Hillary Clinton Laughing About Illegal Email Server on CNN (video)

by Scott Creighton

4-16. Significant moral and legal considerations often exist in a UW effort. Legitimacy is the most crucial factor in developing and maintaining international and internal support. Without this support, the United States cannot sustain assistance to an irregular force. Without recognized legitimacy and credibility, military operations do not receive the support of the indigenous population, the U.S. population, or the international community.” Army Special Operations Forces handbook on Unconventional Warfare – 2008

Killary with her terrorist “soft power” friends in Libya.

Of course Hillary Clinton couldn’t use the regular email servers of the State Department for much of the illegal work she was doing overseas. In places like Syria and Libya, her regime change operations required absolute secrecy, not just in real time, but in perpetuity.

A few months prior to Benghazi, 45 major US corporations got together and decided they wanted to focus on the rape of the African continent so all Hillary needed was just the right pretext to justify putting more boots on the ground and drones in the air to help them make sure their investments were secure.

May, 2012 – “The New Alliance was announced in conjunction with the G8 meeting last Friday. Under the scheme, some 45 corporations, including Monsanto, Syngenta, Yara International, Cargill, DuPont, and PepsiCo, have pledged a total of $3.5 billion in investment in Africa. The full list of corporations and commitments has just been released, and one of the most notable is Yara International’s promise to build a $2 billion fertilizer plant in Africa.” How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals Like Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, PepsiCo and Others

Hillary got her long time asset, Sidney Blumenthal to head over to Libya with some help from former CIA and Pentagon spooks and they put together a little ‘crisis’

Sidney’s son Max wrote an article in a matter of hours after the Benghazi psyop saying it was all because of some stupid video called “Innocence of the Muslims” and the Clinton machine immediately started repeating that planted story.

The complicit media rushed to have Max on their programs non-stop and he accommodated each and every one of them pushing the story about some guy named Basil making the film which caused the attack.

Max never revealed his source for the story. That’s because he would have to expose the source was his father, working for Hillary Clinton.

Fact is, “Innocence of the Muslims” started off as “Innocence of bin Laden”, an FBI honeypot film made by an FBI undercover asset at their request to attempt to find “terrorists” in LA. Didn’t work out.

But who had the actual film? The FBI had it and they quickly dusted it off for the express purpose of providing a cover story for the Benghazi psyop.

All of that is FACT. You can read about it  here.

Killing Strangers: Benghazi and the Blumenthal Trio

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lied about Libya from the beginning. Their intention was to decimate the country and chop it up for the vulture capitalists they serve. That’s exactly what they did. They took terrorists and passed them off as ‘activists”, they lied about Gadhafi “planning” to commit genocide and eventually, they turned a UNSC mandate for a no fly zone into a full scale NATO bombing campaign that killed thousands and decimated the infrastructure of one of the most beautiful nations in all of Africa. Now it’s a shit-hole and Clinton and her ilk couldn’t be more pleased about that.

All of this would be reflected in her emails were they to have been saved as they were supposed to be saved. What really happened in Benghazi would also come out and Hillary wouldn’t be facing 10 years in prison for some deleted emails, that’s for sure.

During the fake “debate” that was held the other night, I was sickened when I saw Bernie Sanders give Hillary a pass on Libya and then the email scandal as well. The man is a piece of shit.

Let me just say this: if he will betray what he knows to be the truth about Hillary in such a public way as he just did the other night, he will betray everything he claims he stands for. He will betray you, me, the working class he wraps himself in like a populist cloak of invincibility… he will betray anything and everything and don’t make any mistake about that. The man isn’t worth a dollar of your support and he certainly isn’t worth your vote. You only got one.

When asked about the email issue on CNN last night, Hillary Clinton couldn’t help but show her true colors. She just laughed and laughed and laughed like she did when someone asked her about the extrajudicial murder of a rightful leader of a country, Gadhafi.

The woman is deeply, deeply troubled. She wont be the next president, Jeb Bush will be. That’s been per-ordained by God himself, or at least those worthy of his worship (Mammon)

Here’s Killary laughing it up, in your face, when asked about her illegal email server system that prevented the people of the United States from ever learning what she was doing in their names as Secretary of State under ObamaGod.

She’s laughing because no one holds her accountable. She knows what she did and why those emails had to be destroyed. She’s laughing because we’re all peasants and she is above the law as any Clinton or Bush should rightly be.

It’s her “let them eat cake” moment and it’s barely even registering on the MSM that worships at the alter of Mammon right along side of their heroes like Hillary Clinton.

You want a quick insight into the pathology of the ruling class?


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  1. I wish I could remember who first read it to me—The Wizard of Oz. Must have been a teacher, way back. They used to do that, some of them.

    I do remember someone asking if witches were real, and her asking back, “What do YOU think

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