Watch Neoliberal Paul Ryan (VP Nappy Fresh Fresh) BEG Congress to Pass TARP Bailout Bill for the Big Banks

by Scott Creighton

Paul Ryan did this deliberately offensive photo-shoot back in 2012 in order to make sure red-state republicans didn’t vote for him and his vulture capitalist running mate.

Paul Ryan is now the defacto candidate to be Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the presidency. This guy is a neoliberal zealot. He’s a true believer as rabid as they come. From backing austerity to the privatization of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Paul Ryan hasn’t met a public dollar he wouldn’t hand over to his crony friends at the US Chamber of Commerce.

The paper the House Budget Committee chairman has used as the intellectual and statistical underpinning for his austerity agenda has been significantly discredited by the revelation that essential data was excluded from the study, leading “to serious errors that inaccurately represent the relationship between public debt and growth.”

The Harvard professors who produced the paper—which Ryan cited as recently as last month—have acknowledged their mathematical error. The Nation, 2013

One of his stipulations for running for the position of Speaker is the removal of the process congress has in place to vacate the seat he wants if a simple majority of members of the House want him gone. In effect, he wants to rule the House via an absolute dictatorship so he can push his neoliberal/libertarian “free market” austerity agenda down the throats of the American people without fear of being removed from office.

Third, he want the Freedom Caucus to agree to rule changes that would vastly limit their power moving forward. Specifically, he wants to eliminate their ability to oust a sitting speaker by making a motion to “Vacate The Chair.” This is where, fundamentally, the Freedom Caucus derives much of their power.Think Progress

He’s a favorite of the Clintons and Koch brothers alike.

In the following video, you can watch him beg other representatives to vote for the TARP bailout bill which eventually paid over 1.5 trillion dollars to the very banks and corrupt financial institutions that demolished out economy in the first place.

How’s that for “small gubment”?

“Just maybe, this will work” Ryan said on the floor of the House.

Uh, no, it didn’t work to help us, the average guy on main street. But it did work to allow the banks to gobble up dozens of other banks and make a very small number of people extremely wealthy.

Paul Ryan is a pure neoliberal and as such, he detests the idea of borders and nation states. That’s why he’s been on a crusade over the last 20 years to erase the borders of this country on behalf of Big Business. He want’s his buddies to be able to ship in as many cheap laborers as they want in order to bring down the cost of doing business in America.

[America] is not just a country. America is an idea. It’s an idea that people from all over the world to aspire to achieve… There is no other economic system, no other immigration system that has done more to lift people out of poverty than the American free enterprise system, and American immigration system that we have here. That’s what makes us proud. So the question is: what do we do to restore this? […] We’ve had plenty of waves of immigration that have always been met with resistance in the past—the Irish wave is just but one of them. Each wave is met with some ignorance, is met with some resistance.” Paul Ryan

Yes, Paul Ryan supports Obama’s neoliberal comprehensive immigration reform agenda.

Yes, Paul Ryan worked hard to give Obama fast track authority.

Yes, Paul Ryan is at the forefront of the effort to help Obama pass all the fascist “free trade” bills like the TPP and TTIP.

Paul Ryan is nothing more than a one-man Obama support group. It’s so obvious, back in Oct of 2012, he posed for a TIME magazine photo spread that was clearly designed to ensure as few blue-collar republicans as possible would vote for him and his Mormon vulture capitalist running mate.

Giant Douche for VP!!!

Just in case Mitt accidentally picked up a few poll points the last time around, this time, before neoliberal Paul Ryan faces off with neoliberal Joe Biden in a televised WWE VP Smackdown event, TIME decided to make the working class redstaters hate the republican ticket even more with this ridiculous photo montage of Paul Ryan pretending to work out in a photography studio someplace.

Remember in Sept. of 2008 when Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live and sat there like an idiot and let them make fun of her on live TV before her Vice Presidential election?

Same thing.” me

It was the same kind of ridiculous show back in 2004 with John McCain. South Park understood the plan.

Paul Ryan gives a speech.

What a sad state of affairs we are in when someone like this is set to become Speaker of the House.

Of course, I suppose it’s the times we live in.

This comb-over freakshow reality TV star is currently polling at 25% on the republican side of things with Killary leading the pack on the other. sad days my friends, sad days indeed.

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