Syria: Regime Change Endgame (another American Everyman video)

Sorry again about the sound peaks. I thought I had fixed it. Will work on it.

(links after the break)

Important recent developments may signal a major shift in the ongoing Syrian regime change operation. A new round of talks start Thursday with Iran taking part: our “moderate” terrorists are being shipped out to other countries. Lots of developments.

I don’t mean to be overly excited by these events but this could signal and end to this 5 year regime change operation.

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Obama Considers Using US Soldiers as Human Shields to Protect CIA’s Terrorists in Syria –…

IS militants airlifted from Syria to Yemen, Saudi Arabia — Syrian army spokesman –

Pentagon’s remarks about land operation in Syria do not mean its announcement — Kremlin –

Iran invited to Syria diplomatic talks after state media reports Russia airstrikes near Golan Heights –…

US: Iran must be involved in discussions on ending Syria conflict –…

EXCLUSVIE: Russian Fighter Jets Hit Militants’ Positions in Southern Syria for First Time –….

Ashton Carter: U.S. to Begin ‘Direct Action on the Ground’ in Iraq, Syria –…

3 Responses

  1. Good Scott … Thanks!
    The running commentary works better for me than relying on stuff you’ve written previously.

  2. Good video, Bubba. You’re getting there.

    Content – A. One caveat- it’s too long.Necessarily so in this case, but most people don’t want to see a run time of more than five minutes when they click on a video. There is a reason most pop songs are about three minutes long- the human attention span.

    Voice-B. Still a trace of nerves detectable in your delivery. This might disappear with practice, but a shot of bourbon would fix it quick. Just don’t end up like Diane Sawyer- so zoned on Xanax she can barely enunciate.
    I used to shoot in a lot of sniper matches (talk about cutthroat competition). When the course did not involve a lot of cardio I would sometimes take a drug called Atenolol. This classified as a Beta Blocker- my heart rate would not go above 85, no matter what.
    Good for shooting matches, and good for other types of performances as well.

    Lighting- very tough to do, requires lots of patience, but only needs to be done ONCE. When you have the lighting right- it will take hours- get out your tape measure and measure EVERYTHING. The height of every light, and everything on the set, and their relationship to each other. Write everything down! Put down markers such as chalk lines or adhesive dots and then you can slap your set together quickly when you are ready to shoot. The look you are trying to achieve? Turn on the local news. You might under light a bit, but not too much.

    • Thank you for the pointers. I will take them into consideration. Yes, I do have a tendency to ramble on a bit. In fact on this one, I had to validate my Youtube account so I could upload a video longer than the 15 minute limit. The problem with this one is subject matter. It would very difficult to cover it in 5 minutes. I guess it could be done, but I would really have to trim it down. I will take a look at it again and see. I know it could be shorter, but to cover all the info, I’m guessing between 8 and 10 would be needed.

      The nerves thing will be easier to deal with I think. I’m getting progressively more comfortable with this medium. Remember, I went to school to be an actor and worked professionally for a couple years afterward so I think I can get over the nerves issue. Right now I think it has more to do with not being comfortable with the tech than it does chatting with an audience. The trepidation is mostly evident in the beginning of the videos and that’s when I turn the thing on and wonder how it looks (I don’t keep the window open in the screen because I don’t want to be constantly looking at myself while recording)

      Lighting is less of an issue to me because frankly, it’s just the light in the office that I use. I hope it’s not too distracting. And this is not a set of course, it’s my office. I just turned my desk around so the window is not in the background.

      thank you for the suggestions.

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