Barack Obama’s “Human Shields for ISIS” Program Meets Resistance from Some (a few) in Congress

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: On Nov. 1, 2015, Finian Cunningham writes:

US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria


THE PLANI am getting sick of hearing talking heads on the MSM flippantly refer to our soldiers as “boots on the ground”

In those boots are feet and attached to those feet are someone’s father, mother, son, daughter… soldiers who trust they will never be placed in harm’s way without really good cause.

Last time I checked, protecting the lives of the CIA’s (and John McCain’s) terrorists… is not a “good cause”… and it is certainly not a valid reason to send 50 or so of our soldiers into Syria in this illegal expansion of our immoral regime change operation.

But make no mistake about it, that is why they are there “with no combat mission”

Unnamed U.S. officials reportedly “stressed” to Reuters that the new boots-on-the-ground in Syria were “not meant to engage in front-line combat but rather to advise and assist moderate rebels.” One official told Reuters the key role of the troops would be “logistical” and designed, the news agency reported, to “ensure that weapons and other supplies are delivered to the moderate forces whom the United States supports.” Common Dreams

It’s funny watching White House spokesman Josh Earnest dance around at the podium trying his best to explain why President Obama has enacted this mission creep move without being able to mention the highly successful Russian bombing campaign itself. It’s as if he thinks no one on the planet connects those particular dots. Or if they do in the press corps, no one will be indelicate enough to mention it.

But someone in congress mentioned it yesterday in a letter he sent to the White House. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) said in a letter written to the president, that this was “a mistake” which could obviously have grave consequences.

“Imagine the scenario in which American forces are deployed alongside Syrian opposition forces and come into combat with ISIL, who are also being targeted by Russian and Syrian military forces via land and air,” Heinrich wrote in a letter to the president. “The margin for error diminishes considerably, and the consequences of either accidental or intentional fire on our ground forces — or Russian and Syrian forces — expand greatly.”

“The resulting desire or need to retaliate against the other would be inevitable,” he added. “The ‘fog of war’ in this situation appears too great and the risks significantly outweigh the potential benefits.” Huffington Post

Unfortunately Sen. Heinrich does not understand the full implications of this calculated move by the administration. If he did, he would realize the futility of his sending this letter.

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Thanks to “ISIS” Tank Video, Obama Authorized “Boots on the Ground” to Serve as Human Shields for Our Terrorists

by Scott Creighton

(Family of wasps moved into my disabled car. Waiting for bug spray to do it’s work)

A few days ago after the story broke about President Obama being advised by his military leadership that he should put “boots on the ground” in Syria to have them serve as human shields for the CIA’s terrorists over there, protecting them from Russian missiles, a “former” CIA op “leaked” news that they were going to send in 3,000 Special Ops troops to aid and comfort our destabilization mercenaries.

Around the same time, a video from the propaganda outlet, SOHR, was released showing “ISIS” run some guy over in a tank. Or supposedly showing that. It didn’t really, but you get the point.

Thursday, several nations met in Vienna in order to try to work out a political solution to the State Department manufactured “crisis” in Syria. Iran was there for the first time and they offered up a reasonable solution: a 6-month political transition period followed by immediate elections in the country.

The United States, represented by John Kerry said “no”. They refused to accept the possibility that Assad could (and certainly would) be reelected, since this whole thing has to do with regime change and since the point of the regime change is to get rid of the left-leaning, secular Ba’athist government.

The Americans also had a quibble about which “moderate” terrorists groups would be allowed to help form the interim government since most informed people in the room understood a lot of our “moderate” terrorists were actually launching rockets at civilian neighborhoods and using things like Sarin gas on others.

Now… behold.

President Obama will deploy a small number of American Special Operations forces to Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria to help local forces fight the Islamic State, the White House announced on Friday. New York Times

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Eclipsius Saga Rolls On (…and by “rolls” I mean, sits there on jack stands like a log)

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys.

I’ll be outside today working on Eclipsius again. I finally felt good enough to start the head gasket project this week and have made some progress. So I’m back out there letting the damn thing peck away at my liver once again. I’ll be taking dramatic photos of the process as I go along so you guys can laugh at my feeble attempts to breathe life into my steed once more.

I wont be checking back on the site til later this evening. Keep an eye out for the trolls for me would ya? I’m sure “Lenny” is just waiting for his chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his 5 Eyes bosses. (hi Lenny! miss ya, babe)

Thanks for the comments and support. I’m going to do a quick video on the subject of Syria and the peace talks that are taking place when I get back and I promise I will be taking all of your constructive criticism into consideration… except for Lenny’s.

And don’t worry… ’91 Eclipses don’t weigh nearly as much as a Syrian tank, so I’ll be fine. Plus, apparently, I  can hop a lot faster and farther than Syrian soldiers (wink wink)

We’ll chat later. Thanks again.


UPDATES on the Fake “ISIS” Tank Video… brought to you by the propaganda outlet SOHR

by Scott Creighton

Here are just a few updates on the ridiculously fake “ISIS Tank” video.

On Oct. 24th, the pro-Western propaganda outlet, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which is actually one guy living in London who hasn’t been to Syria in 16 years or so), released a video he claims was sent to him by “ISIS” which purports to show them running over a Syrian soldier with a tank.

Yesterday, I wrote in great detail how I concluded the video was just another fake execution effort put out by folks who want us to hate “ISIS”, the new enemy of the day. from the editing of the video and the strange hair-cut they gave the guy to the “victim’s” effort to hop directly in the path of the tank’s tread… I concluded this execution is as fake as a three-dollar bill.

I also pointed out how the release of this video just happened to coincide with Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter’s stated effort to send US soldiers to Syria in order to embed them with our “moderate” terrorists as human shields to protect them from Russian cruise missiles and bombs.

I decided today to look a little deeper into the video itself. Where it came from and how it’s been received.

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“ISIS™” Releases a New Fake Execution Video… Right on Time to Support the “Boots on the Ground” Plan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: UPDATES on the Fake “ISIS” Tank Video… brought to you by the propaganda outlet SOHR

UPDATE: please see update at the end of the article

In the world of marketing and propaganda, production value is the key folks. Let no one tell you otherwise.

After a video was released showing the world how “ISIS™” filmed one of their fake execution videos in a studio with a green screen, the fake video propaganda cottage industry seems to have dried up a little bit. I guess it’s easy to understand why.

It’s not that some of us out here hadn’t already been exposing the fake videos as staged Hollywood-styled propaganda since they first starting hitting the “interwebs” when Barack Obama needed a justification for reengaging our military in Iraq after being praised for bringing home the troops and officially ending that war. We had.

But the video of the staging of one of the “beheadings” went mainstream and many of the MSM outlets had to start admitting the whole collection of the things were clearly phonies.

That led to folks starting to wonder why the evil arch-nemesis of ObamaGod would feel the need to pretend to kill people, rather than just kill them. And thought seeds like that, once firmly planted in logic seeking soil, would sprout all sorts of possible explanations that the powers that be didn’t want to flourish in the general population. Especially if they were watered with an ample amount of reason and truth.

Bad seeds indeed for the war industry.

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Republican Candidates Channel Their Inner Bill Clinton During Debate (Washington CONSENSUS folks)

by Scott Creighton

Republicans love Bill Clinton. That’s what I learned watching that painful thing they called a debate last night.Either that or they’ve been tricked into adapting his ideology.

(They don’t call it the Washington Consensus for nothing (wink wink))

Who said this?

“We know big government does not have all the answers. We know there’s not a program for every problem. We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means. The era of big government is over. Today our federal government is 200,000 employees smaller than it was the day I took office as President.”

Any guesses? Reagan? Thatcher? Bush I or Bush II? Nixon perhaps?

No. No. No. No. and definitely … no.

That was Bill Clinton during his state of the union address back in 1996

Last night the republican candidates had a solution to every problem: attack “big government” because obviously, “big government” is the root of all evil.

Our deficit problem? Fix it by ending the Fed or stopping the endless wars of terrorism we fight on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and the IMF? Hell no… attack ‘big government”

Too big too fail banks? Well, according to the only woman on the stage, that’s because of evil “sooOooOooOocialism” and in order to stop the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, is to go after “big government” because the too big too fail banks and businesses are only getting bigger in order to protect themselves from ‘big government”. So obviously, in her mind, we need to deregulate business altogether and privatize every money-making element of the government, so those institutions wont be scared of “big government” anymore and, I guess, decide to make themselves smaller for the fun of it…

And of course, Ben Carson said in order to combat companies that try to charge thousands of dollars for a medicine that costs a buck to make, we have to completely deregulate Big Business, including those pharmaceutical companies, and to do that we need to break up… “big government”

Every Goddamned answer they gave to every Goddamned question had to include the words “big government” last night. And if you think I am exaggerating, just pull up the transcript of it somewhere. I’ll give you a dollar for every answer that doesn’t include those words if you give me one for the ones that did and we’ll see who comes out on top.

Yes folks, the republicans last night made it painfully clear they fully support the Bill Clinton ideology. Why is that? Why did they do that?

That’s simple folks… because the Bill Clinton ideology made Bill Clinton extremely rich and got him selected (not “elected”) to serve as president. That’s WHY they were all about letting the REAL audience last night (the billionaire class they serve) hear them ranting about “big government”

This is the Washington Consensus, also known as neoliberalism… and for as much time as they were up there bemoaning how the republicans and dems were all working hand in hand to screw you over, turns out the very ideology behind that betrayal they were screeching about, is the exact same ideology they were promoting to the loud cheers of the audience.

Kinda ironic that way huh? Beggar to their own demise doesn’t quite do it justice.

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The Center for American Progress (owner of ThinkProgress) Invites Netanyahu to Speak

by Scott Creighton

The problem with Israel’s PR these days is that progressive minded people on the left and the right tend to frown on folks who blow-up 500 children in order to steal some land and threaten to ship Palestinians out of East Jerusalem in cattle cars (“cattle cars” is a bit of a dramatic reference… they probably wont use cattle cars… but you get the point)

The fate of over 370,000 East Jerusalemites hangs in the balance. Netanyahu’s proposed scheme sounds ominously like Hitler loading Jews on trains for death camps. Steve Lendman

Heck, anyone can get the Pam Gellers of the world and her fans to go for that.. but the Bernie Sanders crowd? That takes a little more work (sadly, not much apparently for Bernie Sanders himself though)

To that end, AIPAC and the One State Solution of Israel have supposedly “lobbied” the folks over at the Center for American Progress (CAP) to allow their rabid, Arab-hating spokesman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to come over to their Bat Cave command center to give a little chat on November 10th of this year.

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