‘No ifs, no buts, no junior doctor cuts’: 20,000 doctors protest in London (video)

(The Obamacare cancer is spreading to the UK. The fascist privatization zealots are pushing to turn their NHS into a for-profit venture and of course, they way they do that is by under-funding targeted agencies then pointing at them saying they are broken and have to be “fixed” by privatization. 20,000 showed up to say “no” to this process the other day.)

from RT

Over 20,000 doctors have marched through London in protest against changes in contracts for junior doctors regarding new pay and working conditions which have been introduced by the UK government.

Young health care professionals say that the changes will force them to work longer hours, resulting in a greater risk of burnout. The British Medical Association (BMA), argues that under the new proposed conditions junior doctors will see pay cuts of up to 30 percent.

“They are starting with the junior doctors and they will finish with the NHS, the NHS is in peril and we must do everything we can to save it. Let’s fight together and let’s save our NHS,” Robert Galloway, one of the protesters, said.

[read more here]

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