Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?

(Let’s sum it up. John McCain went on CNN crying about how the Ruskies are bombing CIA-backed “moderates” in Syria north of Homs. That area had been the site of an offensive at the time being run by the Nusra Front. Nusra Front is an off-shoot of al Qaeda. The CIA created al Qaeda to destabilize Afghanistan, way back in the day. And our weapons and trained troops end up falling into the hands of Nusra Front… “accidentally”. Hmmm… I guess it’s no wonder they would rather have us talking about Oregon. So, who are they talking about having our troops protect in Syria?)

by Robert Parry, Consortium News

The key sentence in The New York Times’ lead article about Russian airstrikes against Syrian rebel targets fell to the bottom of the story, five paragraphs from the end, where the Times noted in passing that the area north of Homs where the attacks occurred had been the site of an offensive by a coalition “including Nusra Front.”

What the Times didn’t say in that context was that Nusra Front is Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, an omission perhaps explained because this additional information would disrupt the righteous tone of the article, accusing Russia of bad faith in attacking rebel groups other than the Islamic State.

But the Russians had made clear their intent was to engage in airstrikes against the mélange of rebel groups in which Al Qaeda as well as the Islamic State played prominent roles. The Times and the rest of the mainstream U.S. media are just playing games when they pretend otherwise.

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