Quantico is Brutal Propaganda (video review from TNN)

by Scott Creighton

TyrranyNewsNetwork does a pretty good job breaking down this new propaganda show, Quantico. It is the most laughable excuse for a hacked together piece of social programming I’ve seen in a very long time. Check out this still I took from TNN’s video for example:


This scene was supposedly in a mansion somewhere in Augusta, Georgia.

Not only was I a builder and designer of very high-end cabinetry before I got sick (and I still have the cad-files to prove it) I was also for a while, a builder of TV, stage and film sets (and I have the IMDB page to prove that).

This piece of crap cabinet is beyond laughable. If some millionaire (and I have worked for many) paid you to build something for them and you installed this, they would have you shot and drag this piece of shit from their home.

Look how it sticks out into the doorway. They didn’t even bother making it fit the flat (fake wall) behind it.

It’s made of crappy #2 pine and luan (cheap Malaysian 1.4″ plywood) with the cheapest pulls on the planet.

The guns are super cheap and notice the circa Apocalypse Now M-16 cheapo assault rifle prop right dead center in the middle.

When I saw this, I just laughed out loud.

The rest of the show is apparently just as bad. I feel sorry for the actors in this piece of shit. But that’s what they get.

The end of their first show was so funny because the FBI was dragging off their brown-skinned suspect, who just also happens to be an FBI agent, while she’s obviously terrified cus she knows they’re going to frame her and probably kill her while in custody like they always do.

She is even warned by another FBI person that if she goes to lock-down, she’ll never get out alive.

Ain’t so funny when your friends frame you for some terrorism, now is it?

hee hee hee

I hope they show a class at Quantico called “Framing the retarded brown people and fabricating terrorism plots to foil 101

That class is a prerequisite for the master level class “Getting the FBI some more funding 620

The show looks like it was written by the writing staff of the Jerry Springer Show. And it looks like that is where they got their cast from as well.

Overall, it’s a nasty bit of ridiculous, poorly made propaganda. If this is supposed to make the FBI look young, hip and progressive it only succeeds in making them look like a bunch of rejects from Jersey Shore.

3 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Hard to decide between laughing out loud or getting mad at the blatant propaganda.

    • ah, the constant and ongoing struggle which faces the awake man these days. to laugh at the stupid shit, or shout at it. I know what Bill Hicks would say.

  2. The sets may be cheap, but the torture chambers, they gleam, baby, they just gleam.

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