Phoenix Freeway Shooting: A Terrorist Campaign Launched During Jade Helm 15? And What About Senate Bill 1330?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Holy shit. I found some info on Jade Helm 15 from way back in April that mentions I-10 and the airport. See the end of the article for details.


Leslie Allen Merritt Jr., charged with multiple acts of “terrorism”. He was at Wal-Mart with his wife and kids when dozens of tactical SWAT guys stormed in with assault rifles and arrested him.

The suspect’s mother-in-law, Cynthia Sauceda, agreed.

“Leslie is not like that,” she told KPHO. “That’s not Leslie. Leslie has a big heart. He would not do this, especially when he’s working hard to support his two kids … He goes to work, and he does everything that he’s supposed to be doing.” CBS

Let me get this straight: a hardworking man taking care of his wife and two adorable kids decides for no apparent reason to run around shooting up the freeways with a pistol and then he decided to pawn that one piece of evidence that could put him away for life?

That’s the story?

Are you kidding me?

This has got to be some of the slackest police-work I’ve ever heard of.

In Phoenix, while looking for a suspect in the ongoing freeway shooting spree, law enforcement officers decided to go to local pawnshops, ask if they had a specific caliber handgun and then they took those guns, test fired them and decided they had their man.

Upon further review… it’s the most ridiculous, lazy set-up since the flight of the Magic Bullet. Yeah, there is terrorism going on in Phoenix. The key is looking at the changes that terrorism was designed to provoke and whether or not there were actual terrorists hanging out in the city at the time.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said the break in the case was the result of exhaustive investigative work in which weapons from local pawn shops were test-fired at the state crime lab.

Graves said evidence from shell casings and bullet fragments determined that a gun Merritt pawned was used in four of the shootings on Aug. 29 and 30. A tour bus, SUV and two cars were hit by bullets on Interstate 10 on those days.

“Today we are seeing the end result of some incredible police work,” he said at a news conference….

A man who identified himself as a manager at Mo-Money Pawn declined to comment Saturday beyond a post on a Facebook page that said detectives contacted the shop Wednesday looking for a certain caliber and make of handgun and examined several weapons. US News

Think about that for a second.

What are the odds that someone involved in a shooting spree would suddenly stop and take his weapon of choice to a pawn-shop? Moreover, don’t you think that criminal might be aware of the distinct possibility that it might not be a good idea to hand over the incriminating evidence to a federally regulated business?

Did anyone check too see if OJ pawned his missing glove?

That’s just ridiculous.

Sounds to me like someone was looking for a patsy and since there are no local laws about gun registration, they had to use pawn-shops as a source of information regarding who had a weapon that would be close to what they needed.

The suspect, who was arrested via a big show they put on at a local Wal-Mart, has stated quite clearly and for the record in court that his gun was pawned LONG before the shootings even began.

Authorities involved in the “investigation” refused to comment on that.

Now, you would think that is an easy one to dismiss. Pawn-shops keep very accurate records. When someone picks up something they pawned, there is a receipt for it with their signature. When they pawn it, same thing.

Before they even took that gun from the shop, you would think they would have made damn sure that all the guns in the store that fit the description they were looking for were pawned AFTER the last shooting (as ridiculous as that assumption would be)

You would also think they would have all the documentation RIGHT THEN, in their possession BEFORE they started test-firing the weapons (more on that in a second)

It would be the easiest thing in the world for them to forge receipts saying this suspect picked up his gun from the shop. They have forms, they have his signature. The only difficult thing would be going back on the business records of the shop and fixing the numbers to reflect the increased revenue on whatever day he was supposed to have done that.

They would obviously also have to threaten the shop owner of course, but we all know the Feds don’t go around doing that… do they?

The fact that the official refused to comment on the suspect’s claim means they have yet to finalize their frame-up job. Had they been in possession of said documents proving he picked up his gun prior to the shooting spree, they would have produced them right then and there and been done with the speculation.

I wonder if they intended to kill him in Wal-Mart for dramatic effect.

One thing that stands out to me is the claim they make about being able to trace the bullets back to his gun which was conveniently sitting in a pawn-shop waiting for them to find it.

When a bullet strikes the metal of a car traveling at a high speed, it shatters, leaving not much more than a few shards or fragments. it’s these fragments they claim they were able to match up with whole bullets fired from the suspect’s gun.

Arizona and federal authorities announced on Saturday that evidence from shell casings and bullet fragments

The charging document released Saturday night said that investigators determined by testing that the bullets and the bullet fragments from four incidents came from a gun that was owned by Merritt. Fox News

How can they recreate the bullet in order to determine if it matches the barrel markings of one fired from a suspect’s gun? Do they have Batman technology that we haven’t heard of before?

Now, either you believe this landscaper, with no motive what-so-ever, was dumb enough to pawn the one piece of evidence that would put him away for life… AAAND… the cops got SUPER LUCKY when he did pawn it…. AAAND… they have Batman working in their CSI division…. OOOR…. you might think someone decided to go to the pawn shops and find someone who could fit the bill and wasn’t wealthy enough to be able to afford legal representation.

Arizona has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country and if you wished to get the people behind making some changes on a state level, the place to do it would be where the highest population would be effected.

All that red up there in the population map? Yeah, that’s Phoenix.

Have a look at what Phoenix commuters have been exposed to over the past two weeks:

3 teen arrests not linked to Phoenix freeway shootings

For maximum shock and awe effectiveness, the shootings all took place along the main commute route for Phoenix residents:

3 teen arrests not linked to Phoenix freeway shootings

The suspect, Leslie Allen Merritt Jr., is facing a pile of felony charges including several “terrorism” charges.

Ask yourself why some 21-year-old landscaper would decide to conduct a wave of “terrorism” against the city lives in. What is the social, economic or political change that he hoped he would achieve with his acts. Because that is the definition of terrorism.

Ask yourself this as well: how is it that law enforcement and the judicial system over there don’t wonder aloud about the missing motive behind the charges?

Here’s a little interesting tidbit for those of you who are interested: Jade Helm 15 ended on Sept. 15th. The shootings took place from Aug 29th, through Sept. 10th. And where were the unconventional warriors? What does ODH MC means? MC could stand for mission control. That was staged in Phoenix and operating during this time frame.

It’s important to remember that Jade Helm 15 was an unconventional warfare drill. They were running around in civilian clothing trying to keep from being spotted.

“Unconventional warfare is a form of insurgency, which exploits grievances to influence or overthrow a government believed repressive by the supporters of the UW force. US doctrine assumes there will usually be a government in exile with which the UW plan can be developed. UW leaders must never forget that they are extending politics with military means, and that, in a guerrilla situation, their military means are limited. Successful UW always recognizes that its essence is political, not simply military. No warfare should ignore Carl von Clausewitz‘s dictum that “war is the extension of national politics by military means”. Subversion, psychological operations and other nonviolent means may be as potent as an ambush, in advancing the political goals of the UW forceWiki page on unconventional warfare

Unconventional warfare operations are all about destabilizing targeted populations in order to achieve a social, economic or political transition.

Most would call that “terrorism”

Isn’t it curious that while there was a “counter”-terrorism drill taking place in Phoenix, a “terrorist” landscaper with no known motive, decide to launch his terror campaign on the people of his community?

It should be noted that there is a bill in the Arizona legislature, Senate Bill 1330 (SB1330), that would “prohibit state agencies and employees from enforcing – or even assisting in the enforcement of – any new “federal act, law, order, rule or regulation” that restricts ownership of a personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition within Arizona.”

That bill was passed through the state senate with little problem and promised to do the same in the House, but it’s been sitting on someone’s desk since March of this year, “adjourned sine die” (“without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”)

A piece of state legislation prohibiting local authorities from implementing any new gun control laws would be a hard obstacle to overcome considering the fact that it would have to be voted on by local politicians in order to overturn it once those federal laws went into effect. That would be career suicide for politicians in that state.

Seems to me that someone wanted to keep the bill from that final House vote until the people of Arizona could be conditioned into having a different opinion about state and federal gun laws.

And we are supposed to believe this guy pawned the crucial evidence that would put him away forever? This guy with no motive at all for his “terrorism”?

Sure, there is plenty of motive for terrorism in Phoenix, but he didn’t have any.

Someone did though, now didn’t they?

Pardon me for repeating myself:

“Unconventional warfare is a form of insurgency, which exploits grievances to influence or overthrow a government believed repressive by the supporters of the UW force. US doctrine assumes there will usually be a government in exile with which the UW plan can be developed. UW leaders must never forget that they are extending politics with military means, and that, in a guerrilla situation, their military means are limited. Successful UW always recognizes that its essence is political, not simply military. No warfare should ignore Carl von Clausewitz‘s dictum that “war is the extension of national politics by military means”. Subversion, psychological operations and other nonviolent means may be as potent as an ambush, in advancing the political goals of the UW forceWiki page on unconventional warfare


Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments

PSYOP can encourage popular discontent with the opposition’s leadership and by combining persuasion with a credible threat…. Wiki psyop page


UPDATE: Uh? Holy shit?

“I have witnessed 6 black hawk helicopters over dysart road in goodyear, new installations of what apper to be large street lamps being installed on all exits in the buckeye area of I-10 and an increases of military from apache junction all the way to buckeye az. phoenix is to be involved in these ‘exercises’… also being installed are some sort of white box devices never seen before on traffic lights.”  anonymous April 28th


These drills are not occurring out on the Goldwater range and only on the Goldwater range. You bet we should be “concerned”. Where pray tell, will it be in AZ? Can you find and report on that? Their pitch says it will involve “an airport” and will include the FBI and the DEA.” May 8 Peg Lynch

yep. If you go back and look at the map, I-10 is where all of this took place and it is very close to an airport.

In fact, the “Buckeye” area of I-10 runs right into the airport.

BUCKEYEWell ok then….




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17 Responses

  1. This is soooo stinky. They are already blaming future shootings on copycats.

  2. And what could prevent the feds from checking the pawn shop to locate people who have pawned guns…then pick out one and use it to create terror on 1-10 and then place it back in the pawn shop?

  3. Saw the headline over this article before we went to mass this morning, just skimmed through it some before it was time to go. Read it through after we got back.

    Way it reads to me is, like, “See how powerful we are, what we can do, any time we want, to whoever we chose? Be afraid!”

    And, there’s plenty in what they can do to fear.

    At mass, though, the readings were around a The Least Shall Come First theme. (Wis 2:12, 17-20/Jas 3:16-4:3/Mk 9: 30-37)

    I’m glad I go. I forget those things in the hustle

  4. Another “funny” story. It’s so hard to believe when you have your eyes open, but so many people living with their eyes shut.

  5. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    I’ve been out on the loop on this one, but Scott it’s all over it.

  6. I drive the freeways in Phoenix just about every weekday and the shooter tip line was up on all the freeways around the valley. I figured it was probably a psyop since that is what they do and during this season of doing it.

    FYI Buckeye (the town) is actually west on 10 heading out of the valley toward CA. The 11 on your first map probably closer to the Buckeye area. Buckeye road will get you there. Eventually.

  7. Someone should be raising hell over how that arrest was done. Swarming a WalMart with a SWAT team endangered the public. Seems they could have gotten in him in parking lot, or even better, when he arrived back home.

    That’s just crazy.

  8. Pistol velocity bullets that strike a car usually retain their integrity- e.g.
    they do not fragment. Sometimes they fragment, but usually not, thus valid evidence for a ballistic comparison microscope can usually be obtained from a vehicle shooting.

    I believe that your instinct is once again correct- that this case is possibly some kind of set-up by by the evil forces that run our nation.

    The easiest way to set this kid up would be to simply switch the pistol barrels – from his pistol barrel to the one which fired the shots. I would bet a bag of shekels that the kids’ pistol was a Glock 9mm – the most common pistol out there. Switching the barrel would take me about 10-12 seconds.

  9. addendum and correction to my previous post- The weapon was probably NOT a Glock since Glock barrels generally have a serial #.

    Berettas and others do not. No serial #s on the barrel and thus easy to switch.

  10. I just spoke to the Arizona Department of Pubilc Safetys’ Crime Lab.

    They refused to give me any information on the make and caliber of the gun- ‘National Security’ don’t you know.

    • If you can chat with them, why don’t you ask them 1. How many other pawn shops they received guns and records from and 2. to produce copies of the pawn shops records that show he picked up the gun prior to the shootings. That would be very helpful.

  11. Scott, just an FYI that there is a Buckeye, AZ that is located on the west side of town near Luke AFB. There is also a Buckeye Rd that is located in PHX near the airport. I think the anonymous comment in your article is pointing to the city of Buckeye as they also mentioned Dysart Rd in the city of Goodyear. Just wanted you to be aware. Otherwise, another great article. People are definitely talking about this at my workplace, but with little alarm.

    • that is certainly a possibility. However, I looked on Google street view and noticed that area where Buckeye Rd. meets I-10 is the only place on the highway (that I saw) that has the word “Buckeye” mentioned on the off-ramp… (exit to Buckeye Rd.) so I assumed that meant that area. Could easily be mistaken. But again, the fact that they were doing something to I-10 in the lead-up to Jade Helm is a pretty striking coincidence.

  12. Well he does have a girl’s name…

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