About Glamour Magazine Calling Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year”… it’s a sale’s gimmick

by Scott The Purdue Chicken Creighton

Yes, Bruce Jenner is a man and still has a penis.

Yes, he prefers to have sex with women.

Yes, he was speeding and not paying attention on the road and killed some poor woman as a result and got away with it because… he’s a celebrity.

Well, at least he got the bad driver part right. ( ಠ_ಠ )

And yes, he is addicted to attention and would do practically anything to garner himself a new “reality” TV show, which he got after saying he’s a woman now.

That white woman in the northwest who claimed she was black because she “felt” black was ridiculed and ostracized, rightly so, for her pretense.

If I stuck feathers in my hair and said I felt like a chicken, that wouldn’t make me a chicken. That would make me mentally ill.

All of these things are facts.

Here’s another one… Glamour Magazine made Bruce Jenner Woman of the Year because they wanted to sell a bunch of their stupid, insipid magazines.

Field test: when is the last time you heard anyone talking about Glamour Magazine aside from 12-year-old girls and vapid bored housewives? No one gives a shit about Glamour and rightly so.

No one gave a shit about Bruce before his attention starved self-promotion move and no one gave a shit about Glamour til they awarded a Y-chromosome ex-athlete with “man-hands” and a penis, Woman of the Year.

Heck, if Drone King Obama can “win” a Peace Prize, anything is possible in this New World Order of theirs.

White is black.

Male is female.

War is Peace.

Ignorance is Strength.

And 260 pound men can be a chicken if they feel they are a chicken.

So thank you very much for listening to my rant on this pointless subject and I am signing off as Scott The Purdue Chicken Creighton.

cluck cluck cluck. Do chickens cluck? Oh what difference does it make.

4 Responses

  1. And I guess you had to be a ‘good quality’ chicken, so you choose to be a Purdue chicken?
    yeah, what difference does it make?

  2. Are you really 260 pounds, Scott? You don’t look 260 pounds …

    • Yeah, I’m 6′-4″ so I kinda wear it well, but still I’m overweight. Now that I’m sick, I don’t play tennis and B-ball like I used to and I can’t work all day either. Those things kept me in shape most of my life but now I’m kinda stuck here.

      I turned on the “make me look slimmer” button on my camera, so that helps a little.

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