With the New CISPA on the Docket, Wikileaks Pushes New “Pro-Palestinian” Cracka Hacker Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

“CISA is on the floor of the Senate! We need a CRISIS to get them to vote for it!!!”


The new CISPA, CISA, is on the floor in the Senate right this minute and about to be voted on. It’s the new cyber security bill that promises to hand over control of collection all of your information and storing it to Big Business… it’s basically the definition of fascist surveillance state. This bill makes is so Big Business can collect your data, sell your data, analyze your data, predict your behavior based on that data, share it with Big Brother and even take steps to minimize the risk you pose to the New World Order of theirs all on their own with built in immunity for fucking your life up.

It’s the “gold standard” of the fascist control grid as Hillary Clinton might call it and it is EXTREMELY unpopular with the people of this country.

“The privacy-killing law CISA — which gives legal immunity to corporations when they share your private data with the U.S. government — is back on the Senate floor after Internet activists have successfully delayed it many times. This could be our last chance to stop it for good.”Boing Boing

We already got part of the new CISPA in the USA “Freedom” Act thanks to the “Edward Snowden” psyop and Glenn Greenwald helping manufacture a crisis they could use to pass it.

Now it’s Wikileaks’ turn I suppose.

Two days ago a big story broke via our controlled opposition honey-pot leak website, Wikileaks. They claim they received some relatively harmless emails hacked from John Brennan’s personal email account from this “pro-Palestinian” hacker.

It does not appear that any classified information was accessed, according to a law enforcement official.

The alleged hacker said he was motivated both by politics and by the desire to shame the government.

“John and Jeh are both very big people and high-ranking people, so, I mean, if we hacked them, they would be ashamed,” he said. “But it was really because the government are killing innocent people, they also fund (Israel) for killing innocent people.”…

The hacker told the Post he was a high school student who is critical of U.S. foreign policy and a supporter of Palestine. CNN

So let me get this straight… right before the start of the week when the Senate is going to take up the new CISPA on the floor for a vote, Wikileaks just HAPPENS to get some emails from a personal account of the director of the CIA and then they just HAPPEN to give the contact details of that “hacker” to CNN so they can do a national TV interview with the guy?

The guy who just hacked the most dangerous man on the planet’s personal email account?

And he’s pro-Palestinian? ಠ_ಠ

And he does the interview with CIA Mockingbird asset, CNN? ಠ_ಠ

Oh yeah, that’s totally legit. ಠ_ಠ

Turns out the fake hacker goes by the name “Cracka” and belongs to a group, “CWA” which stands for “Crackas with Attitude”. He’s supposedly from the US and white.

His Twitter page just happens to have the Muslim Shahada creed posted at the top of the page.

The hacker contacted The Post last week to brag about his exploits, which include posting some of the stolen documents and a portion of Brennan’s contact list on Twitter. The hacker’s Twitter page includes the Muslim Shahada creed, which translates as, “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” New York Post, Oct. 18, 2015

How convenient. He contacted Wikileaks with this info this weekend and then made sure to get some national attention on Sunday by contacting the New York Post.

Honestly folks. This tired fucking manufactured whistle-blower hacker meme is getting bothersome. It’s so damn obvious, a child could pick up on it. A blind child… living in a cave… with no internet access.

You want a picture of “Cracka”? I’ll show you a picture of “Cracka”. He’s the same guy who runs Capitalism’s Invisible Army. The same guy who helped bring you the “Edward Snowden” manufactured hero psyop on behalf of Big Business and their fascist New World Order wet dream.

There’s “Cracka” right up there at the top of the screen. It’s fucking John Brennan. He “hacked” his own email account and picked a few non-story emails to “leak” and then got some CIA flunkie to play the role of “Cracka” on CNN and during the interview with the Post (both CIA Mockingbird assets, mind you) and here we are with a “crisis”

And of course, the character is pro-Palestinian, anti-killing children.

Of course.

You want to see a picture of the group “Crackers wIth Attitudes” (C.I.A.)?

Here you go

Crackas wIth Attitudes a.k.a. CIA

This shit is just getting dumber and more obvious by the minute. Apparently they can’t do a goddamned thing without making a fake “crisis” to get it done.

And of course, making the character “Cracka” pro-Palestinian makes it very clear who’s ultimately behind this shit: the Israel firsters of the neocon persuasion.

So I guess the people that report the truth of what is going on in Gaza and the West Bank along with all those thousands of young people signing up with the BDS movement on campuses across the country had better watch out, huh?

Don’t want to be called a cracker do you? Bad things happen to them.





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  1. Those interns standing around the CIA logo seem pretty happy to be serving Capitalism’s Invisible Army. An apt name. I wonder if any are aware of the egregious amount of public outrage manufacturing and crisis ops the CIA’s involved with.


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