INN World Report Radio Interview W/ Tom Kiely Tonight @ 7:30 pm Eastern

Hi. I’ve been working on a new video involving some major developments with the Obama regime change operation in Syria.

Tom Kiely has asked me to do an interview tonight on his INN World Report Radio show and I will be on the show tonight.

I’ll be posting the video later tonight. I hope you enjoy the show where we will be discussing these important developments.

You can listen live here. Call in number is 512 646-1984

kiely creighton

4 Responses

  1. Great show tonight….. the three of you were going hot tonight!

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    please, everyone… read this article and be careful… the groceries are not doing their job as well as they used to….. don’t eat a green spotted or a sprouted potato….. you might think…..”:awww,,, didn’t hurt me”, but the smallest effect could cause bigger problems later… is not worth the risk……. : (

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