The Politicized Pope and his “Impromptu” Photo-op with the Little Undocumented Mexican Girl

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: full text of his speech


Over on Fox “News”, Sam Sheppard is telling his audience that they shouldn’t be saying anything about the Pope’s visit here in America is being used to push political agendas. He says the Pope and the president are simply living up to the teachings of Christ.

The president? President Drone Strike? Where exactly is it found in the bible that Jesus said it was his right to kill dissidents without due process simply because he said so? Where was it in that same bible that Jesus said “hire ye the mercenaries of Wahhabisism and go forth unto other nations and spread fear and loathing and discord until the regime doth changith”

What was that? The book of Bush 6:66?

Anyway, contrary to the Fox “News” analyst showing how we really are a one party, the Business Party, nation… the fact is, the Pope’s visit is perhaps the most political in the combined histories of the United States and Catholicism.

For Christ’s sake (sorry, couldn’t resist) he’s addressing a joint session of congress in the next few minutes (10am, watch here) which has never happened. Ever. What does Sam think? That the Pope is looking to find some strung-out homeless people in those chambers?

Of course his visit is politicized. Everything he has done thus far is for a political agenda.

He is supposedly going to talk about the refugee crisis (extremely political in service of the neoliberal agenda), global warming (it doesn’t get more neoliberal/political than that one) and of course, immigration (George W Bush’s comprehensive immigration reform now being pushed by the neoliberal Barack Obama

In order to give an example of just how politicized it is, they had a nice little moment yesterday when the Pope was running around in his pope mobile when a little Hispanic girl, Sophie Cruz, “broke through” the security line in order to give the Pope a hug and pass along to him a letter asking him to help all the undocumented and illegal immigrants of this country in their plight at passing George Bush’s comprehensive immigration reform.

Here’s the money-shot which was immediately published on half the news websites on the planet within minutes:

What actually happened is evidenced by a video of the staged event.

The kid was put up to it by her activist father. He places her over the barricade and told to run through a bunch of law enforcement officers holding something in her hand.

Does anyone think that is a wise thing for a father to do? Throw his kid over a barricade and tell her to run at a well guarded puplic figure like the Pope while carrying something suspicious looking in her hands?

The officers do their jobs. They block her path and politely escort her back to her father. That’s when the pope mobile comes to a halt and the pontiff waves over the little prop with her prop letter for the money-shot photo-op.

Politicized? Let’s not forget who this guy is: Pope Francis (The Dirty War Pope), Bergoglio.

Yes, this is political. This is a fucking stunt. Not just this little scene staged with some activist’s kid, but the whole thing.


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11 Responses

  1. What what whaaaaat?
    She should’ve been awarded with free room & Board @ Casa Vaticana 4 life!!!

    Pope’s buddies were gnashing their teeth behind since it wasn’t a tasty & young lil boy.

  2. Pope and Israeli leadership look to share chairmanship of Protestant U.s.of A. We have a high steep mountain up here that I have stopped to look at many times but could see to the top only once in 4 decades. The American power mountain is coming into clarity and oh what a sight. Seeing any of their souls pass through the eye of a needle just brings up the smell of sulphur.

  3. So maybe we have a poster child queen of the immigration law changes…… like another little girl who now promotes privatization of schools ….. fathers have found a good use for their little girls,
    Hey….. girls are useful !

  4. “What God wants, God gets.”
    -Amused To Death-Roger Waters

  5. […] of the hoax that is “climate change” (that’s for another post, I promise!), nor of his staged photo op yesterday, nor of his involvement in Argentina’s “Dirty War,” nor of him […]

  6. The book of Bush 6:66?

    (spit take) Need a clean up on my keyboard. 🙂

    You were right, Scott…..
    it came out this evening…. immigration group planned the little girl’s meeting for over a year….

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