Neoliberal News of the Day: Columbus Day, 2015

by Scott Creighton

“I do not take my mandate from the European people.” Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström on the public outcry over the TTIP

Today is the day we gather separately on our various social media enabling devises to celebrate good old Chris Columbus landing in the New World bringing the joy joy feelings of Christianity to the dark savages of the continent.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the good-old days as the nation building exercise in Syria, Iraq and Turkey crumbles (a.k.a. “ISIS”)

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I do not take my mandate from those feather wearing monkeys” Christopher Columbus on discovering the New World

And now… some Neoliberal News of the Day:

Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against TTIP Trade Deal –  “Hundreds of thousands of people rallied on Saturday afternoon in the German capital against the massive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) accord being negotiated by the European Union and the United States. Critics say the trade deal will benefit large corporations at the expense of average Europeans.”

‘Threat to democracy’: 3mn Europeans sign petition against TTIP  –  “Anti-TTIP activists have submitted a 3 million-signature petition to the European Commission in London and Brussels in a bid to halt secret trade negotiations between the EU, US and Canada. The petition, believed to be one of the largest ever compiled, calls for an immediate end to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.”

TTIP: Attack on Democracy and the Constitutional State

I didn’t think TTIP could get any scarier, but then I spoke to the EU official in charge of it –  “Yet when I asked the trade commissioner how she could continue her persistent promotion of the deal in the face of such massive public opposition, her response came back icy cold: “I do not take my mandate from the European people.”

There’s no reason to celebrate the TPP

Clinton’s TPP backflip just another U-turn

Todd: Hillary ‘Pushed and Praised’ TPP on at Least 45 Separate Occasions

Obama defends controversial TPP deal and dismisses secrecy concerns

Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Document Raises New Concerns For Progressives  – ““The new monopoly rights for big pharmaceutical firms would compromise access to medicines in TPP countries,” Peter Maybarduk, the program director at Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines, told The Independent. “The TPP would cost lives.”

Rights guaranteed under the deal could mean that generic versions of life-saving medicines are not developed or available as early, delaying access for poorer people.

Internet freedom advocates, too, criticized elements of the chapter. The countries in the agreement, the United States, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, and Brunei, will be able to force each other to suspend legal proceedings if the proceedings will reveal information “detrimental to a party’s economic interests, international relations, or national defense or national security,” BoingBoing reported.”

(Members of congress can only read the deal in a locked, sealed room in the basement of the capitol and it has to remain a secret from the public for a period of 4 years after it is ratified and signed.)

I don’t take my mandate from those blue jean wearing monkeys called the American people. If they were worthy of consideration, they would be rich” Barack H. Obama

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  1. Everywhere along my way I got the message that it was my job. I was to go to work, work hard, go again tomorrow, go sick, … Go, no matter what.

    Somewhere along his way, my son and many of his generation found a different message.

    They do not take their mandate from a band of bandits

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