EU pledges €1 billion to UN agencies for Syrian refugees in Middle East

(The other day I wrote about the refugee “crisis” and how the International Crisis Group were pushing the agenda by first calling for “vast sums of money” to be ponied up by the nations of their world for their refugee slush-fund… and then they could get down to business bombing Syria into compliance with the wishes of the masters of the universe. I wrote that on Sept. 16, 2015)

from RT

EU leaders have pledged 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to UN agencies aiding Syrian refugees in the Middle East in an attempt to ease the flow of refugees into Europe. The EU will also try to convince Turkey to restrict the influx of migrants into Greece.

The aid package was announced by European Council president Donald Tusk at the crisis summit early on Thursday.

“Tonight our decision was based on fact, not emotion,” Tusk said. “Leaders have agreed on increased help to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and other countries in the region. More assistance will be offered for reinforced cooperation. At least an additional 1 billion euro will be mobilized for help to the refugees in the region via UN agencies.”

[read more here]

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