See Spot. See Spot Drool. Drool Spot Drool.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oct. 9, 10am – He is still having trouble eating and drinking but he’s still in good spirits. Looks like we found a vet which will accommodate us and poor little Spot, the snaggle-toothed feline. Should be able to provide an update on the saga later this afternoon.


UPDATE: I finally heard back from ACT. They say they don’t do major vet operations anymore or feline dentistry. They suggested I contact the Humane Society of Tampa which I have now done. I am looking to get him an appointment there or at a local vet for tomorrow. Jan10 came by and we went to get him some Baby Tylenol since the vet said it was just as good for him as aspirin and I gave him some of that, some water and chicken broth via an eye dropper. The tooth is still pretty solid in his mouth. We will see how it goes tonight. Thanks everyone. will keep you up to date.


This is Spot. He’s a 12-year-old rescue living with me down here in Tampa. I’ve had him since he was about 5 months old. As you can see, he can’t close his mouth. He has a bad lower canine.


Spot was the first pet I adopted when I relocated almost 13 years ago. He’s now one of three cats and a dog named Church.

A vet once asked me “where’s the spot?” and I told him “he is the Spot”

I was supposed to go to the hospital today for some tests (chest pain over the past two weeks) but this morning I discovered Spot’s loose tooth has gotten worse to the point where he can’t close his mouth. He’s had trouble with it over the course of the last week, but he’s always been able to close it after a few tries and he was able to eat and didn’t seem to be in pain so I figured I would let it run it’s course and see what happened. Sounds cruel I know, but being on disability, I just don’t have the money to take him to a vet.

This morning I wrapped him gently in a towel and tried to see if it was loose enough for me to remove without causing him too much distress. Didn’t work out. Though the tooth (lower right canine) is at an angle and keeping him from closing his mouth as it hits the upper right canine, it’s still pretty solid in the alveolar socket.

I didn’t yank on the tooth much because didn’t want to take a chance of dislocating his jaw.

He seems in pretty good spirits. He’s not hiding or mewing or trying to avoid contact, even after my botched dentistry attempt.

But Spot is clearly in discomfort and I need to do something for him.

They have something down here called the Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) and though they don’t do major veterinarian procedures, I get the feeling they would be able to help with this. They are set up to help lower income people from the county with their pet’s medical needs. But they do have a cost.

I also know eventually it will simply fall out on it’s own, but I figure the guy is probably in pain and certainly has an infection and I don’t want that to spread to his other teeth.

If anyone has any experience with cat dentistry or can help me get him to ACT, that would be great. I will be calling ACT as soon as they open this morning and see what it might cost and what their availability is this week.

As I fully understand that there will be someone out there who replies something to the tune that I shouldn’t have pets if I can’t afford them, I’d like to nip that in the bud right off the bat. I take good care of my cats and each and every one of them was rescued off the streets as kittens (Kitten and Cricket were barely weened when I adopted them from stray mothers). They are very happy living here in poverty with me. They are neutered/spayed and have all of their shots and are, for the most part, are all very well-rounded personable animals. As I have been researching this issue this morning, I keep seeing a growing meme on the threads where people are asking for advice and that is some dick always leaves a comment about the person “being responsible” and taking the animal in question to a shelter so it can be adopted by someone who can afford to take care of it. To people like that I say “Go fuck yourselves”

Poor people shouldn’t have pets. Poor people shouldn’t have kids.

Let me explain something to those out there with that little gem of a thought bouncing around in their dusty little minds: just because someone can afford 1,000 bucks to run their animal to a vet at the drop of a hat doesn’t mean they are better pet owners. Wealth is not a measure of quality.

I don’t mean to turn this into a class-rant, but I’m disgusted by how many Ayn Randian a-holes out there felt the need to bemoan and belittle loving pet owners who reached out to find help figuring out what to do about their furry little family members. More likely, anyone saying these kinds of things online are the exact types of people who would, though they can certainly afford to take their pets to the vet, would opt to take one to a shelter and drop them off rather than spend the money helping them. For these people a pet is a status symbol, not a family member. But then again, seems like way too many out there feel the same way about their families.

Anyway, I don’t know what to do with Spot. Just tried to feed him some moist food and he can’t even eat that. He kept smacking at his mouth when he tried to eat it. Guess he’s trying to move the tooth out of the way. I wonder if he can drink some milk or something.

If anyone out there has experience in this matter and a suggestion please let me know. If you could help me get him to the vet you can use that little donation thingy on the side over there.

He’s under the desk rubbing up against my leg right now so I guess he’s alright. We’ll see what they say at ACT.


14 Responses

  1. Donation sent!

    • thank you very much. He’s not able to drink milk or water at this point and I don’t have the balls or the stupidity to try to yank the tooth out of his mouth. I probably should, but I’m afraid it might hurt his jaw. He’s still in good spirits though. just drooling all over everything.

  2. Hi

    Am in the UK and my dog is sick at the moment (age 15 !!). I get the canned cat food that is like pate, mash it with some warm water until very smooth and semi- liquid then feed her with a plastic syringe. Working ok but I don’t think she has very long now. Good luck

    • hi. sorry to hear that. I just did the same thing with some chicken stock from a can of Progressive chicken noodle. he seemed to like it. I hope things go well for you, will keep my fingers crossed.


  3. It sounds like Spot may also have problems drinking. If so, stick him in the kitchen sink, turn on the water and let him figure it out (he’ll dip his tongue or mouth into the stream of water). Good luck; this helped one of my beloved cats leave this existence well-hydrated.

  4. You can try homeopathy to give spot some relief…maybe mercurious given the drooling? Only costs $6-$8 for a remedy in a health food store. Just put one pellet in the water dish and let spot drink…

  5. Sorry just re-read spot can’t drink. The remedy is medicated on a tiny sugar pellet, just throw it in his mouth…

  6. X marks the spot Scott. I hope it works out for the little guy. In terms of fighting infections I’ve had great results with three supplements.

    1) (not just for cancer and since you use drops a day it’s pretty economical)

    2) (general immune booster)

    3) (Generally a wonderful immune system booster for people and animals. Get the liquid and mix with food.)

    I notice you still have that chest pain hanging around. You know very well western medicine has been co opted by big Pharma, how come so much faith in their approach? Who’s going to expose the bad guys and make those funky videos if you keel over?

    I’ll repeat my own offer to you regarding that really interesting light therapy program. ( I do the evaluations remotely over the internet and I’ll do it for FREE. And just so nobody feels left out the offer applies to anyone who is interested for the next 3 weeks. People can try it and write in terrible reviews if they like, doesn’t matter. Still it is a cool way to reach out and support each other and that is the spirit of my offer. Experience suggests we’ll also do some good.

    And on the subject of chest pain have a look at these resources.



    So here’s wishing you well for all the mammals in your household.

  7. Looks like we’re kinda in the same situation. Maybe your cat’s dealing with the effects of living in the toxic, GMO and tainted vaccination land that mine is…

    His name is Hoax, and he’s fine. But he does have an inoperable tumor beneath his left eye. I did once have a female cat I inherited from an ex-girlfriend that one day had her jaw so misaligned that she could no longer eat. Turns out that bone cancer had decimated her jaw. After a liquid diet, kitty-heroin and many cleanings of the blood and drool I took her to be put down. Both my ex and I were there with her. I made sounds like I didn’t know I could make and shouted like a demon at my ex on the ride home.

    Hoax is not suffering a bit though. Lives like a king. Hopefully your cat will get that work he needs and heal quickly.

    • ohhhh,,,,, bless his little heart…. he looks like a bright healthy boy except for his eye…… he is lucky to have such a good home….

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