John McCain’s War-mongering Rant on CNN Last Night: Wants to Start WWIII in Order to Protect CIA’s al Qaeda Assets in Syria

by Scott Creighton

John McCain went off on a rant yesterday evening. No news there, right? The news comes from the degree of his rant.

The war-mongering senator from Arizona was on Wolf Blitzer’s show yesterday when he started ranting about how the US military was not responsible for the bombing of the Doctor’s Without Borders massacre which took the lives of 12 DWB staff members and 11 hospital patients. He said our troops were blameless because.. “Taliban”

[read: Yes, the Attack on the Kunduz Hospital Was a War-crime ]

McCain didn’t really offer much of an excuse other than to utter the name of the Taliban in an effort I can only assume was to suggest the Taliban was there in the city so anyone we kill in the area is deemed right and proper. I don’t know if he spouted 9/11 before that or not. But for those of you with short memories, the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11 and even offered to extradite bin Laden if the Bush admin had any proof.

What he is saying about the lack of responsibility regarding the hospital massacre sounds eerily like what the IDF claims when they killed over 500 children last year during their last illegal attack on Gaza and that is they bear no responsibility because… Hamas.

Blitzer then asked McCain about the situation in Syria and he started going off about creating a no-fly zone and dropping names like a wannabe celebrity in Hollywood.

In his response to that question, McCain spouted out names like David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton as both being supporters of his idea, creating a no-fly zone in Syria, presumably right over the eastern and northern areas of the country they wish to hand over to the Barzani family for their new Greater Kurdistan.

Hillary actually rolled back her war-mongering stance a little last night saying the no-fly zone would ONLY work if Russia was a part of it (meaning we weren’t targeting Russian planes)

You can tell in his twisted little mind, dropping those two names gave him a sense of credibility for his argument.

When Blitzer started to ask him about the potential powder keg that would create between US and Russian troops, McCain quickly cut him off screeching there would be “no war”

According to the senator, we need to push Russia to the brink and watch them back down in order to support our CIA-created terrorist regime change gangs over there, which, he says, we have shamefully all but abandoned.

At one point he let it slip that they were sent there with the one task to attack Assad’s legitimate government… then he corrected himself and says they are there to fight “ISIS”

Think about that for a second folks… here is “war hero” John McCain (and no, he was no war hero) literally demanding we use US troops to defend al Qaeda-linked al Nusra from the Russians and he’s willing to risk a larger scale conflict with the 3rd most powerful nation on the earth in order to do it.

A no-fly zone involving US fighter jets and Syrian and Russian aircraft would be a monumental recipe for disaster. Plus you through into the mix some Israeli fighters and it’s a guaranteed WWIII provoking accident just waiting to happen.

Then you figure Israel is currently being run by people with the same mindset as those who orchestrated the attack on the USS Liberty not that long ago, and that should send chills up your spine.

Israel just discovered large oil deposits on the land they stole from Syria in the Golan Heights. You think they are ready to give that up just yet?

I doubt John McCain has any real influence on US foreign policy these days. But Petraeus does especially when his latest project also involves guys like Cass Sunstein. I wrote a couple weeks ago about how the two of these guys attended a conference back in the spring regarding how to chop up the Middle East in order to create Greater Kurdistan. It’s a big project of theirs and I’m sure they aren’t going to give up on it easily. Russian troops or no Russian troops.

Is someone sitting around cooking up ideas to paint Israeli jets to look like Syrian fighters? Are they about to pull another Cheonan sinking, this time targeting a US vessel with a torpedo they can claim was from a Syrian boat? I mean, nothing short of another deliberate false flag attack will motivate the people to get behind his agenda.

Or is the war-monger senator from Arizona just doing what he always does… monger for more war with other people’s children on behalf of his friends in Big Business? Is he just playing the rabid dog role while trying to help the Obama administration’s bargaining position?

Time will tell.

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  1. I think the answers are yes.

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