Tsipras Set to Drop the Full “Miracle of Chile” on the People of Greece

by Scott Creighton

With his new “mandate” from the people, Alexis Tsipras is set to pull the trigger on still more austerity measures on behalf of the Troika.

Promising to reform the entire government (read as “privatize” and “decimate”) the Greek PM is looking to appease the leaders of Europe’s financial institutions and finally be able to do what his sheep-dipped candidacy was made for all along.

The historical revisionists say he’s finally ready to stop fighting the masters of the universe “for now” and give them what they want. Of course, that’s what he’s done all along. Even when given a real mandate to reject the IMF deal in the referendum a couple months back, Tsipras and his spin doctors claimed that was a mandate to accept them and even more austerity for the people. His duplicity has been stunning from the beginning, but then again, he didn’t have much time to betray the people. The banksters needed a nation to loot and Greece was next on the list.

“Diplomats and Greek officials say Tsipras and his Syriza party have decided to stop fighting the creditors for now and comply with the bailout in the quest for early debt relief and a return to economic independence.

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos will meet his Eurozone counterparts in Luxembourg Monday evening to discuss a set of reforms that Athens needs to enact by mid-November to qualify for the next tranche of bailout funds…

Government officials said he will tell parliament that Greece will stick to the bailout, fight corruption and reform the state. But Tsipras will also outline what the government calls “grey areas” where it believes it can negotiate better terms or find alternative measures with the same fiscal impact.” Sputnik International

Syriza is reportedly ready to “dive deep” into the IMF structural reform package, wishing to quickly convert the whole of the Greek government into yet another “free market” failed state and behalf of the vulture capitalists circling the carcass of Greek democracy.

The Prime Minister admits he fully expects the Greek economy to contract even more for the remainder of this year and all of 2016 but, he claims, the Greek people can look toward some relief in 2017.

“Tsipras will Monday unveil a painful 2016 draft budget meant to satisfy its international creditors, projecting the economy will stay in recession next year before returning to growth in 2017, in line with the estimates by the country’s lenders.” Sputnik International

Of course, Mr. Tsipras, taking his cues from the Western spin doctors, tries to turn this into a victory for the people.

Not since the “Miracle of Chile” has such a drastic set of IMF economic reforms been imposed on a country. Back then it took a bloody CIA-backed coup and a ruthless dictator to accomplish it. In Greece, all it took was some fraud of a leftist leader and a couple million dollars paying off fake alternative activists like Webster Tarpley to back him and give him a measure of credibility. I guess that’s what Hillary calls “soft power”

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