The Umpqua Bullshit Distraction

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Strong support for guns in town shocked by college shooting (H/T Tom)

UPDATE: Oregon Sheriff Handling Massacre Fought the White House on Gun Control After Newtown


It’s a cookie-cutter formula these days, isn’t it?

Somewhere far off in a state with very lax gun control laws, a guy with no motive and just enough of an internet footprint to serve the narrative suddenly “goes off” with tactical gear carrying multiple guns in some community building somewhere near the woods.

Don’t forget the religious persecution. Gotta have some of that.



He’s shot “by law enforcement” and never gets a day in court.

They “discover” his manifesto somewhere.

Enter the new “hero” story to put a human touch on the whole thing.

Parades of pictures of young white people running around all terrified.

And now, the moneyshot:

President Obama scolds us for not allowing him to pass a national mental hygiene law like his friend Billionaire Bloomberg wants so badly. Weep weep weep. “When will we ever learn and just get rid of that damn 2nd amendment thing already?” I mean, heck, if President Peace Prize says we should… why make ObamaGod weep!?!?

“Barack Obama has clasped grieving parents close. His voice has broken as he’s read aloud the names of murdered kids. He’s wept in the White House briefing room. He’s raged at the gun lobby and failed to force Congress to pass new firearms control laws. And he’s delivered wake up call after wake up call to the nation, beseeching action.” CNN

Yes, President Strike a Pose, the whole thing is a formula now, isn’t it? You never get what you want despite the seemingly unbelievable rise in mass shooting events that have taken place since you and yours started pushing for the end of the second amendment.

Why won’t the people of America learn.

Why won’t we just get the message? It’s the same message we always send others across the globe.

“Meanwhile, a joint statement by the United States, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Britain expressed concern over Russia’s military actions, saying they will “only fuel more extremism and radicalization.” Fox News

If you don’t give us what we want, more innocent people will die. It’s pretty simple. It’s straight forward. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.

Well, at least they didn’t make the shooter a Russian.

Meanwhile… no one is talking about our CIA terrorists in Syria being attacked by the big bad Russians anymore.

You know, I’m not even going to do this one. They are getting so routine, so commonplace, so obvious, I just don’t wish to waste the time on it. If people can’t see what these mass casualty events serve by this point, there’s no helping them.

Yes, there is a motive folks and yes, your beloved president O’Da Peace Prize tells you what that motive is every time another one of these things unfolds it’s sticky little suspicious fingers all over us.

12 Responses

  1. I agree and feel the same, but there’s always the new mind looking for answers, the real ones, and blogs like your are the rare sources of it.

  2. Exactly! Obama is a pretty good actor though, that’s about all I can say for him. He had me totally convinced he was going to be a president for the people. From the look of the picture with the “emergency responders” rolling a supposedly injured guy away with a sheet over his head (the only one I’ve seen), I’m guessing no one was killed or injured — just “crisis actors” again. (Thank goodness!) What’s upsetting though, is that many people are still clueless, even though the same scenario plays out time after time. They seem completely brainwashed, but then I don’t really expect great numbers of them to jump on the gun control bandwagon either.

  3. Gun sales always go up after these events. They should know this by now. Also, more people are pro-2nd Amendment since all these mass shootings started occurring, despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe. So what’s the White House’s angle? Who knows, maybe Obama’s in cahoots with the NRA and the gun industry. 😉

    • Please excuse my long post. I am not a gun owner but I think these shooting events are fake. Since I’m not in the gun crowd I have little outlet for my intuition about this. A lot of people are misled when it comes to the militarized regime we have in the U.S. Our leaders at present do not respect human life. For decades now it has been clear they have no problem killing people to pursue their interest. So, while I’m not in support of more guns, I think we need to look at our situation clearly.

      Who are these inhuman people who are behind all these staged shootings? What type of people engage in brutal lying and manipulation and probably mafia-like organized killing? (Do we even know all these “false” attacks have no real victims?) Look what happened to the Sioux in the 70’s. People were shot and left at roadsides. Then rumors were spread blaming different factions. Same basic idea as using the “Christian” reference this week in Oregon.

      This is our CIA’s recipe for destroying a foreign country — only turned against us. These are CIA tactics — used for 50 years. In Guatemala during the overthrow of Arbenz they created factions, whipped up people’s hatred, actively controlled the major media, trained murderers and organized killings. They got the Church to take a side. I know we are not Guatemala. But we ought to read history (such as Bitter Fruit) and take heed.

      Whoever is perpetrating this wants us to see each other as inhuman murderers. They want to both divide and disarm ordinary law abiding Americans because their agenda will violate and outrage many more ordinary law abiding Americans very soon.

      These stories are not the real us. There are not that many serial killers around. We have their false version of reality blocking our view, so its hard to see who we actually are.

  4. On one hand, the increasingly preposterous scenarios of these shootings, along with the increased and somewhat desperate frequency they are being staged, is helping more and more people start going “huh?”, with a burning sensation in their guts telling even the most brainwashed zombies that something is not right with these shootings. I certainly have many previously very reluctant people around me who have started listening to me with increased enthusiasm, and even though they might not allow themselves to go all the way, they are simply not buying it all any longer.

    They are at least allowing their conditioned minds to accept the fact that the system they believed in is no longer. Obamabots are disenchanted, and even the staunchest republicans find the prospect of another bush embarrassing, if not totally objectionable. And, as Scott lays it out so well, Putin has outplayed the old dogs of globalist agenda and started beating them in their own game, winning the hearts and minds of the citizens of the world, as well as opening some American eyes.

    For those who have been on to the crooked game US has been playing, or has been made to play by globalists, zionists, bankers, etc. these are all very welcome developments and a bit of fresh air.

    But here’s the flip side… The perpetrators of the agenda are certainly not going to quit because of these setbacks. On the contrary, they will start pressing the buttons to activate more doomsday scenarios to keep the world distracted, fighting, scared and incapacitated with fear of losing simple sustenance, let alone their bank accounts. The dominos are set, brutal force is armed and prepared, a mega financial crash ready to roll out at the push of a button.

    I am afraid we will have to get through these stages before we can even contemplate getting rid of, or at least pushing back the power structure far enough to create an alternate new world order, hopefully without falling into a Hegelian savior trap and following the solution “they” have prepared for the post-shitstorm world with drastically reduced population.

  5. Interesting…

    “Earlier reports, citing a survivor’s account as told to relatives, said that Harper Mercer asked people whether they were Christian before firing. But J.J. Vicari, who was in the classroom next to the where the attack occurred, said he never heard the gunman ask about religion and never even heard the gunman’s voice…”

  6. This shooting is, regrettably, another hoax. I was hoping they would stop this crap at some point, but it just seems to go on and on. At what point do they quit? If they keep this up, eventually a critical mass of people are going to wake up. What do the Evil Elite do then?

  7. Why did the Douglas County sheriffs office agree to participate in this evil hoax? In a word, money. Douglas County has had to cut it’s budget by 45 percent since 2012. In next door Josephine County, the sheriffs department has nearly disappeared, patrol personnel being reduced from 24 to 6. Armed citizen patrols are replacing cops all over rural Oregon. Since armed citizens are Feinsteins and Bloombergs worst nightmare, they have a very special interest in Oregon.

  8. This could serve to control both sides of the agenda. It could be to promote gun control. It also works as reverse psychology to create a run on buying guns in America. This is the usual way the CIA works. Arm people to the hilt. In this case, create a demand for automatic weapons before they are illegal. Then go all out to stoke the conflict, while things disintegrate, you steal the election. The newly-installed government-corporate cartel forces the country into under Marshall Law. They engage in asset stripping, resource grabs, blatant theft by fraudulent transactions and take all the money to Switzerland or somewhere else, while there is chaos and no one can tell what is going on.

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