Neoliberal News of the Day – Oct. 15, 2015

by Scott Creighton

A collection of today’s headline news from “new and creative” plans to shut down online dissidents to the “re-brand Hillary” event in Vegas the other night to more terrorism and chaos from Israel targeting Palestinians.

Domestic Terrorists Organizing Online Are ‘Real Threat,’ DOJ Warns  – “Just like the Islamic State, radical domestic hate groups can use social media to spread messages and inspire attacks in the United States, a top counterterrorism official said Wednesday. Domestic terrorism is a “real threat” that “demands to be addressed in new and creative ways,“… “For domestic terrorists — just as it has for ISIS — social media “can create for an extreme segment of society a sort of ‘radicalization echo chamber‘ where followers reinforce for each other extremist propaganda and calls for violence,” Carlin said. ”

Committee on Domestic Terrorism reinstated last year  … ” a re-establishment of a group that was created following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and abruptly put on hold on Sept. 11, 2001  ” – “But we also must concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti – government animus to racial prejudice. To that end, I am announcing today that the Department of Justice is reconstituting a committee on domestic terrorism that was first established nearly 20 years ago und er my predecessor, Attorney General Janet Reno, in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. In the wake of that incident, the committee met regularly to assess and share information about such ongoing domestic terror threats” Eric Holder

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division last year at another SPLC event at Georgetown University – “We are here to talk about combating domestic terrorism, which the FBI has explained as “Americans attacking Americans based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies.”… The threat ranges from individuals motivated by anti-government animus, to eco-radicalism, to racism, as it has for decades… Homegrown violent extremists can be motivated by any viewpoint on the full spectrum of hate.  Anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs…We also see anti-government views triggering violence throughout America… Social media can create for an extreme segment of society a sort of “radicalization echo chamber” where followers reinforce for each other extremist propaganda and calls for violence.  Service providers must take responsibility for how their services can be abused.  Responsible providers understand what the threats are and take action to prevent terrorist groups from abusing their services to induce recruits to commit terrorist acts.


The GOP is doing it’s best to help Hillary Clinton defeat Bernie SandersDonald Trump is now starting to call Bernie a “communist” and a “maniac” while yet another republican has stated the Benghazi hearings were nothing more than an attempt to bring down Clinton before the election (or at least he said something close enough to the effect that they could use it to her advantage). Of note: Chris Mathews during the preliminary reports on MSNBC leading up to the Democratic debate the other night, made a point to call Bernie a “socialist” about a hundred times. He only paused to wipe the drool off his mouth.

The Democratic “Debate” wasn’t really a debate at all. It was the launch party of the  “rebrand Hillary” movement and all the “candidates” did their part to help with the effort… including Bernie Sanders (Mathews mentioned before the event that a poll shows 92% of his supporters would support Hillary if and when the sheepdog drops out of the race). Sanders ranted about how the American people were “sick and tired” of hearing about Hillary’s illegal email scandal. Fact is, she orchestrated what happened in Benghazi along with her longtime associate and personal friend, Sidney Blumenthall, and then she lied about what caused it for weeks and that’s why she had to get rid of so many emails and that’s why it’s illegal for public servants to do so. Also, when she was trying to re-position herself as a champion of the people verses Big Banking, Bernie could have trashed her pointing out how she historically and currently enjoys campaign support from the very Big Banking she is pretending to oppose right now, but he said nothing. He also didn’t say a word about her and her husband breaking up Glass-Steagal and passing a law making it illegal to regulate the derivatives markets which was largely responsible for the economic collapse which her friends at Big Banking orchestrated and then profited from. And he sat there quietly while this bitch described Gadhafi as a murderous, genocidal maniac who had to be bombed out of existence along with much of the infrastructure of Libya which was a complete and total lie. Did Bernie call her on that? No. None of them did. Was there a single mention of her maniacal “We came. We saw. He died” quote? Was there any mention of her “blind trust” which allowed her to profit to the tune of 20 million dollars off Big Pharma and the war industry? Anyone mention her selling influence to foreign countries through the Clinton Global Initiative? How about the abject failure and graft of that massive fund for the Haitian people her husband perpetrated?

In the end, after sheepdogs Sanders and Trump self-destruct, we’ll be left with Clinton and Jeb Bush and Bush will “win” because, you don’t have a family of fascists contributing what his family has to the transition of the US without giving them proper payback. That’s why Jeb will be the next president of the United States and Killary is being set in place to take the dive this time around.

So ultimately, who is Bernie really serving here?


Try as they might to push Killary as the big winner of the debate, the truth is very different.

The host of the debate, CNN, proclaimed her the winner, as did the New York Times, the New Yorker, Politico,Slate, New York Magazine and Vox, Alternet is reporting. Politico cited insiders saying it was a “runaway victory” for the former secretary of state. However, every online poll taken following the contest showed Bernie Sanders winning convincingly, including the CNN/Facebook poll, which ultimately found Sanders taking 82 percent of the vote, with Clinton trailing at 11 percent.

The socialist candidate also came out on top in the Time, Daily Kos and MSNBC online polls.

Sanders even won the conservative Drudge Report online poll taking 54 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 9 percent.” investment Watch


Son of Palestine” mourned by thousands  –  “Qassam’s best friend, 14-year-old Ahmad Sharaka, was killed by Israeli soldiers on Sunday. He had been taking part in the ongoing confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth near the Beit El settlement colony.“We know that rocks will not end the occupation, but it’s all that we have to resist,” Qassam explained.

Young Palestinians are teaching us how to resist

‘Israel and its herd of settlers are terrorizing Palestine’

It’s time to challenge the status quo in Palestine – “The deafening silence in the international media as the toll of Palestinians injured and killed by the Israeli army is appalling. It seems there is an unwritten consensus that as long as Western governments, mainly the US, do not see a serious threat to “Israeli security” and to “Israeli Jewish lives”, it is just another “cycle of violence” that can be suppressed, if not crushed by a well-equipped Israeli army.”

As Unrest Grows in Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu Seeks Scapegoats  –  “Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a crackdown on Palestinian political leaders in Israel, blaming them for the current unrest, in what appeared to be an attempt to bolster his severely dented image as ‘Mr Security’.”

Yes, there have been some false flag terrorism staged by the Israelis as well as at least one fully staged event for the MSM (the guy who just happened to run down the steps carrying a knife in his right hand way up in the air so everyone could see it right in front of an NBC news crew. Totally staged for effect “see! they have knives. They are terrorists!”)

Since October 1st, 33 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 1600 others injured by Israeli troops, according Palestinian medical sources.”


European Union calls on Russia to stop “attacks” on “moderate” lethally-armed NATO mercenaries in Syria

US Airdrops 50 Tons of Ammo to Syrian ‘Rebels’ After Russia Decimates “ISIS” Supplies

Amnesty report: US-backed Kurdish militias forcibly displaced thousands in northern Syria  –  (Ethnic cleansing, by US-backed Kurds, in northern Syria for the purpose of creating Greater Kurdistan. Anymore questions?)

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  1. The Western world might not hold Israel responsible, but God does and the reckoning will come.

  2. Incarceration Nation—“Shut down that pitchfork, or else

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