John McCain Cries About His CIA Terrorist Assets in Syria on CNN and suddenly …. POOF… a Mass Casualty Event in Oregon

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:The Umpqua Bullshit Distraction


Yes, John McCain, a man known for taking pictures with FSA terrorists in Syria (and neo-Nazis in Ukraine), went on CNN and cried and moaned about big bad Russia blowing up his mercenary friends outside of Homs. It seems Russia and the rest of civilized society are sick and tired of sitting back and doing nothing while the ghoul running the CIA continues using terrorists for his regime change operations.

“Their initial strikes were against the individuals and the groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA, in a credible flaunting of any kind of cooperation or effort to conceal what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s priority is — and that is, of course, to prop up (Syrian President) Bashar Assad. [I] can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our Free Syrian Army, or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA, because we have communications with people there.” John McCain

This little outburst of John’s has created a bit of a problem for the administration. You see, not only does Obama not have an authorization to use military forces against “ISIS” in Syria, but he doesn’t have congressional approval for letting John Brennan of the CIA run a dirty covert war in the country with a bunch of hired Wahhabist mercenaries.

Do you remember that 500 million dollars congress gave President Peace Prize to fight “ISIS” not that long ago? Remember them saying they only trained about 70 or so guys with it and have only about 4 or 5 left? Would it make more sense now that you know we paid a bunch of mercenaries with that money, the same mercs who are being bombed by Russia?

So they have no authorization to be in country bombing anyone. They have no congressional authorization for the use of military force against “ISIS” or Assad. And apparently now that John has opened his big mouth, we now know we spent half a billion dollars paying terrorist mercenaries of the worst sort to unseat an elected government in a sovereign nation.

Anyway you look at it, this is bad press for President Peace Prize.

So while this story is unfolding and the Twitter ops can barely keep up with the influence peddling they get paid for… suddenly, there is yet another mass casualty event in YET ANOTHER state with rather lax gun laws.


In the “you’ve got to be shitting me” category, there has suddenly been another suspicious “active shooter” event that took place in some little community college in Oregon just now and as you can see, it’s all the rage on the left-cover news websites.

Not only do we have this event, but that little storm down southeast of Florida that no one really gave a crap about except some desperate weathermen looking for a raise has just been “upgraded” to a Cat 4 hurricane and everyone is saying it’s bound to hit Jersey.

It’s almost as if they had to cover their distraction bases on both sides of the nation, right?

I can almost hear the conversation this morning with the president’s Chief of Staff and his aids:

Chief: He said WHAT!?!

Aid: Something about our CIA terrorists in Syria being bombed by Russia.

Chief: Bullshit. Even John isn’t that stupid.

Aid: [turns on CNN] well, yeah, sir, but there he is…

Chief: Oh my fucking God… uh… uh….

Aid: should I call…

Chief: We need a distraction. NOW! What the heck is that storm doing in the Caribbean?

Aid: oh yeah, it’s a Cat 2 right now..

Chief: Cat 4

Aid: uh, no it’s a …


Aid: yeah yeah yeah. It’s a Cat 4. Ok. got it

Chief: and it’s headed…

Aid: well it’s suppose to head out to sea…. oh! I mean…. it’s headed to…..

Chief: jersey

Aid: yes, I …can… see… that… now. it’s headed straight to… Jersey. Those poor bastards.

Chief: right. now you get me.

Aid: ummm…

Chief: What?

Aid: Well….

Chief: WHAT Goddamn it?

Aid: What about the West coast?

Chief: What?

Aid: They don’t give a shit about Jersey. No one does actually.

Chief: Oh fuckin Jesus. Alright. Wait a minute. umm… fuck. Call the guys.

Aid: The guys? …. oh. The guys. Oh shit. alright.

Now of course, that’s just meant to be humorous you know. But you do know what they say about something being funny, right?

Who knows. Could be a great big coincidence, huh? Or, as I just wrote to a friend …

it’s getting so ridiculous. we hire mercs to kill civilians in far off lands and when that story threatens to break, we hire more here at home to distract us.

talk about one trick ponies

I wonder if it’s still illegal for the CIA to use their mercs on US soil. Oh, but that’s too obvious, isn’t it?

16 Responses

  1. Nice job as always Scoot. The directness with which Putin is laying it out in plain sight and chicken hawks like McCain are talking about their CIA funded death squad friends is pretty startling. I don’t think you are far off on the Gladio B mass shooter thing either.

    The only piece I’d add is that when is comes to cooking up hurricanes they don’t have to rely on media spin alone. With HAARP and other weather modification technologies in place they can, and have, manipulated weather to support all kinds of scripts.

    • that’s quite possible. I wouldn’t put anything past them. after all the money various interests made post Katrina, if they didn’t have something like that then, they have certainly been working on it since.

      My guess though is this… the McCain revelation hurts the CIA more than anyone else, them and their agenda in Syria. Who runs terrorists? Who hires mercs? What happened in Oregon? A merc? Coincidence? gotta wait and see. Tom has emailed me some serious discrepancies that have already unfolded in the storyline. that’s what happens when they rush something together sometimes. but, who knows.

      • Now it’s being reported a 30-year old ex-army vet/current student rushed the shooter. After being shot three times, he told the guy it was his son’s birthday (6 years old), then he shot him some more. Reminiscent of the hero story of that train incident in Europe not too long ago, no?

        • did you not see my story on this event? he’s the “hero” part of the story. of course, he will miraculously recover from his wounds, and be ready, willing and able to serve as the ‘hip, streetcredited, military vet who comes out in favor of mental hygiene laws here in the grand old usofa. Notice, he only signed up for that school just last week… what a coincidence.

          • Actually, going back over the article, I skipped that sentence alone. Reading too fast I suppose. Maybe, as your story suggests, these stories are becoming too frequent. Honestly, I don’t study them so closely anymore. Hennigsen over at 21st Century Wire has another episode for The Daily Shooter though. :-/

  2. Yikes, “Scott” not “Scoot” (sorry)

  3. Just during a quick listen to the news reports I heard someone was talking about witnesses not having heard any shots, and the talking heads speculated that the gunman may have been using a silencer. I wonder if there will be a push to outlaw silencers now.

    • uh. aren’t they against the law anyway? I think you have to have a special permit for them and to get that, you have to explain why you want one. self defense most states understand… silent self defense is kind of a hard sell if you know what I mean

  4. I bet you anything this was a psyop. President already had a speech in the can. Plus this:

    Obama says gun laws must be changed.

    another liberty going up in smoke…..
    and speaking of smoke…. if they were so alarmed about climate change, why don;t they stop all the bomb droppings and war machinery? think of all the pollution that causes…

  6. Terror train “hero” Alek Skarlatos supposedly attended this college. All of the coincidence theorists will have something to talk about at the water cooler tomorrow…..”If only he were there’…..
    Ha ha ha. Psyop all the way.

  7. Obama always question the second amendment every time a supposed school-shooting occurs – but when a US drone-strike kills 10 to 15 children abroad he is speechless. I read that psychopaths when crying dry their eyes one eye at the time and I remember Obamas crocodile-tears after Sandy-Hoax when he did just that. Sums him up real nice.

    You Americans are creating havoc around the world for the globalists and at the same time your second amendment is a great obstacle to “The New World Order” and hopefully it is going to be the one thing that will break the ugly camels back. Never give up your guns. Here in the EUSSR we are defenseless and if we want to own a gun we need to by it on the black market. So I heard, or read some where. 🙂

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