Putin Wins: US Suspends Syrian Rebel Training Program

(Take this with a grain of salt for now but it looks like at least publicly, the Obama administration is scaling back their “moderate” terrorist training campaign in Syria. They had plans to train at least 5,000 destabilization terrorists by the end of the year but now that plan seems to be on hold. They say they are going to continue supporting the operatives we already have in country, but my guess is, they’ll support them like Bush Sr. supported those anti-Saddam groups in Iraq back in ’91 when we left. I’m sure the private meeting between Putin and Obama at the UN had something to do with this. They also knew Russia’s parliament was about to vote to authorize the use of force in Syria.)

by Stuart Hooper, 21st Century Wire

Just hours after the incredible speech delivered by Russian President Putin at the United Nations General Assembly, the US has quietly announced that it will be suspending its program of training allegedly ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria to fight against the Assad regime.

Colonel Steve Warren told Foreign Policy that US forces were now looking to ‘re-evaluate’ their efforts, which the news outlet calls a ‘humiliating setback‘.

While the US will continue to support those rebels it has already trained and deployed, it will no longer deploy new fighters.

Russia called the US move of arming and training rebels in Syria ‘social engineering‘, with Putin being the only world leader to publicly take a stand against Western actions.

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2 Responses

  1. “Putin at the UN: It was steeper than Munich”

    Let’s note a simple thing which is absolutely essential for understanding what happened in New York. The Kremlin, and this is already absolutely obvious, is going to put an end to ISIS. This will solve several Russian problems and give Russia some tangible bonuses:

    We will eliminate a terrorist threat to our country at a distance. Every ISISer killed in Syria is an ISISer which didn’t come to Russia to fight;
    Retaining control over Syria, we will permanently suspend the project of the Qatar-EU gas pipeline, which is a dream of the USA. The Russian gas stranglehold around the neck of Europe will remain in place, and this is very important;
    Eliminating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, we will cut off the supply of smuggled oil, which is sold at dumping prices, to world markets. This alone will pay for any military operation against ISIS within a few months, if not a few weeks.
    Russia, keeping the gas stranglehold around the neck of the EU, will remove another noose around the neck of Europe – the American slipknot in the form of an influx of refugees allegedly fleeing ISIS. American NGO’s, which are massively organizing an “exodus of Arabs to the EU” will collapse, and after the defeat of ISIS, EU residents will not be forced to accept millions of refugees, even if they show hundreds more staged photos of children’s corpses;
    Russia will fix itself among the main “providers of security” in the Middle East. This position is expensive in the most literal sense, as the main trade routes of the planet intersect the Middle East and the main sources of hydrocarbons are located there.


    • Your first point gets at something the media has avoided: Putin’s obvious tweak of the Bush regime by using the cowboy-in-chief’s “fight em there so we don’t fight em here” illogic. Great goose/gander stuff right there and it will be interesting to see who else notices that Russia has just put the US on notice that the policies implemented by the US, and their “justifications” will now be turned back on us like bad karma.

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