P. Diddy Abandons “Vote or Die” Movement, Says Voting Is A “Scam”

(Yes… once again, the “conspiracy theorists” are ahead of the curve. Go figure. (pssst. they don’t call us conspiracy theorists for nothing))

by John Vibes  from Antimedia

(ANTIMEDIA) Some people can really only take so much of the political process before they give up on the system entirely. This is especially true in modern times, where every candidate is pro-war and pro-establishment. Obama was the last hope for many people who thought a politician could change things, but when Obama brought more of the same, some people became awake to the reality that politicians are usually con artists and that the entire political system is a scam.

Even P. Diddy, the rapper formerly known as Puff Daddy, admitted in a recent interview that voting is a scam. This is ironic considering Diddy was the figurehead of the “Vote or Die” movement, which encouraged young people to vote for nearly a decade.

During a Q&A at Revolt’s music conference, Diddy was asked about the upcoming elections — and his answer was surprisingly refreshing.

Diddy told the audience:

“See the things [sic] that’s tricky about politics is there’s so much bullshit with it. We started Vote or Die and… and from the community we’re in, we’re not with hearing too much of the bullshit. So that’s why we get disenfranchised, [we’re] disconnected because nothing that they’re saying actually relates to us… So Vote or Die, and getting out the vote, those things [were] laid out there so people could understand about the process. We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of shit. The whole shit is a scam.”

Diddy said people can vote if they want to, but it probably won’t change anything.

“At the end of the day, I’m not telling you not to vote. But I’m saying be a realist and know that they’re motherfucking kicking some bullshit up there,” he said.

Even if your vote is actually counted (it probably isn’t), it still won’t matter who wins, anyway. They will all carry out the exact same policies with marginally different rhetoric backing them up. It should be obvious by now that this system is not only inherently corrupt. It is failing miserably and in the midst of collapse.

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3 Responses

  1. ” The whole shit is a scam”…” But I’m saying be a realist and know that they’re motherfucking kicking some bullshit up there,” I have to admit,even though I generally frown on the propensity to use slang and profanity in our everyday language,those are beautiful words!(LOL)

  2. Unfortunately P. Diddy frames his remarks along the established racial lines of “no one is listening to us people of color”. It goes beyond that though. The system is not simply preferential it’s been hijacked to serve agendas that are fundamentally no longer human in the sense we define it.

    • It’s also not news. We’ve been around saying this stuff for years, especially since the Diebold disaster… but didn’t Mark Twain say “if voting really made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”? I’m glad this guy is speaking out to hip-hop crowd this little glimpse of truth, but it’s way too little, way too late. And if he was able to be used so blatently in the past, who’s too say he wont be suckered in the next BS propaganda routine.

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