Agreement Reached on the Fascist TPP Trade Deal – Obama Waiting with Fast Track in Hand

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oh look. Bernie Sanders is “disappointed” that the TPP deal was reached and vows to “do everything he can” to stop it from becoming law.


Protesters in Atlanta on Thursday call for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be rejected. U.S. labor unions and their allies among consumer and environmental groups are among the biggest critics of the TPP.

10 whole people showed up to protest the TPP in Atlanta on Thursday. I guess everyone else was busy making up signs that read “Bloomberg’s Mental Hygiene Laws NOW!”

After Sunday’s minor setback, business leaders, corporate lawyers and other scumbags met long into the night and have apparently twisted enough arms, bribed enough officials or sacrificed enough little brown babies to come to a working agreement on their precious Trans Pacific Partnership, the fascist “trade” bill they keep secret even from themselves.

Pacific Rim trade ministers reached a deal on a sweeping trade pact that will cut trade barriers and set common standards for 12 countries (the USA, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam), an official familiar with the talks said on Monday. Sputnik International

The agreement will unify trade standards and other legal barriers to globalist free market warfare between 12 nations including the USA, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.

In what has got to be an attempt at humor, the Wall Street Journal pretended there would still be substantial debate in congress regarding this fascist corporate bill of rights.

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“Resolving final differences in the pact will set the stage for debates within national legislatures, with the U.S. Congress likely posing the biggest challenge” Wall Street Journal

I guess they forgot about ObamaGod being given Fast Track authority a couple months ago in anticipation of this very day.

With something as big as the TPP (and the TTIP), the One Party (the Business Party) legislators we have here in the states will be more than willing to put an end to their political careers in order to vote for it knowing full well, service like that in corporatist America will always be rewarded. Trying to pretend Obama will have a tough time getting the votes for this thing with the tiny little “debate” which will be allowed on the hill is like trying to pretend the Patriots don’t cheat with regularity. Sure, you can believe it. But it takes a certain outlook on life to do so.

As Eugene Debbs and Smedley Butler roll over in their graves, the Ayn Randians of America are hosting victory orgies, smearing cannabis oil all over their genitalia and making themselves ready for the Objectivist Nirvana the TPP will usher in.

You know that ghoul who bragged about upping the price of some medication he bought the rights to from $13.00 a pill to $750? Thanks to the TPP and the glorious free market revolution to come, that prick will be able to sue the US government for all the lost profits in their super secret corporate lawyer staffed tribunal and we can pretty much guess how that will turn out.

As the worm turns in Syria and the project for a Greater Kurdistan falls apart, the fascists look to lock in as much of the Grand Pie as they can. Not surprising they cobbled together a deal in the wake of their flailing nation building effort.

Meanwhile, Barack “CHANGE” Obama moves just a little closer to his very own Clinton Globalist Initiative slush fund. You gotta pay greatness for great feats and the quiet transition of our open society into a full on fascist state is no small accomplishment for the Drone President of Peace.

Now all he’s got to do is get those guns.

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out how this benefit we the people. It only benefit a 1% of us. It’ll be a massacre.

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