The “Edward Snowden” Psyop Continues: @Snowden Joins Twitter Pushing for Comprehensive Asylum Reform

by Scott Creighton





The fraud that is “Edward Snowden” isn’t over. His “brand” hasn’t been tarnished as of late so I guess they figured they could keep using his character for still more of George Soros’s operational plans. Now that he’s successfully been used as the front-man for the passage of the fascist “Freedom Act” which gave surveillance authority to Big Business, now it’s time his character finds another globalist project to sink his teeth into.

He’s been on Twitter for roughly 20 hours and already has a following of more than 186,000. He follows only one Twitter feed… the NSA. You would think the CIA would give him all the NSA updates he needs these days, but I guess that psyop is over so he’s not getting the talking points memos anymore.

The “Snowden” character now resides on a board of directors for something called the Freedom of the Press Foundation along with a number of shady looking folks from projects like Tor for instance, which was developed by the State Department and used in countries we were working to regime change. If you use Tor and think anything you say is being kept secret, just stop. You might as well be CCing all your communications to the Department of Homeland security directly.

They have something else they push at this “foundation” which is a “secure drop” box for any alternative investigative journalists who want whistle-blowers to feel secure in giving them secrets. You might as well CC that stuff straight to the Defense Department, cus I’m sure that’s what “secure drop” box does.

His first Tweet was something about “Can you hear me now” which is fitting because it’s a Verizon catch-phrase featuring a character who looks an awful lot like the “Edward Snowden” character.

Of course, we all know by now that the Freedom Act (brought to you by the work of folks like Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and “Edward Snowden”) empowers companies like Verizon to harvest all your data and communications and use them as they see fit. All they need now is the new CISPA (CISA) and they will have their fascist control grid in place.

“Snowden’s” little smirking jab, “can you hear me now” must be one of those inside jokes they don’t think anyone gets but themselves.

It should be noted, Greenwald and Poitras are both on the board of directors of that honey-pot “foundation” “Snowden” is working with.

His second Tweet plays right into George Soros’ operational plans to remake all the asylum rules for the EU. That’s another globalist agenda they have on their plate and as coincidence would have it, “Snowden” makes a thinly veiled reference to that right away.

What’s that line from Glengarry Glen Ross? “Never Stop Selling”?

Think of it. “Snowden” is the perfect man without a country to help push George Soros’ border reform agenda in Europe. Ergo, he signs up on Twitter after all this time (coincidence? I don’t think so)

When he first signed up, he had 90k followers immediately. My best guess is they were from influence peddlers trolling the interwebs and they signed up all their various personas as followers as well.

Yes ladies and gents, the “Edward Snowden” psyop isn’t over just yet. They still have more products to sell us with this CIA sheep-dipped asset. Looks like we’ll have to suffer some more of his insufferable “cool dude for rightness” act in the days and weeks to come.

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  1. thank you for confronting that jerk & letting him know there are people who see through his bullshit. i’m not on twitter, otherwise i’d have done the same.

  2. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

  3. I don’t know if this is pure speculation on my part but one thing that stood out to me is Snowden’s 3rd tweet mentions how he still has time for cat pictures.

    The cat pictures tweet also seems like another inside joke just like the first tweet you mentioned here. The reason I say that is I was following a guy named John Schindler on twitter for a while who is an ex NSA/counter intelligence guy against Russia. He may still be working for them because he’s full of nothing but Western propoganda against Russia.

    Anyways, one thing I noticed is that he’s always posting cat pictures which to the average person may seem completely normal, but I think it’s kind of an inside joke or secret code that your’re involved in counter intelligence. The people he interacts with on twitter seem to all be spook types and liking cat pictures. I also noticed in some of his tweets from a while ago, you can look them up, that he basically admitted cat pictures are like a secret code that you involved in intelligence. Here’s John Schindler’s blog and his twitter handle is the same name as his blog, you can see what he’s all about

    I think the cat pictures are some type secret code and homage to an old CIA operation called Accoustic Kitty where they tried to use cats to spy on the Kremlin and Russian Embassies.

    Here’s an article kind of poking fun at it

    • could be. I know that on Reddit (which is now Conde Naste and fully controlled as a news sharing site) the cat pics Reddit is constantly full of pics that have various other codes tucked into them. People get all kinds of viruses and spyware when they go look at cute cat pics. 4chan is basically a pic sharing site as well. You can transfer all kinds of stuff tucked into a picture’s code and I think maybe that is the inside joke if you want to call it that. I keep telling Jan10 to stop going to Reddit to look at cat pics cus her computer always slows way down afterward.

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