Photo of Tiny Little Drone “Shot Down” by Turkish Fighter

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turkey’s “Russian Drone Shootdown Story” is a Repeat of Ukraine Propaganda from 2014… is it the same drone?


Much is being made of the news that Turkey has reportedly “shot down” a drone that was flying 2 miles into their airspace. The US said it must be a Russian drone. Wanna see a picture of it?


Here’s a little perspective.


What did they shoot it down with, a slingshot? Did the Turkish pilot open his window and throw a rock at it or did it just hit a pigeon?

More than likely, this is part of some of the assistance we give all those “moderate” terrorists over in Syria. Or it could be something we gave the Kurds to help them destabilize Syria and Turkey.

Or it could be some Turkish kid’s toy.

Meanwhile, there are new photos of Russia’s military invading Crimea. Thomas Friedman is all over this news story!

Israel is reporting Hamas has some new naval warships. As a result, they need to blow up some more kids in Gaza.

And not to be outdone, President Obama proudly announced his precious special ops guys in Iraq have captured ISIS’s latest secret weapon that promised to turn the tide on our endless was of terror on terror.

Me? I got a new AK bitches. I’m ready to roll!

6 Responses

  1. You don’t roll, Scott … You ROCK!!!

  2. America is SO ————

  3. We could use more lightsabers and get some extra income promoting Starwars!

    This is getting ridiculous…

  4. It was my drone , we will seek revenge …..

  5. LMFAO! My Parkzone Stryker is about the same size…

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