Chris Hedges on Bernie Sanders: “he’s an AIPAC wind-up doll like the rest of ’em”

Chris Hedges on What it Means to be a Socialist

Published on Sep 26, 2015

Chris Hedges appears live behind the Orange Curtain for an inspirational and enlightening speech given for the
Green Party of Orange County. Hedges speaks of real Socialism, Bernie Sanders and fighting against the control the oligarchy has
over our political system. Also included is the Q & A session where Hedges offers even more damning information about the U.S. hegemony and how to rebel against the system.
Recorded on Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Santa Ana, CA.
Video Produced by SANCHEZ.

[full text of his speech can be found, here]

4 Responses

  1. The text is well worth reading…. I found out I am a Socialist ……. guess the Green Party is my cup of tea….

    thanks for putting this up, Scott….

  2. What a crock of cultural marxism posing as socialism! The part that is socialism is 19th century socialism: class warfare, capitalism, corporations? what is he smoking? there is no industry left in the US worth talking about except for weapons manufacturing. There are no industry moguls–it’s all banksters, stock exchange games and money made out of thin air. The industries have long moved out to the far East. The American “proletariat” is bussing tables unless lucky to have a job at the Post Office.
    He sings the song of the Fake Left: it’s the capitalists and the whities who are the baddies.
    His hero is Gramsci– how can one be more of a rabid cultural marxist than that? As for solutions? Do sit-ins/ die-ins so they will… “fear us”? makes you laugh. BDS is nice and makes the participants feel good about themselves but boycotting the oranges from Jaffa will not make Israel give up the land it stole or its ongoing, slow but sure genocide.
    His “socialism” is like Bernie Sanders’– fake Left with a hard zionist core. A deceiving distraction.

    • What are you ranting about? Marx was a socialist and so was Gramsci.

      Nothing fake about them….
      Marxist is the theory by a man named ‘Marx’ who believed that abusive capitalism leads people to socialism … or you can look it up and read about it…..

      you are only saying you do not like socialism…. which has nothing to do with blaming whities…..

      why don’t you read what you type….. 😦

    • Hey Theo,
      I read the entire text of the speech by Hedges. This gave me time to reflect on his words. It was rather long but I stuck with it. I must presume you, too, also either watched the speech or read the text.

      Every word of Hedges speech made sense to me. So I have to wonder what your beef is. Please be specific. Constructive, even.

      If it’s a question of vocabulary, OK. Maybe words like proletariat and capitalist are not right up to the minute, but for now I think we can be flexible and still get the full sense of what Chris Hedges is driving at. We can find better words anon. For now, there’s just too much to do, so much to resist …

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