Watch Obama and Putin Address the UN Live Here

Putin has finished his address. I’m done live blogging.


Found a Youtube live feed:


HOLY SHIT! TIME turned it off, shut it down right before PUTIN was to speak! Correction… they shut it down before Xi was too speak to the UN. Putin speaks a little later.


Here is a link to a live broadcast of the speeches. A little confusing since they are running the speaker’s and the interpreter’s voices at the same level but at least they are running them on different channels. It’s TIME’s website. I am curious if they might not broadcast the translation of Putin’s speech. We will see. 🙂

watch UN speeches live

UN spelling error

Brazil’s president is finally finishing up her comments. Obama is next (even thought they misspelled his name). Putin is scheduled to speak 8th on this list.

64 Responses

  1. I guess Brazil’s president understands this session will be watched by millions of people across the world, so she is steadily ranting on and on as if the world is tuning in to hear what she has too say.

  2. Ban Ki Moon said there was no military solution to the situation in Syria.

  3. Horseface Kerry is seated in the front row.

  4. Obama goes into his typical “strike a pose” speech mode…

  5. he received a polite round of applause when he came to the podium. nothing when he walked in. he sat with the same shifty eyes that Bush used to have when having to address people whom he knew understood what he really was.

  6. Obama starts talking about how wonderful the international rules are, even though he routinely ignores them and breaks them. Talks about them keeping bigger countries from imposing their will on smaller ones… heeheehee 🙂

  7. jumps right into the refugee “crisis” and the terrorists he himself hires and runs.

  8. now he’s talking about “some major powers assurting themselves in ways in contrast to international laws”… hmmmm…. Russia perhaps?

    mentions Assad “dropping barrel bombs” on Syrian children.

    Says there is opposition to “our international order”

  9. wait a minute… looks like he stopped using the teleprompters and opened something on the podium. ah, now he’s back on it. guess it was a glitch.

  10. “you can control information but you can’t turn a lie into truth” Obama… hahahahaha

  11. “internal repression and foreign aggression are symptoms of this” yeah, he would know.

  12. he has lied about Ukraine, the South China Sea and Cuba all in about 3 minutes. These people hate his guts. You can see that. And you can see he knows it.

  13. now he says Iran deploys violent proxies… wow… what a piece of shit… “chanting death to America does not create jobs”… holy shit what an asshole

  14. now he’s lying about Libya… saying they bombed the country to stop a tyrant

  15. Syria “when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people… ” says they are targeting Syrian infrastructure to stop “ISIS”

  16. says they have to remove Assad. forgets his state department started the color revolution

  17. “a managed transition away from Assad to a new government”… aka regime change.

  18. “our people, businesses and NGO can help with the refugee crisis” sounds like Soros’ plan, doesn’t it? what a shock

  19. now he quotes Pope Francis

  20. now he’s praising the TPP and TTIP…

  21. .. and global warming…

  22. finally, our vision for the future… defend democracy?…. Syria does not take place in countries where there is a genuine democracy… ?…

  23. “history shows regimes that fear their own people, will fall” NDAA 2012? Freedom Act? Patriot Act?

  24. Now he’s talking about third parties and free media helping American politics… hahahahaha…. HAHAHAHAHA!

  25. Why aren’t these people laughing at him?

  26. now he’s feeling it. Getting on a role. “absolute power will corrupt” “family, friendship, faith”… jesus…

  27. the drone king president is talking about protecting human rights.

  28. no one is listening to the guy from Poland… damn. that’s rough. everyone is moving around, getting ready for Putin, eating chips… having a drink… trying to pick up a date for the after party… hee hee hee

  29. i gotta get something to eat. poor Poland. No one cares what they think…

  30. people are still moving around, looking bored. they don’t even have their earpieces on… damn…

  31. even the woman doing the translation isn’t listening to the guy… she’s just mumbling at this point….

  32. uh oh. now he’s saying Russia is invading Ukraine…

  33. poland supports France’s proposal to keep Russia from being able to veto bullshit UNSC actions

  34. Xi is going after the global free market wars. talks about using the invisible hand and visible hand to achieve efficiency and fairness… development is only sustainable when it is fair.

  35. had to switch over to the Youtube UN channel for the live feed. TIME shut it down just prior to China’s president’s speech. go figure

  36. “no civilization is superior to another” he says in contrast to Obama telling the world how wonderful and powerful the united states was and how the world should be remade in the US model.

  37. and now for the king of jordan

  38. he starts off talking about the outlaws of Islam… “ISIS” I guess… go figure.

  39. calls for a global collective action against the “ISIS” crisis… and says the people of the world must come together on the global hearts and minds campaign.

  40. now he’s giving us his 7 point plan to achieving peace, justice and humanity toward each other…


    “Amnesty International continues to be concerned about torture and ill-treatment in detention in Jordan, as well as the link between torture, unfair trials, and the death penalty. Amnesty International has particular concerns about the application of the death penalty in Jordan because there is a pattern of death sentences, and sometimes executions, occurring as a result of unfair trials where confessions extracted under torture are used as evidence against the defendants. There has also been a pattern of suppression of freedom of expression and association, especially in the wake of laws restricting freedom of the press and expression that were promulgated in the fall of 2001.” source

  41. and heeeeere’s Putin

  42. a not so veiled mention of American exceptionalism…

  43. opposes the undermining of the legitimacy of the UN as the US and France (and poland) are trying to do.

  44. talking about regime change operations…

  45. talking about declaring unfriendly leaders as “illegitimate governments”

  46. asks the people who have destabilized these countries if they know/care what they have done? he thinks they do not.

  47. talkiing about “ISIS” being brought in from places like Libya… saying they are armed and trained by West… to target “undesireable” secular states.

  48. talking about financing “ISIS” via drug trafficking.

  49. now talking about arms trafficking to the “moderate” terrorists and how they then go to the “ISIS” guys.

  50. we help fight against terrorism in Syria.

    no one but Assads forces are truely fighting ISIS in Syria

  51. They have a woman translating Putin…. looks comical for him to be speaking in a woman’s voice and a voice that is stumbling over English… she is hard to understand and she misses a lot of words?

  52. this is not about Russia’s ambitions. We can no longer tolerate these actions.

  53. the way to solve the refugee crisis is to restore the country of their origin to normalicy and democracy, getting the terrorists out of their countries.

  54. supports the elected government of Libya, the current government of Iraq and legitimate government of Syria.

  55. talking about the new cold war mentalities of “some” of their UN colleagues.

  56. talks about the military coup in Ukraine was fabricated from outside the country.

  57. calls for respect of the wishes of the people of the Donbass region.

  58. talking about the “secret” negotiations of the TPP and TTIP… the rules of the game have been changed for the narrow interests of a few…

  59. uh oh. talks about climate change. wants different approach to solve issues. no mention of carbon credit markets though…

  60. OK… that’s it for me.

  61. Thanks Scott, for those of us who refuse to sit through these talks.

  62. here’s a good link where you can hear the translations very well!

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