Barzani: Political Disputes Won’t Affect Security in Kurdistan Region (met w/ congressional delegation Oct 14)

from BAS News

A United States congress delegation met with Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani in Erbil on October 14th, reiterating their support for Erbil.

The US delegation consisted of Senators Mitch McConnel, Tom Cotton, Mike Rounds, Joni Ernst and Andy Barr. They were accompanied by US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones, Consul General in Erbil Matthias Mitman and a number of military officials.

The guests declared their admiration for the role of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Peshmerga in the war against Islamic State (IS), and promised continued US support.

President Barzani, in return, thanked the US for providing military and humanitarian support to the Peshmerga and KRG.

Barzani explained that the ongoing war against IS, financial disputes with the central government in Baghdad and the huge number of refugees and IDPs arriving in the Kurdistan Region have made the situation evermore complicated.

He stressed that the political disputes in the Kurdistan Region will be resolved without an adverse impact on the security and stability of the region.

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