“Freedom” Caucus (freedom for billionaires to make more money) Backs Paul Ryan (VP Nappy Fresh Fresh)

by Scott Creighton

Paul Ryan did this deliberately offensive photo-shoot back in 2012 in order to make sure red-state republicans didn’t vote for him and his vulture capitalist running mate.

The House “Freedom” Caucus, the 40 or so die-hard libertarian/neoliberals who have been whining about not killing off more “big gubment” in the past few years, have agreed to rally behind Paul Ryan’s bid to take over the Speaker of the House seat.

What a shock there, huh?

According to Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), approximately 70 percent of the group of hardline conservatives agreed to back Ryan for the leadership position instead of Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), who had intended to run for the post. However, the caucus stopped short of endorsing Ryan, and Labrador said it would be up to Ryan to decide if the signal of support was enough. (The caucus needed to reach 80 percent support to grant an endorsement.) HuffPuff

In short, now that the 40 or so pouting “entitlement” haters and Ayn Rand lovers of the House of Representatives are satisfied they have a qualified austerity supporter running for the seat, the rest of the conservatives are expected to jump on the band wagon so they can “unify” under the banner of crippling austerity and IMF-styled structural reforms to be imposed on all of us while they still continue to collect those big government paychecks and enjoy the big government perks (that’s too say nothing of the Koch brothers donation checks to their “reelection funds” (a.k.a. “slush funds”))

I wonder why the “Freedom” Caucus backed a guy who has been dedicated to open borders for decades, worked with the Clintons and Obama on several other projects and who literally begged his fellow representatives for Big Gubment to give billions (turned out to be trillions) to the Big Banks as a payoff for crushing the economy?

Oh yeah. They did it because they are neoliberals pretending to be the opposition… just like the Clintons and Obama himself.

Ha. Forgot that part for a second.

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