MSNBC Airs Map Showing Israeli Encroachment on Palestinian Land Since 1947

by Scott Creighton

For years the story has been there was never anything called ‘Palestine’. It’s the go-to, fall-back position of the Zionist apologists and sympathizers. Palestine never existed, so there cannot be any recognition of Palestine by Israel.

And for years, more and more of us have tried to show how over the last 60 years, Israel has stolen Palestinian land bit-by-bit to the point where all the Palestinians that are left live on little Bantustans like they were blacks living in South Africa under apartheid.

This map have been very helpful over the years in illustrating the Zionist’s efforts.

Embedded image permalink


US media outlets have been rather forceful when it comes to supporting Israel’s occupation and land-grabbing efforts in Palestine. They would never even think of showing this graphic on their websites, much less air it on one of their programs.

That is, until today.

Today I saw a Tweet from @Dena where she found a screenshot of MSNBC airing a version of this graphic, live during one of their shows. She Tweeted about it and received the requisite smearing and hate-mongering from various Megaphonies in a manner of minutes. Here is the MSNBC version:

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The instant vitriol being unleashed on Dena is to be expected. I’m curious just how much they are attacking MSNBC.

Their story about Palestine never existing has fallen apart and even the complicit media organizations are giving up on it. But that doesn’t stop the fanatical right-wing Zionist zealots from posting their lies and screaming death threats at anyone who dares mention Palestine without saying the word “terrorist” after it.

Here’s how the idiots try to discredit this, now mainstream, illustration of Israel’s contemptible land-lust.

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Talk about denying someone’s right to exist. Talk about wiping someone off the map. Talk about someone erasing a nation from the history books.

Yes, that’s all being done. By Israel.

If you are looking for a reason MSNBC did this, you probable don’t have to look much further than Barack Obama. MSNBC is the “All Obama All the Time” channel and Barack did recently say the only way to solve the conflict in Israel is a “two state solution”

So, it’s probably in support of yet another Obama agenda that motivated MSNBC to finally acknowledge a little of the indecency of Mother Israel.

Or, someone could have Photoshopped it in order to stir up a little discourse on the subject.

Either way, Dena is getting raked over the coals by the Megaphonies over at Twitter for daring to share the MSNBC image.

Tempers are flaring in Zionist land. Kill a few more kids and see what happens. You would think they’d have learned that by now but I guess land-lust blinds them to the things most civilized people take for granted.

Thanks for sharing the image Dena. Hang in there.

12 Responses

  1. Hi, you do know that that map is wrong right?
    The 1946 land was all 100% British mandate.
    The “jewish” part is just privately owned land.

    Palestinians have a right for thier own country! But there was no Palestinian people before the 1960’s, It just did not exist.
    They exist now, and they are entitled to everything that a self defined people are entitled. But let’s not change history.

      if you read the above link, and all the way down it… you will see that Palestine existed even during the biblical times…
      the British stole land from Palestine and gave it to Israel and since then, Israel has stolen most of the rest of Palestine.
      Israel is like a modern Hitler.

      • The reference from the Bible is to the philistins. Maritime people originated from the Greece (i think, Google it)
        It’s was called palatine by the Romans after the last jewish rebellion.
        The British did not steal it from the Palestinians, the won it from the otomen empire (France and England devided the area as spoils of war after ww 1)
        Nothing from the link you sent me is true, sorry.

        • I am so sorry that you cannot allow yourself to understand honest history….. it must be a terrible burden to have to constantly defend the horrible murders and land stealing done by Israel….. and still you have to face your God with such a lie….
          even in your above statement you contradict yourself by admitting Palestine was real during WW 1…. although you do try to cloud the error with the Roman’s version of Palestine… according to you.

          I feel sorry for you…… 😦

      • wrote that comment from a mobile phone so sorry for the terrible grammar…

        since just writing that your reference is wrong is lazy i went over it again and found the claim that is easiest to discredit.

        the site uses biblical verses to demonstrate that Palestine was a state thousands of years ago.

        case in point :
        “The people shall hear, and be afraid: sorrow shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina. — Exodus 15:14”

        as you can see in this site :

        its called Palestine only in a very late version of the bible – King James.

        the site continues to show old maps with the name Palestine on it.
        nobody says there was never a piece of earth called Palestine, that’s like say Asia is not called Asia.Palestine was NEVER a country, just like there was never a kingdom of Asia.
        more on the origin of the name

        hope i got you to reconsider your views on this issue, have a good one.

        • give it a rest. no one buys your bullshit here. as I pointed out in the article, the last ditch effort of Israel’s apologists is saying Palestine never existed and here you are, doing that very same thing.

          Here’s a little history lesson for you, though I know for a fact, you’re not interested.

          “Some of these early proto-Zionists, calling themselves “Hovevei Zion” (Lovers of Zion), started the first settlements in Palestine in the 1870’s, and a larger number of immigrants followed after the Russian pogroms of 1881-82. These settlers distinguished themselves by their deliberate segregation from the indigenous population and their contempt for local customs and traditions. This naturally aroused suspicion and hostility in the locals. This exclusivity was largely based on a sense of superiority common to Europeans of the time, who believed they were the only advanced and truly civilised society and in true colonial fashion looked down on “natives” or ignored them altogether. However, beyond that there was also a particular sense of superiority of Jews towards all non-Jews. This belief in innate Jewish superiority had a long tradition in religious Jewish thinking, central to which was the notion of the Jews as God’s chosen people. Moshe Ben Maimon (Maimonides) had been an exponent of this theory and quite often thinkers with a more humane outlook, e.g. Spinoza, were excommunicated. The accepted thinking in the religious communities was that Jews must on no account mix with gentiles for fear of being contaminated and corrupted by them. This notion was so deeply ingrained that it quite possibly still affected, albeit subconsciously, those Jews who had left the townships and had become educated and enlightened. Thus the early settlers from eastern Europe transferred the “Stettl” (townlet) mentality of segregation to Palestine, with the added belief in the nobility of manual labour and in particular soil cultivation. In this they had been influenced by Tolstoy and his writings.

          The “father” of political Zionism, Theodore Herzl (1860-1904), came from a totally different perspective. Dr. Herzl was a Viennese, emancipated, secular journalist who was sent by his editor to Paris in 1894 to cover the Dreyfus affair. Dreyfus had been a captain in the French Army who was falsely accused and convicted of treason (although he was acquitted and completely cleared some years later). The case brought to light the strength of a strong streak of anti-Semitism prevalent in the upper echelons of the French Army and in the French press, with profound repercussions in emancipated Jewish circles. Herzl himself despaired of the whole idea of emancipation and integration and felt that the only solution to anti-Semitism lay in a Jewish Homeland. To that end he approached various diplomats and notables, including the Ottoman Sultan, but mainly European rulers, the great colonial powers of the time, and was rewarded for his efforts by being offered Argentina or Uganda by the British as possible Jewish Homelands”…

          … Herzl was quick to realise that unless he accepted the “Land of Zion”, i.e. Palestinian option, he would have hardly any adherents. Thus the Zionist movement started with a small section of Jewish society who saw the solution to anti-Semitism in a return to its “roots” and in a renewal of a Jewish people in the land of their ancestors. In his famous book “Der Judenstaat” (The State of the Jews) Herzl wrote that the Jews and their state will constitute “a rampart of Europe against Asia, of civilisation against barbarism,” and again regarding the local population, “We shall endeavour to encourage the poverty-stricken population to cross the border by securing work for it in the countries it passes through, while denying it work in our own country. The process of expropriation and displacement must be carried out prudently and discreetly–Let (the landowners) sell us their land at exorbitant prices. We shall sell nothing back to them.”

          Max Nordau, an early Zionist, visited Palestine and was so horrified that the country was already populated that he burst out in front of Herzl: “But we are committing a grave injustice!” Some years later, in 1913, a prominent Zionist thinker and writer, Ahad Ha’am (one of the people), wrote: “What are our brothers doing? They were slaves in the land of their exile. Suddenly they found themselves faced with boundless freedom … and they behave in a hostile and cruel manner towards the Arabs, trampling on their rights without the least justification … even bragging about this behaviour.” But the dismay of Nordau and others at the injustices to, and total lack of recognition of, the indigenous population was silenced and indeed edited out of Jewish history and other books, as was some of Herzl’s writing. The Zionist slogan of “a land without people for a people without land” prevailed and within a matter of a few years the immigrants became “sons of the land” (Bnei Ha’aretz), whereas the inhabitants became the aliens and foreigners.”

          Hanna Braun, 2001

          Palestine was a defined geographic location with borders and history and more importantly, Palestinian people living on it who have been systematically separated from their lands and homes by the Israelis. and it continues to this very day.


          Now, just for the record so people can get a better understanding, what the Zionists did in Palestine is not that different than what we are doing now in Syria.

          A land without people for a people without a land, right?

          We hired the dregs of Wahhabist society to go be terrorists and settlers in Syria in order to chase them off their land, to depopulate the area, so we could give it to the Kurds. A people without a land.

          Remember the Irgun? Those terrorists? King David Hotel?

          So, what they did back then isn’t that much worse than what Europeans did in the New World when this country was founded. But it did happen. And the land wasn’t without a people.

          Now, if you wish to keep playing over here, be my guest. I got all kinds of time to deal with Megaphonies like you.

          and you have a nice day as well.

          take your bullshit someplace else. No one here buys it.

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