New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Swears Allegiance to Israel in 2014 (video)

by Scott Creighton (H/T Goon Squad )

Of course we have “shared values” with Israel. We bomb hospitals and hire mercenary terrorists to do our bidding. We kill indiscriminately on behalf of the God of Prosperity (for a few) while pretending to be the moral center of the world.We lie, cry, pout and hold our breath until we drag our populations along with us on our profitable (for some) imperialist ventures across the world and covet our neighbor’s natural resources. We hate democracy and love stability. And more importantly, we view all the brown people of the world as cattle just waiting to be harvested.

Q: Why doesn’t lovely Israel just give the wounded Palestinians some smallpox blankets?

A: Because the Military Industrial Complex doesn’t make blankets.

Watch Canada’s new Prime Minister swear allegiance to Israel just like out globalist puppets do.

2 Responses

  1. As a Canadian, maybe I can offer some additional perspective…

    All the major federal parties support Israel. Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. Unfortunately, support for Israel will come no matter which government is in power…although Harper was perhaps the most vocal about it.

    Trudeau will also sign off on TPP agreement, and instead of scrapping Bill C-51, the anti-terrorism law ushered in after the Ottawa shooting, he only wants to make “major amendments” to it. He also informed Obama he wants to stop Canadian airstrikes in Syria (not that were helping much anyway), but still maintain some troops to train “moderate rebels”, AKA the CIA’s destabilization terrorists.

    • as you point out, the blind support of Israeli policy is just one disappointing aspect of this guy. Another thing no one talks about is the fact that he is a silver-spooner, nepotism candidate like Rand and so many others. Just because his daddy was politically connected, along comes this “change” candidate and he’s ushered into office like it’s his birthright. Jeb, “W”, Killary… the list goes on and on. Now the same thing north of the border. Sorry, but I never got on his bandwagon because to me, that’s about as offensive as anything else and when someone comes to power via such means, it always seems they have a weaker constitution than those that dont. Maybe that’s just my bias.

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