Bernie Sanders endorses Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan #SellOutBernieSanders

from WSWS

In a television interview Sunday, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders made his most categorical statements yet of his willingness to use military force in support of the foreign policy goals of American imperialism.

Speaking on the ABC program “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” the Vermont senator gave his backing to Obama’s decision this week to keep nearly 10,000 troops in Afghanistan through the end of 2016, and at least 5,000 troops indefinitely. He also refused to define any circumstances in which he would rule out the unilateral use of military force.

Reacting to the Taliban takeover of the key city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, a debacle for the troops of the US puppet regime in Kabul, Obama reversed his previous decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year.

In response to a direct question about whether he backed the decision to keep nearly 10,000 troops on the battlefield of a war that has gone on for more than 14 years, Sanders responded: “Well, yeah, I won’t give you the exact number. Clearly, we do not want to see the Taliban gain more power, and I think we need a certain nucleus of American troops present in Afghanistan to try to provide the training and support the Afghan Army needs.”

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  1. Scott went to the grocery store and came back home to find his computer is not working….. looks like something has ‘fried it’…. he is working on it and ‘doing what he can’….
    he’ll try to be back some way…. soon
    been a rough day….

    • So, he’s feeling the Bern in a unique way?

      • Before I get upset at your remark…. just what do you mean?
        Maybe I am taking it wrong?

        • Was just making a joke…since you said his computer got “fried,” and this information came in an article about Bernie Sanders (“Feel the Bern”). Guess it was a shitty joke, lol.

          • No problem, Matt….. 🙂
            I don’t have my son’s mental or insight abilities but I have plenty of ‘fight’ left in me…. and fight I will if anyone seems to be making jest of Scott.

  2. ” Bernie Sanders made his most categorical statements yet of his willingness to use military force in support of the foreign policy goals of American imperialism”

    As expected, the kosher marxists at WSW put out the smoke of “America imperialism” to obfuscate the fact that the entire foreign policy of the Us,e specially in the ME, is a zionist project.

    • awwww…. I think I understand where your poison comes from……
      you think anything bad derives from the Jewish world? Of course you are just spreading your troll trash in order to cover up the truth….
      like Scott would say, readers of this blog know the truth… you are wasting your time here. go away

  3. So. I came back from the store and my computer was running. I had left it off. The monitor wasn’t getting a signal. I shut it down and started to install an old video card when the system turned itself on again. Seems like someone has hijacked it remotely. When I disconnected it from modem that stopped. I am now trying another fix. I am writing this on my phone. Will update later.

  4. jan10, from everything I’ve read by and about you, you are a well-intentioned person with your heart in the right place. Too bad you are “bent” by the hasbara pumped into us 365 days a year 24/7.
    No, honey, not “anything bad derives from the Jewish world.” Don’t jump onto the “antisemitism!” cackle train. “\
    Your neighbor, Itzhac Shlomo and most of the “Jewish world” is not in on the globalist scheme to set up “Eretz Israel,” to destroy and conquer “7 countries in 5 years” in the ME, to subvert and dominate the Western world by highjacking its financial systems (done!), owning and directing 100% of the MSM (done!) destroying its culture by cultural marxism (almost done) and using any and all methods to achieve this (wars, assassinations, blackmail, fraud, heavy propaganda and demonization of whites, Christians and Muslims). They only get along with the program set up and implemented by what some coyly call “neocon” for fear of mentioning any reference to the ethnic group they belong to.
    So the overwhelming majority of the the world’s Jews go along with the program of their “betters” and keep mum and loyal because they are brainwashed by the myth of their superiority, sold to them, depending on their inclination either on religious grounds (judaism) or on cockamamie theories of innate superior Jewish IQ.

    You are confused about the meaning of “socialism” because it, too, has been highjacked early on. Trotsky anyone? I have read more Marxist theory pages than you have hairs on your head (hope you have a full head of hair). Marx’ mentor was Moses Hess. Try to read up on it.
    Last and not necessarily least: when you write a dissenting opinion it is not helpful to characterize the opponent’s comment as “ranting”– it is not an argument but… ranting 🙂
    Also drop the “poison” silliness and the “go away” cry. The idea that an opinion you don’t like is “poison” and must be suppressed is pure militant judaism — look up the word “herem.”

  5. Here’s an interview with Norm Finkelstein, just for you, jan10: it is from the “jewish world” of one who refuses to go along with the program of Jewish Power:

  6. they both are commie marxist jews

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