Oregon Shooter “Committed Suicide”

by Scott Creighton

How many of these gun-grabbing mass casualty events ended with the suspect patsy “committing suicide” someplace far away from public view during the big shoot-out with law enforcement? It’s a pretty high percentage, isn’t it?

Well, law enforcement in Oregon is saying that is exactly what happened to Christopher Harper-Mercer, the patsy in Thursday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Christopher Harper-Mercer, the gunman in Thursday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, died by suicide, local law enforcement officials announced on Saturday.

The suicide occurred during a firefight with law enforcement officers, who had arrived to disarm him, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said at a press conference on Saturday. Huffington Post

Not only did the crazed gunman decide to take his own life before the cops could, he did it less than 10 minutes after the first 911 call came in and about 4 minutes after the first cops showed up on the scene.

According to the new version of the story, the patsy let one of the students live in order to deliver a “package” to law enforcement. I’m sure that “package” was his manifesto confession. Wraps it up neatly, doesn’t it. I wonder if it had a bow on it.

As for his motive:

At Saturday’s press conference, Hanlin did not provide additional insight on the motive of the shooter.

3 Responses

  1. given it is so difficult to know for sure, ie, “Manchurian candidate-style” brainwashing by some black-box agency/sub-contractor, re all of these mass-shooter-style US killings, with either a “suicide” or “death-by-cop” ending for the shooter, or if caught, the shooter being some gibbering apocalyptic religious fanatic who can barely make enough sense to say their own name, but, given all that, the thought creeps into your mind that it is entirely too coincidental that since Columbine, we (the USofA!) seem to be having an epidemic of these events…
    I don’t know if 1) these are “Manchurians” being unleashed on the streets to instill Goebbels style fear of the “other” to make the populace more fearful, easily incited to follow “the flag of freedom to safety”, etc., or 2), these mass-killers are media-creations with no real deaths actually occurring, with the same fear/”follow-the-flag” Pavlovian conditioned response tactics intended as the end-game of TPTB, or 3) these people are just breaking under the stress of living in the New World Order as it has been created and unleashed on them, giving them just enough psychological motivation/stress to break, and do things they maybe only were dreaming about in their dark daydreams… or some other thing I can’t think of/name, off the top of my head atm, but regardless, if the end-game is gun-control, the opposite is sure to be the result as citizen “up-armor” in fear of both “the other” and the US armed-state, as enemies…
    I know for myself, “up-armoring” is my response, however unlikely, being “white/middle-class/non-criminal-class”, I am to be put in a situation of defending myself from the police state… those days, for now, are “in the future”, for someone like me, but defending myself from a “Manchurian” could happen at any time, and fore-armed is prepper, to put a name on it, for better or worse… I have a family to protect, from Manchurian/alien/5-0, and would rather “water the tree of freedom” with my own blood than live in a prison of life circumstances created by TPTB… just MHO…

    • A fourth, perhaps more likely scenario for those times when a fake media event is not impactful enough (sometimes real people have to die to effectively terrorize people into blind obedience):

      Paid mercenaries who will do anything as long as the pay is Ok are given a simple mission (no brainwashing required – just money):

      1. Case building ‘a’. Learn the layout, the schedule of the occupants, surveillance equipment and patterns, etc.
      2. Identify a suitable idiot with just enough public background to seem plausible as someone who “cracks”. Make sure they are harmless and stupid enough to not pose a real threat to the operation though.
      3. If you can get the idiot to play along with a scenario, all the better, otherwise wait for our orders and just keep track of the patsy.
      4. On our orders, pick up the patsy, storm building ‘a’, avoiding active camera surveillance and public visibility. If there is no surveillance-free route, we will work together on securing video feeds from one entry route and you will use that route.
      5. Kill at least x people. Do not kill more than y people.
      6. Get out fast through agreed upon surveillance-neutralized or controlled exit route.
      7. Get patsy (heavily drugged) cornered by hair-trigger, frightened police, or, more often, drag the patsy out of site, kill him with his “own” gun, and escape the area.

      Hence the almost universal initial reports of multiple suspects fleeing the immediate scene in military-like garb. Reports that quickly dissolve from the MSM and are never brought up again – not even to refute them.

  2. At Saturday’s press conference, Hanlin did not provide additional insight on the motive of the shooter.

    I’d guess the actual shooters’ motives were money.

    The kid who they killed out of site who is now the unfortunate patsy? In this one I’d wonder if he even knew what was going on around him?

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