Understanding The Refugee “Crisis” of 2015 (or… Enter the “Refugee Truther”)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Germany is demanding Facebook help their efforts by removing posts that are critical of their efforts to demand refugees are accepted across Europe

“German Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants Facebook Inc. to remove racist posts targeting asylum seekers after several attacks on refugee camps in Germany over the past week.”


At a time when everyone was being told we had to STOPKONY from killing all the children, I and a few others braved the rampages of the online thought police and wrote the truth about the fraudulent propaganda campaign. It didn’t take long for the leader of that particular marketing campaign to wind up naked and high as a kite on the side of the road and as a result, his astroturfing campaign subsequently crashed into the rocky shoreline. Yet the campaign to recolonize Africa continues to this day unfortunately.

By the same token, a few days after alleged shooting of Malala, when we were being told we HAD to “LOVE MALALA!” or else, I and a few others were writing about the ridiculousness of the story and I even went so far as to suggest it was all about pushing an agenda of global for-profit charter school systems which would serve the interests of the masters of the universe in many, many ways. Turns out, with her fake little scar and her fake Peace Prize, Malala is busy spending her days running around promoting global for-profit charter school systems that will teach poor kids around the world of the wonders of Westernized neoliberal, free market ideology. She now lives in London of course.

Do I even need to mention the “Snowden truthers” and the scores of “alternative” truth-tellers like Dave Lindorff who attacked us for simply investigating and writing the truth about what was really going on? Do I need to mention the “Freedom” Act and the privatization of the surveillance state which is what I said the “Snowden” psyop was all about from the start?

How about the American Gladio campaign, which is apparently still going on today. Or the fake “ISIS” threat always showing up in nations Barack Obama needs to bomb into (or BACK into) submission?

Contrary to how it might appear, I’m not patting myself on the back, though I know my detractors will say I am.

What I am doing is pointing out that whenever a major agenda unfolds, whenever the “crisis” in support of that agenda takes shape, for one reason or another, you can always count on a certain measure of “truth-tellers” to get on board with the official narrative (at least in principle if not in totality) in the early stages of the effort and in recent years there have been very few programs bigger in scope and reach than the recolonization of Africa, the global for-profit “education” of third world populations and the fascist privatization of the surveillance state. Yes, they need to strip US citizens of certain constitutional rights and they need to do that on a very selective basis, hence “common sense” gun legislation via “mental hygiene” laws. And they need an ever shifting continuous threat for the long war, the endless war, the covert drone strike war at all places at all times. Thus, fake mass casualty events and fake beheading videos. But don’t let certain “truth-tellers” hear you speak about those.

That’s kinda like asking certain “truthers” what hit the Pentagon or what happened to the 80 or so security camera videos the FBI took from surrounding locations minutes after the attack.

Today, there is another “crisis” brewing and a number of “truth-tellers” don’t want to go anywhere near the truth of the matter. But I will. Because that is what I do.

So let’s talk about the sanctified story of the “refugee crisis” and how it’s being used for a number of various globalist agendas.

Who says it’s being used for globalist agendas? Well they do of course. You just have to know where to look.

Yep. Let the wholesale slandering of the “refugee truther” begin. It’s alright. I can take it.

The Syrian refugee ‘crisis’ is NOT a result of President Obama’s four year effort to force regime change in Syria via a unconventional warfare campaign of terrorist destabilization.

The refugees are a partly result of terror campaign being waged by Obama and his various Wahhabist allies in Saudi Arabia. But not the “crisis” as it is being presented today. We have to make a distinction between the two things.

Let’s face the facts. There are a number of displaced persons in Syria and from Syria who find themselves in that unenviable position because Barack Obama has been allowed to do the bidding of the masters of the universe by employing scores of “moderate” destabilization mercenaries who have been caught killing civilians, destroying key infrastructure and even using sarin gas chemical weapons in Syria.

Now Obama has unleashed the CIA to run drone strike campaigns in the country which end up killing vastly more civilians than they do “terrorists”

Recent propaganda videos have been the catalyst for various nations who were sitting on the sidelines prior to their publication and these nations now pretend to hold a mandate from their civilian populations to join in with the Coalition of the Willing in an effort to bomb certain areas of Syria back into the stone ages.

These are unremarkable facts of the history of this regime change operation requiring no level of “conspiracy theory” to understand them and more importantly, to accept them.

So it makes perfect sense that in certain areas of Syria, areas targeted by the Obama administration to be considered “lawless” and without governmental legitimacy, citizens of these areas would rather flee their life-long homes and communities rather than being forced to live under the new invading regime. It’s what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya for instance.

For that matter, it’s the same thing that happened in Poland and across the rest of Europe as the German military machine rolled into their countries.

The same thing that happens in the West Bank as illegal home demolitions and the creeping scourge of illegal Israeli settlements continue unabated.

Wars of naked aggression, be they overt or covert, hard or “soft” power, produce refugees. That’s a fact and one that the fake progressive left has to accept is a direct consequence of their beloved Peace Prize wearing president. It’s not the mythical “barrel bombs” of Assad that cause this: it’s globalist, free market wars of conquest that Barack Obama has continued and escalated since promising all that “CHANGE” back in 2008. And that cannot be denied.

However, given that, what’s really behind this sudden concern over the “refugee crisis” from the complicit corporate media and Obama’s State Department? Were is this coming from after 4 years in Syria, 11 years in Iraq and 14 years bombing and occupying Afghanistan?

Why now?

First of all, let’s look at the various “hearts and minds” propaganda efforts surrounding this sudden development of a moral center among the mainstream media outlets who openly applaud things like “humanitarian bombings”, enhanced interrogation  and Shock and Awe answers to phony WMD threats.

And that’s to say nothing of collect cricket noises we heard coming from the MSM in response to the IDF killing over 500 children in Gaza last year.

Anyone notice a theme developing in the following stories from just today and yesterday?

Need another set of clues?

Do I really need to go on? I can you know.

What you are looking at is a concerted effort (via a talking points memo more than likely) to put a child’s face on the “refugee crisis” in order to sell it more effectively to the general public.

As you can see, historically, this marketing strategy has a well developed history. Some campaigns met with success. Others, less so. But it is undeniable that the spin masters who think they hold the real keys to control in this country are clearly engaging in a “wont someone think of the children” marketing campaign in order to gin up support for their “refugee crisis” solutions.

Very few will tell you how the general population really feels about this new developing “crisis” but some will. In fact, if you look closely, they will also provide a little insight into the purpose of the child-centric campaign.

As a researcher focusing for more than a decade on inequality and the stigmatisation of working-class people and communities, particularly connected to council estates, I fear what will follow this summer’s refugee crisis. Harrowing images of people being packed into trains, and children’s bodies washed up on beaches has led to an almost involuntary reaction to offer help among European people who still live with the legacies of the 1939-45 war. As a result, the government policy U-turn means that Britain can now take in refugees and the chancellor, George Osborne, has announced that some of the £12bn international aid budget can be offered to local councils to help house refugees in the UK

My research over many years in poor and structurally disadvantaged community’s shows clearly that fear and anger are ever present. The constant competition for limited resources, whether social and physical, like housing and state benefits, or symbolic resources, such as value and respect, generate an acute anxiety among communities that are being squeezed by a government. Guardian

Yes, marketing like we have seen developing produces “an almost involuntary reaction” of support, doesn’t it? In support of what though is the key question.

When I simply Google “refugees” and then take a peek at current images circulating around the interwebs, do I see mainly children in those images? No. I see this:

Yes, there are professionally produced, heart rendering images of children lying on beaches, wet children being bravely walked out of the surf and desperate looking kids holding up signs, in English of course, with a whole bunch of young men sitting behind them in camps halfway around the world who haven’t a clue what the sign they hold really says.

Hey. You want to make $5 kid? Sit over here, hold this sign and look at the camera. Great. Here you go.

All of these heart breaking images certainly exist and yes, there are certainly displaced families in Syria and elsewhere who are currently being sought out and photographed right at this very moment.

But there are displaced families in Yemen we are bombing right now. Where are the calls to stop the Saudis? Why aren’t we pushing for a no-fly zone over them?

And there are STILL displaced families in Haiti in spite of the billions of dollars Sleazy Bill Clinton embezzled from the global donations meant to help them relocate. What about those kids? Can no one figure out how to work a camera down there?

And that’s too say nothing of displaced families in Detroit, New Orleans and all across America as a result of Great Sub-Prime Loan economic terrorism leveled at working middle class families not that long ago. Were is their tear-jerking MSM campaign?

I think it’s clear that we are being sold a bill of goods here. TPTB understand as bad as things really are in this country and other Westernized nations across Europe, the last thing people want/need at this point is a wave of new, desperate, working age young men rolling into their countries to further depress the wage structure.

Now whether you agree with that assessment of the predictable results of this integration, you cannot deny it is a fear, legitimate or not, that many struggling working class people in these countries will have.

So clearly, playing up the children aspect of this “refugee crisis” provides those who are pushing it a certain advantage when it comes to swaying public opinion or at least silencing certain dissent.

Do we know this is an orchestrated campaign from TPTB, this push to force various nations to accept untold numbers of refugees? Yes we do.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday called for a special EU refugee summit, urging unity after an angry reaction to a suggestion by one of her ministers that states that did not take in their share of asylum seekers could face financial penalties.

The proposal by interior minister Thomas de Maiziere was forcefully rejected by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which are among eastern European states that have resisted European Union plans to share out refugees.

Merkel later took a more conciliatory tone, calling for Europe to come together on the refugee issue. NBC

Apparently someone let the cat out of the bag a little early and now Merkel has to hold a summit so she and the other globalist lapdogs in power can twist arms and make threats behind closed doors.

According to Merkel and the folks she really serves, it is imperative that certain nations open their doors for easy access to these mostly young, military age undocumented and mainly Muslim (Wahhabist?) men sent to them by the same power structure that sent Wahhabist mercs to places like Syria, Libya and Afghanistan not that long ago.

And perhaps a clue to at least one real agenda behind all of this is hiding in the revelation of those states opposed to this mandatory open immigration policy.

Facing opposition from ex-Communist states, EU ministers failed on Monday to break a deadlock over sharing responsibility for accepting some of the hundreds of thousands who have sought asylum in Europe…

A senior Czech official said threats to cut such funding had no basis in law…

Slovakia insisted it would never support mandatory refugee quotas. NBC

Ultimately, when I start trying to piece together a developing “problem, reaction, solution” crisis, I like to turn to our friends over at the Council on Foreign Relations to see if they have voiced an opinion on the subject and if so, I try to piece a timeline of their efforts since of course we all know, Hillary Clinton gets her marching orders from them (as does the very MSM I’ve been writing about thus far)

So, has the CFR been promoting anything to do with the “refugee crisis” as of late?

Aside from bombing Assad and the legitimate government of Syria, what exactly is being proposed as a solution to this “crisis”?

For that answer, let’s go to the globalist experts on dealing with various manufactured “crises”, shall we?

The following quotes are from the International Crisis Group made up of folks like George Soros , Thomas R. Pickering and Lawrence Summers just to name a few. (for reference: “The independence of Crisis Group’s board members has been criticized[12] and the ICG has been criticized for “serving Western interests”.[13] A July 2014 special issue of Third World Quarterly brought together 10 critiques of the organisation from the Left.[14] )

The current wavelet of refugees arriving in Europe – a very small number compared to the throngs scratching out a bare living in Syria’s immediate neighbourhood – suggests how close to full-to-capacity Syria’s neighbours are, absent a further major new injection of funds. If we can’t stop the war, for now, let’s at least do what we can: find ways to make life moderately bearable for these people in the safety of their countries of first refuge…

We think it (the “refugee crisis”) might offer the opportunity for the U.S., in particular, to create a zone free of aerial attacks (which wreak the greatest destruction, especially through the use of barrel bombs)…

So what we are left with – as we continue attempts to feel out stakeholders’ evolving positions, hoping for a diplomatic breakthrough – is a three-pronged approach to the refugee crisis: we should pursue ways to lower the levels of violence in Syria (for instance by dissuading or stopping the regime from using barrel bombs); pour vastly more funds into efforts to help the displaced in Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries to sustain themselves where they are; and address the problem of desperate on-migration by accommodating refugees as they arrive in Europe, the Gulf and elsewhere

The priority should be to explore ways to construct a viable transition in Syria, but premised on the acknowledgment that little progress will be possible if key stakeholders do not have some guarantee that their core interests in a future Syria will be safeguarded. International Crisis Group an influential globalist think-tank

And there you have it, straight from the globalist horse’s mouth.

  • Vast sums of money, a “refugee crisis” slush fund, if you will.
  • No-fly zones in Syria under the cover of which NATO bombings ala Libya will certainly ensue
  • And the exporting of scores of undocumented (Wahhabist?) Arabic speaking men of fighting age to nations across Western Europe and other at risk countries (Like the UK after Corbyn perhaps?)

All of that culminating in the “priority” for these guys which is… regime change in Syria by any means necessary.

Thus is the reality of the “refugee crisis” taking shape right now before our very eyes.

No, it is not an authentic organic campaign for human dignity. Nor is it really about helping the displaced children of the world chased from their homes and communities by the same Wahhabist mercs who were hired by the same think-tanks who are pushing this agenda behind closed doors.

It’s about money, it’s about power, it’s about conquest.

Now let the cries of “refugee truther” commence. After all, it’s the only argument they got.




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  1. You won’t get an argument from me – well researched and thought out. Thanks!

  2. Well said, Scott…..
    they ‘can’t stop’ the wars, but they can still make money off the consequences of war..

  3. The shitty European union is going down the drain and is losing support from it’s citizens – so the Politburo of the EU is importing grateful “new” EU-citizens.

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