No. Flight 370 Was NOT Found in the Jungle

by Scott Creighton

Some dude from Borneo claimed his nephew found Flight 370 in the jungle somewhere near the Philippines this past weekend. Turns out, that story is a crock of shit.

Gee. That didn’t take long to debunk.

Malaysia’s Police Chief General Khalid Abu Bakar said Philippine authorities had investigated the claims made over the weekend that a plane with a Malaysian flag and human remains inside had been found on the island of Sugbay in the Tawi Tawi province were untrue.

“The Philippines has confirmed there is no plane wreckage,” the state-run Bernama news agency quoted General Khalid as saying in a text message.

On Saturday, a man reported in Sandakan police station in the Malaysian part of Borneo that his nephew found aircraft wreckage, which could be part of the missing flight MH370.

Not only was it NOT Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370.. but apparently, there was no plane either.

There was a short clip included in the original New York Post article which might have given us a clue as to the relative truthfulness of the story:

The claim comes five weeks after French experts confirmed a piece of wing that washed up on Reunion Island near Madagascar was indeed from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. New York Post

That statement is factually incorrect. The piece in question has no serial numbers on it and it could be from any plane of the same make and model of Flight 370 but it is definitely NOT proven to be FROM Flight 370.

Experts from the Directorate General of Armaments have finished surveying the flaperon found on Reunion Island. Nothing certifies that it belongs to MH370!

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 was more than likely, accidentally downed in the South China Sea during a US war games exercise which featured two cruise missile destroyers. The misdirection that began immediately following the downing of the flight was likely the result of powerful interests in the region trying to remain powerful interests in the region. Accidentally shooting down a local commercial airline might have a tendency to sour public opinion toward occupying forces like those who were conducting military drills in the area that day.

For more info on Flight 370 you can check out my collection of articles on the subject or head over to austrogirl’s compilation.

However you look at it, the ridiculous story of Flight 370 ending up in a jungle somewhere turns out to be complete bunk.

H/T to anon X for the head’s up on the New York Post BS.

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