America’s Tonton Macoute is Taking Shape: Video of Psychotic US Marshal Pointing Shotgun at Innocent Civilian

by Scott Creighton

In places like Iraq and Afghanistan, when our beloved troops do midnight raids on dissident’s private homes, you always have a crew of soldiers or Blackwater-type mercs standing around pointing weapons at anyone who happens to be watching. They are there to ‘watch the backs” of those other guys putting the black bag on some poor slob’s head. It’s standard practice.

Death squads do that all the time in countries destroyed by the CIA (Capitalism’s Invisible Army). It’s part of the terrorism they try to inflict. It’s not enough to simply take the trouble-maker out of the community, you have to let the rest of the community know they could be next.

What’s the lesson to be learned by disappearing various people if those who remain think they were taken by a polite and benevolent government?

Behavior like that creates a certain type of “us verses them” psychosis where the men involved start viewing everyone who is not part of their team as the enemy.

I have written before about how this mentality is starting to show itself with various police arrest videos. A large number of cops use excessive force detaining someone and while that takes place, several more officers surround the thug cops to “defend” them from the citizens watching the brutality.

A particularly creepy video has surfaced in which this behavior is once again, on display. However, in this one, the psychosis is beyond evident.

A man who just handed over someone from his house to the US Marshal Service is filming the arrest of his friend and one of the marshals keeps his riot-shot gun aimed at him the whole time. He’s pointing it at him and apparently at the man’s pregnant fiance. He never says a word, just stares at the guy with this blank, hateful look.

Also notice in the video, the clown with the riot shield. He’s got his little arm sticking over the side of it pointing it at the unarmed man who is calmly being arrested. You see that guy in the first few seconds of the video and then again later after it’s all over yet the idiot is still hiding behind his shield with his little gun sticking over the side of it. He’s like something out of South Park.

You can see his face behind the glass in the middle of the shield and his little gun arm sticking over the side with gun. It’s cartoonish.

At one point, he walks across the street toward his car, but he does so by walking backwards, still hiding behind his little shield. How crazy is that guy?

Over at AlterNet, they have this to say about the incident.

This is what filming the police looks like in Police State USA.

This horrifying act by a heavily armed force who claim to be acting under the ‘color of law’ is becoming commonplace. Having an individual with a weapon drawn to ‘cover your back’ is a tactic used by the military when clearing houses in a war zone. When law enforcement uses these tactics against the American people, one can truly begin to understand the mentality that law enforcement harbors towards the general population.

There is indeed a war going on in America. It is not a race war, or a “War on Cops.” It is a war against the American people being waged by violent authoritarians that have no respect for life or liberty. AlterNet

These guys are just straight-up Blackwater mercs. Brainwashed killing machines for which the only creed is greed. They don’t give a fuck about human decency or even the rule of law, probably because they were forged in places where they helped destroy the rule of law.

When you see behavior like this on the streets of the United States and you know it came from places like Iraq and Afghanistan, then you look at what’s happening in those countries right now, I guess the only conclusion you can come to is we are in the process of being turned into the same, failed state we made those countries.

No it’s not a “war on cops” and no, it wasn’t about race in this video. Those thugs hate and fear everyone who isn’t them.

In Haiti, under the rule of our brutal dictator Papa Doc, they were called the Tonton Macoute. In Iran under our Shah, they were called SAVOK. In Iraq under our previous dictator they called them the Wolf Brigade.

I don’t know why the man in the video above was being arrested. Chances are pretty good, it wasn’t about political dissent.

But that doesn’t really matter.

It isn’t their behavior toward him that motivated me to share this video with you guys. It’s how they viewed the people watching the arrest that is most troubling.

Groups like the Tonton Macoute don’t form in a vacuum and they typically don’t show up over night. You have to have men with just the right mindset in order to create fascist death squads and from the looks of it, we are well on our way to having our very own version right here in the good old US of A.

This is not an isolated incident and it’s not indicative of every cop on the street or even every precinct. But to ignore the fact that men like this are out there and are being put in positions of armed authority over us would be the worst kind of negligence imaginable.

In a free and just society, certain people should never be given a gun and a badge.

In fascist societies, certain people are cultivated to perform certain roles.

Look at that bald fuck with the shotgun. He’s a gateway to something folks, and it isn’t “freedom”

4 Responses

  1. I read somewhere that now days the police only accept officers with a maximum IQ of 100, but this retarded officer looks like a 70-80.

  2. agree with you, Scott, things are getting incredibly out of hand; great corollary, great argument, really appreciate your analysis and take on things. Keep up the good work, sir!

  3. Your headline indicates they are US Marshals….Feds.

    BlackLivesMatter seems to endorse the idea of the feds getting more involved in state/local policing. They should be careful what they wish for.

    • the only reason I wrote that was because the one guy with the shield. It says “US Marshals” on it. Could be bounty hunters, but I don’t think they are allowed to pretend to be Marshals so they wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have a shield like that.

      And by the way, it’s interesting that BlackLivesMatter has come out in favor of a federalized police force. That’s what I have been saying was the whole point behind the rash of staged “bad cops” scenes we’ve been seeing… Obama’s “police reform” agenda. Since BLM is run by the same guy running Obama, Soros, that just makes sense.

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