revolt.)

    Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government. 3:44 to 6:03

    Maybe Dr. Fetzer should request a court order to exhume the children’s bodies! LOL


    Here is some information Dr. Fetzer can disseminate to his tin soldier army to overthrow the U S government because they want to take our guns away.

    Pipe And Fire Bomb Designs

    Dr. Fetzer is taking donations for three statues in his honor to be erected! One is planned to be prominently displayed in Dealey Plaza, one on exhibition at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and one in the courtyard of the new Sandy Hook school. For years to come people will flock in busloads to honor the great Dr. Fetzer and leave tokens of their appreciation.

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