Rabid Zionist Heckler Screeches “SAY ISRAEL!” at Jeremy Corbyn Last Night (video)

by Scott Creighton

The new head of the UK’s Labor Party attended the annual Labour Friends of Israel meeting last night. Friends of Israel is the UK’s version of AIPAC, for those of you who don’t know.  As head of the party hosting the event, Jeremy Corbyn was obliged to attend and make a brief speech.

During the speech, Corbyn, who’s stance on Palestine and the occupation thereof is well known, laid out a rather rational and respectful position to the meeting’s mostly Jewish attendees.

“I have taken an enormous interest in the affairs of the Middle East. I’ve been nine times and met many people – some I agree with, some I don’t. I have neutral opinions on many things.

But it’s also about dialogue and how you bring about that long-term dialogue. That’s what I want to see.

The issue of recognition of Palestine is something that was very important in the last Parliament – it may well come up again.

I know there are people in this room that think it was premature. There were some in this room who supported it. everybody recognises the only way forward is through peace, through negotiation, through dialogue and discussion and through recognition of the rights and needs and traditions of all of the peoples of the region. That surely has to be the right way forward.

I hope we can promote and encourage that peace process and that dialogue. I hope that means the siege of Gaza, or the restrictions on Gaza, can be lifted. I hope we can make progress that way.” Jeremy Corbyn

However, apparently rational and respectful wasn’t enough for one of the event’s guests.

One guy in particular didn’t hear Corbyn say the word “Israel” enough and got hopping mad about it. In fact, Corbyn didn’t say the word “Israel” even once during his speech. I guess he figured since he was addressing the Friend of Israel group, they might just assume he was talking about Israel. But that kind of logic doesn’t work for some. They have to hear the words that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside and when they don’t, the rabid liquid hate bubbles to the surface.

It’s important to notice that this guy’s outburst was quickly denounced by what seems to be the rest of the delegation of the Friends of Israel and Corbyn’s address was generally well received by the group.

You have fanatics everywhere, religious and non-religious alike. This man by no means represents the bulk of the Jewish people.

However, I think it’s fair too say he does adequately reflect the mindset of the rabid Zionist Likudniks and I might add, chances are, after being reprimanded by the rest of the Jewish community in that meeting hall, he probably went home, got drunk on Manischewitz, skulked around a little, picked a fight with his wife and got his ass whooped.

That’s my guess anyway. It’s my story and I’ll end it the way I want to, so there.  😛

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  1. I like your ending ! Power to the women !!!!

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