The Bullshit Story of Chris Mintz, the Umpqua Hoax “Hero”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yes, the supposed shooter is now reported to have taken his own life after a brief shootout with local cops at UCC. But did you guys hear the flack jacket he has was found lying next to the “long gun” that he never used which were both some distance from the patsy shooter? Is there confirmation of this? If so, this is the most obviously staged dead patsy scene since Webster New York.


Let’s all keep in mind Chris Mintz signed up for classes at UCC in the week prior to this mass casualty event and is former military. According to reports, the guy had been working at Walmart as a security guard for a while before returning to school. Now he’s got 800 grand in a GoFundMe account and a room full of presents sent to him for being such a “hero”

As we are being told over and over again to “forget the zero and remember the hero”, Chris Mintz is busy wheeling himself around the hospital, checking in on his big room full of gift loot sent to him by simpltons from across the country.

Supposedly shot 7 times for “protecting” others in a room in UCC, he’s now posing for smirky-face pics taken by his “friend” who is supposedly going to be acting as his PR “adviser“.

Oh it’s a party over in his hospital room. Make no mistake about that.

Why shouldn’t they party? He’s already got close to $800,000 donated to a GoFundMe website for all that rehab therapy he’s gonna need (and his new house, his new car, his girlfriend’s new car…)

Oh look how the hero tries to maintain a positive, upbeat front for his partying friends. Of course, his demeanor was a little different in his first photo shoot.

Is that supposed to be an ICU all his friends are hanging out in? Do they allow “friends” to visit in the ICU? Shot 7 times and barely a IV in him?

Not only is he wheeling around the hospital taking inventory of all the loot he’s received and thinking of what he can do with nearly a million bucks when he wheels out of the hospital, but apparently his spin doctor girlfriend (where’s the mother of his child in all of this?) has gotten someone to start a petition of force ObamaGod to give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Why did he earn that? Oh yeah. He was shot trying to keep a gunman from entering a room he was in. Got it. Hiding behind a closed door when a gunman is walking the halls… that makes you a hero these days.  And of course, that’s just the story.

Speaking of the “story”, here are a couple pictures of the “hero” you don’t see very often. This is when they were wheeling him out of the ambulance and into the hospital.

That looks pretty official, right? People with folders and clip boards standing around outside waiting for the “hero” to show up. Yeah, they got nothing better to do at an ER than wait around outside so they can be part of the photo-op with their important looking papers.

Here’s another shot of that well-documented scene:

So the guy shot 7 times isn’t bleeding and the ER didn’t put his two broken legs in an aircast for transport? Really?

According to a witness who was at the school (i.e. a real student there) Chris came running into the library pulling all the fire alarms (why pull more than one?) and screaming at them there was a shooter at the school and for them to get out.

The witness said he rushed them all out into the parking lot.. then he went back into the building. It’s then when he supposedly got shot.


Let me repeat.


Does that sound like he was a hero or someone helping set up an active shooter drill?

And who actually saw him get shot? The only report I have seen about how he got shot comes from his mother who claimed he was shot 5 times, not 7.

And notice this about the interview held 24 hours after her son was shot 7 times.


Damn, they are in a jovial mood aren’t they?

Does anyone think it’s in poor taste for politicians to be using dead bodies while they are still warm to push their National Mental Hygiene Laws in the wake of staged shootings like these?

Does anyone else think it’s in poor taste for this guy to be getting a million bucks for rehab while he rides around the hospital in his wheelchair inspecting his loot?

How about his partyboy friend and his tatted up girlfriend? Rock on, dudes!

Sometimes they do these American Gladio ops and they actually bring assets in from outside the county to shoot up a number of real victims (Aurora and Webster New York) and sometimes they stage the whole thing (Charleston and Sandy Hook)

In this case, it’s hard to say which type of event it was but when they bring along a manufacture hero model like this guy so he can end up being the “hero war vet” who backs Obama’s new mental hygiene laws, seems to me it might be a total fake.

Whatever that case may be, this guy, Chris Mintz is a complete fraud. We’ll see how long it takes him to sign on with Billionaire Bloomberg.

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    That’s the joy of all that money!

  2. 10 (fake dead) + 23 (Fake injured) = 33
    33 is in everyone of these hoaxes all the way back to OJ Trial….

  3. Blatantly phony and yet so many people still believe these idiotic scenarios time after time.

  4. I want to dedicate this song to Chris and Scott! >>

  5. LiveLeak claims to have found a FEMA connection

  6. Scott:

    In addition to being Chris Mintz’s “friend” / “pr adviser” Kivonna Coccia is also a female MMA fighter (since at least 2009):

  7. More about Chris Mintz’s “friend” / “pr adviser” Kivonna Coccia
    [Source for all the info below: ]

    Western Oregon University
    Monmouth, OR 2010 – 2012
    Bachelor’s Degree Criminal Justice

    Umpqua Community College
    Roseburg, OR 2007 – 2010
    Associate’s Degree Criminal Justice

    Interesting Career Highlights:
    She was the General Manager for Chrome LLC at Roseburg, OR
    between March 2013 – July 2013.

    Chrome LLC was a nightclub

    Chrome LLC was destroyed by a suspicious fire in July 2013:–215922471.html

  8. Scott Creighton, you are such a douche. Your jelosy of this guy is clearly eating you up.

    • Wow, here is a perfect example of a little lamb who has wandered from the sheeple flock, who obviously suffers from cognitive dissonance and wouldn’t know the truth if it smelled like shit right in front of their face, either that or it’s some paid scumbag shill, either way they are the first to be culled from the heard, no big loss! Bah bah little lamb go back to your coma

  9. Notice that Mintz and his lovely girlfriend are both throwing the Devils horns in that ‘party’ pic. The Devils horns is a sure sign that this is a hoax. Google Cassidy Stay Hoax’ for more Devils horns.

  10. I guess the hero or his cousin was getting trolled on facebook so he released some incriminating photos and then pulled them. Also in the beginning there is some info from the police scanner audio.

  11. CBS WKRG using Sandy Hook footage for Oregon Hoax.

  12. Oh I wish I could meet the idiotic author of this. Chris is a friend of mine and all of this is totally false and inappropriate.

  13. He got out of the hospital in less than a week after being shot 7 times?

    • they have to get them out quickly so they can be used before people forget who they are

      • That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

      • True. My mom told me that the France guy, whose name I can’t remember, is on Dancing With the Stars (I don’t watch). Then he is stabbed multiple times. Supposedly in the interview after, he said he was supposed to be or thought of attending UCC. He said other commitments prevented him or he may have been part of that too.. Quelle l’eff?

        • That would be Chris Mintz crisis actor Skarlatos buddy who also just happens to live in Roseburg, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this whole PsyOp was setup based on Skarlatos, follow the $$ connect the dots, they are making this easier and easier every time now.

        • I heard all of that plus, it was a gay nightclub he and some friends were in when the fight started. I don’t want to disparage anyone, but I’m noticing a kind of a pattern developing around these psyops.

            • I’ve known they’ve been doing that for a while now or at least suspected it. But I think it’s bigger than that already. It’s institutional now, not just freelance. I’ve written for years that back when I was still feeling well enough to work and trying to, that companies would look at my resume and call me and in some cases I would even go on prolonged tours of their facilities only to never hear from them again. I came to feel that they either finally checked “the list” or someone made contact with them if they were a small or midsized company. My mother thought I was going crazy when I would tell her, readers here, when I mentioned it, started thinking the same or worse. Blacklists are supposed to be illegal in this country, especially if you get on them due to what you write or think, but I’m pretty sure like other illegal activities for Big Business these days, that’s just in theory. In reality, my guess is, this has been going on for a while. A couple years ago I was being approached out of the blue by a couple individuals, one said he was from CIA another the NSA. I didn’t figure they were, but I did feel they knew way too much about various topics to just be some blowhards and one kept offering me money all the time and talking about political actions, kept asking me what I was going to “do” about all of this shit. I remember, one day I was hanging out at some bar and the one who claimed to be CIA (used to get mad when I introduced him as CIA to others I was talking to… so I kept doing it) was sitting next to me pumping me for info about crap went to the bathroom and the supposed NSA guy came in, looked around the crowded bar for me I guess, saw me, made his way over and sat next to me on my right and said “Hi, you’re Scott, right?” We started chatting and he informed me of who he was supposedly with until the “CIA” guy waddled back from the facilities. So there I was between these two contractors, laughing. I said, hey, wanna meet this guy? He says he’s CIA. And the guy on the right said he already knew of him. They looked at each other, got tense, and the fake NSA guy got up and left. Never saw him there before. Never saw him there since. I don’t hang out there anymore. I don’t hang out anywhere anymore. Not that that bothered me that much. You gotta remember, Tampa is home of MacDill AF Base. Home of the Global War OF Terror and tons, literally, TONS of USSOCOM private contractors. You can’t swing a dead cat without whacking a former Special Ops guy working as a contractor on the side while collecting his retirement money. Yeah, that was years ago. I think it’s more institutional now on an industrial scale. I’m sre there are still contractors doing it still, but like everything else, when it comes out of the shadows and becomes an accepted practice, Big Business just finds a way to save on the process by cutting out the little guy and they just do it themselves. Yes, the process of tatooing the scarlet letter on your forehead has become an industry. It’s only a matter of time before Bechtel and General Dynamics gets into the business themselves.

  14. Good detective work from you and the truthers on the net especially on YT like this one
    here is something on CL
    #Oregon Shooting ‘Hero’ Fake,Hoax,Scam and Fraud (Umpqua,Oregon)

    How the hell are we supposed to get this out to the world if our MSM is all the believe?

  15. This truthers YT video about the Umpqua staged massacre is really something!

  16. in related news, Saturday Night Live had three anti-gun pieces on last night.

  17. Hey I am not a friend of his but this is both my town and the college I go to and this is very fresh in my mind what happened this day so please do not put anyone down. This has been a very traumatic thing for my town,county, state and most importantly my college. So please take your crap and leave us alone just like everyone that protested the President coming to our town. He came for the family members of the ones that lost their lives and the ones that got hurt not for anyone else. So once again please leave my community alone and quit stirring up stuff that hurts us.

    • how many people lost their lives in Chicago over Labor Day weekend? Do you know? Was it 9 or ten times the number of lives lost at the UCC shooting? I think it was. More than that, really… and where was your precious president showing his support for that communities and the families of those people who died? Did he show up and hug family members? No he did not. Why? Because the visit to UCC was not about showing support for the family members, it was about promoting an agenda of his… just like his first comments, hours after the shooting, were all about gun control. That’s why. Don’t come here with this tired attempt at influence peddling.

  18. well if this was faked for gun control they picked the wrong town and county to do this in. We are very much against gun control in this county. There are a lot of people who open carry and conceal carry in this county. Also this county does not care for how the current President runs things but we do still respect the office. This community came together in a time of crises maybe that is what other communities need to start doing is pulling together instead of saying things are fake.

    • I just report the news. I don’t know whether or not the staged the event like an active shooter drill or they actually sent someone in there to shoot the place up. So, I’m not saying it’s “fake” or not. What I am saying is Chris Mintz is a pre-packaged “hero” and probably wasn’t shot 7 times. His story is fake and I don’t think anyone can argue it isn’t. And for the record, your county’s stance on gun ownership is exactly why they chose that location.

  19. i live in Roseburg, and although the story of his heroism might be embellished, I’ve see him walking around Walmart and Fred Meyer. He limps heavily. You’re a fucking moron if you think you can crack a case without actually being there at all. You’re just a typical Internet “genius.” Fuck you

    • [edit: this is “fer realz” again, the paid troll who’s been assigned my website for a while now. I checked the IP address once I noticed the similar tone and vocabulary. He’s been banned in many various incarnations and I erase his comments when he returns]

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