Another Way Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Help International Corporations Privatize Government

(Obama’s trade deals are pure, unadulterated, neoliberal, “free market” , corporatist, fascist ideology)

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture Foundation

Recently, the issue was raised regarding the profits that would flow to international corporations by Obama’s proposed trade-deals encouraging the privatization of existing government-run social services, and the break-up of their labor unions. It was unfortunately mentioned only in passing by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee. But that’s better than nothing. 

She is a granddaughter of the famous British historian Arnold Toynbee. Her perspective on this matter seems to be in accord with that of Britain’s major corporations — they strongly favor both TTIP (the Obama-proposed trade-deal with the EU), and also Britain’s being a part of the EU (and of that proposed trade-deal). In Britain, the number of families in the aristocracy, and that serve the aristocracy (the people who control the international corporations, and who serve those families), are few enough in number so that the individuals who can win a public voice such as becoming a columnist in the Guardian, tend to be well-vetted by the aristocracy, not favorable towards democracy.

Toynbee’s latest column criticizes opponents of TTIP and of Britain’s membership in the EU, as being populists (“Europhobes”), people who “shamelessly” oppose the EU and the TTIP. Her article presents the public as the problem — basically as mobs controlled by demagogues — and the aristocracy as the solution. Her attitude toward democracy (the public) is rather similar to Barack Obama’s as expressed privately on 27 March 2009 to the CEOs of Wall Street assembled together in the White House: “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks. … I want to help. … I’m protecting you,” from those “pitchforks” — people who, to him, were much like Toynbee’s “shameless … Europhobes.” In both versions, the international-corporate financial operators are the real heroes, and the public who oppose what they’re doing are just bigots who need to be controlled.

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