TTIP Already ‘Rewriting the Rule Book’ for EU Food Standards, New Report Finds

(The TPP and the TTIP. What Hillary Clinton called the “gold standard” of trade agreements aren’t really about trade, they are about “corporations rewriting the rule book as to how they’re allowed to operate.”. They are about institutional fascism on a global scale. And they are the real legacy your “CHANGE” president wishes to leave behind.)

UPDATE: Public services are also under attack.


from Common Dreams

The pending Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will likely spark a “race to the bottom” for national policies that regulate everything from the air we breath to the food we eat and, according to a new report, the controversial pact is already pushing European governments to loosen key food safety standards.

Put forth by the UK-based social justice organization Global Justice now, the report (pdf), published Sunday, highlights a component of the pact known as “regulatory cooperation” or “regulatory coherence,” which seeks to establish common standards between the United States and the European Union.

Under the provision, notes the group, multinational corporations are granted the opportunity to influence any new regulation—amounting to a “blueprint for corporate domination.”

“To most people regulations such as air pollution limits and food safety standards are common sense protections against dangerous threats,” said report author Alex Scrivener, who works as a campaigns officer at Global Justice Now. “But to big business, these are little more than tiresome barriers to increasing profits.”

Scrivener added that “Corporate lobbyists are pushing so hard for TTIP because this is one of the biggest chances they’ve ever had to systematically strip these protections away from citizens and consumers. TTIP isn’t really about trade, it’s about corporations rewriting the rule book as to how they’re allowed to operate.”

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