Quick Notes on the Clinton Testimony Before Benghazi Committee – Gowdy Tearing into Blumenthal Trio

by Scott Creighton

Towards the end of the first session this morning, Hillary Clinton was sitting quietly watching Trey Gowdy and Elijah Cummings going back and forth about releasing the Sidney Blumenthal deposition transcripts to the public with Cummings literally screaming at Trey.

I sat down to watch the Benghazi committee hearing this morning expecting nothing more than backhanded support for Killary and her globalist regime change agenda in Libya by the rethuglicans and open adulation from the dems being poured all over the former Secretary of State.

I got 50% of it right.

No, they didn’t start off where I would have questioning Hillary Clinton, but sitting back and taking notes, you can clearly see they are crafting a story with each individual member’s questions to Madam Secretary and that story is not flattering, nor is it in line with the official version she and the administration has told us from the start.

And then in the end, Gowdy unleashed the Blumenthal bomb on Killary and the dems in the room went absolutely fucking crazy.

Before bringing down the gavel ending that morning session, in the midst of Cummings’ screeching fit over the Blumenthal issue, Gowdy simply ended with:

“If you think you’ve heard about Blumenthal now, just wait till the next session”

Holy shit.

He was jumping all over Hillary. A lot of them were.

One republican put up a graph showing how many times (600+) State department officials from that area asked for more security from Jan of 2012 to Sept. of that same year and showed on the same graphic how many more security agents were sent there in response to those requests… answer? Zero.

Another focused on Hillary being the one person in the administration, State Department and Pentagon who really wanted to pursue a regime change policy in Libya from the start.

He showed how Hillary convinced the former president of Russia to abstain from the UN Security Council vote on the “no fly zone” when Russia clearly wanted to veto it. That “no fly” zone authorization was taken by NATO and Clinton to mean they could bomb Libyan forces with impunity.

He also talked about how she convinced the Arab league to go along with the regime change plan as well as the rest of the Obama administration.

Then another republican questioner focused on how Hillary was communicating with other world leaders, while the attack was still going on, telling them they knew the attack had nothing to do with the video or some protest that never occurred in the area that day WHILE she was still telling the American people it was all about “a vicious response to online propaganda” meaning the video. So she lied to the people about what happened that day which took the lives of 4  US citizens (supposedly)

That same individual then exposed the fact that Hillary’s State department personnel were meeting with the Ansar al Sharia terrorist thugs the day before Sept. 11, 2012 whom they used in their color revolution against Libya to force regime change in the country and those guys were in fact the ones who attacked the compound and supposedly killed two CIA ops and our ambassador.

But the real highlights of the first round of questioning came when Trey Gowdy started getting into Hillary’s relationship with Sidney Blumenthal.

Trey lit into her for having this close of a relationship with Sidney in Libya, a country he knew nothing about but had a ‘business interest” in (something I covered in my earlier report from back in June) and a guy who was clearly not wanted by the Obama administration to have anything to do with his state department.

Gowdy pointed out one email in which Blumenthal basically said Obama was snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because he didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to see the “regime change operation” through to it’s conclusion.

I supposed that means he wasn’t willing to blow up enough people.

Trey also pointed out that Hillary was forwarding Sidney’s emails to people like Chris Stevens sometimes on the same days Chris was literally begging for more security. His response from her was nothing… but she did manage to send her friend Sidney’s emails to him.

It should also be understood that while they talk about Chris not having enough security to move around in Benghazi, here was a well recognized Clinton administration asset, Sidney Blumenthal, running all over Benghazi, talking to all kinds of color revolution terrorists and not worrying one bit about his security.

How exactly did that work?

Maybe because Sidney was teamed up with a former CIA spook who used to run the very same terrorists back in the day and perhaps even the very same terrorists they used to attack that compound.

Truth is coming out bit by bit.

Hillary admitted she lied to the press about the reasons for the attack saying she needed to support that video story in order to ‘send a message” to other countries about getting the way of our efforts and “national interests”

The break is almost over. I am going to go back and watch it live on MSNBC where they are currently yelling at each other over the round table discussion as I type.

This is going to be interesting. Does he let her off the hook or sink it in deeper? Does Cummings start screaming again to defend the Clinton legacy or does Trey shut them all up by delving into Sidney’s CIA friend and what REALLY happened that day?

Going to find out now.

Be back later.

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